Wedding Card Using Cricut Card and Frame Features

Hey everyone,

First I need to apologize for the horrible quality and the nasty choppiness of this video! It’s embarrassing, but I wanted to get this video out there and show some of these REALLY awesome features that your Cricut can do. I absolutely love making cards from scratch using the Cricut.  I also am going to show you a Cheaper/Cheater way of doing the Cuttlebug Embossing, (For when you don’t have the funds to buy a Cuttlebug!)  LOVE IT and so will to you!

So check it out 🙂

YouTube Preview Image

Wedding Card with Cricut


  1. Kim Wright says:

    Love this card. Love the Cuttlebug trick. Crying baby in background a little distracting. Be warned it doesn’t get any better. My 17 year old son bugging me while I was watching your video. LOL.

  2. She was with her Daddy the whole time! I probably should have just redo the whole video! didn’t know people would be so bothered! Sorry About that!

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