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5 thoughts on “Three Methods for Scoring Paper

  • Pam

    Just a question. I took a class on the use of the scor pal and we were told to score and fold away from the score. Also told to roll paper to see which way the paper fibers ran. I am wondering which is right as i see you folding with the scoring to the inside? Right? Just a newbie. Thanks for all the great information. Pam

  • Megan Gravener

    Hi Pam! I have heard that before too – I don’t know if I can say my way is right or wrong. I like the way it looks better when I fold the score inside. You can try both and see which you like better šŸ™‚
    Hope the info helps you!

  • Susan

    Good info to know. Can you tell me which cart that card is on? Is it a bride and groom? I need a nice card for a bridal shower and that looks really nice. Thanks

  • Lois Wiesley

    I just watched your video on 3 ways of scoring. It is to run for less than 2 minutes. I quit watching after 10 minutes. It stopped to load every few seconds. Is the slow load on my end or on yours? If it is mine what do I need to do? If it is on your end, I probably won’t watch any more of your videos because it just is too chopped up and too time consuming. I liked and plan to use your idea about framing your favorite papers