How to Update Gypsy and Cricut Firmware

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There have been a few questions about updating your Cricut and Gypsy.  So in this video I wanted to show you that process! 🙂

It has been through going through this that I have now discovered that the new Gypsy updates actually block the use of Sure Cuts a Lot.  So, I sent an email to Craft Edge (makers of SCAL) and I am waiting on their response.  I am sure they will be working on updating SCAL to match this again too.

If you have any questions about this – let me know – I’m happy to help!

Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Thank you for all the info you provide.

  2. lisa moore says:

    okay now where is the projest…hmmmm? Please Don’t Tease!

  3. What did you do with those leaves?? 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for the video’s. As someone who is a visual learner having these video’s helps me where the instruction book leaves me a little confused.

  5. ShawnfromMN` says:

    Great video and instructions. TFS!

  6. Kathy Burrow says:

    Great video. We visual learners appreciate you.

  7. So should I hold off on doing my updates? I just got Sure Cuts A Lot and don’t want to lose my ability to cut with it, but don’t want to lose my ability to use my 300$ gypsy either…what to do???

  8. KraftyKatsy says:

    Yes I’m wondering where part 2 of that leaf one is also lol. you got us ALL curious. 🙂 I love the instructional vids. They help so much. I got my cricut expression only a few weeks ago (3 or 4) and its been the vids that have helped me learn how to use it, as i don’t learn from written ones well lol. Thanks again.

  9. Sandy Karlovich says:

    Thanks I needed to know how to update my Expression. I so enjoy your videos.

  10. I so can’t wait to get my gypsy!!! So excited. Thanks for the tips.


  12. Thanks so much for this video Megan. I just updated my brand new Gypsy and my brand new Cricut. I followed your instructions and it was a snap.

  13. Thank you!! I just got my gypsy and I love it, but when I went to cut- I had no clue how to get them to connect! I couldn’t find anything on how to do it- until I found your site! Appreciate it very much!!

  14. Hi I have been toying with the idea of gypsy but I too have SCAL and do not want to lose that bonus due to my purchase.

    Would you be able to tell me if we are able to upload our creations from SCAL onto the gypsy as well? If so this would make such a great package… well providing they are able to fix the recent issue with blocking : )

    Please advise.

  15. Thanks for the expression firmware update video. Unfortunately, I followed it to the letter (as well as the instructions on the cricut website and the on-screen instructions). I have attempted it 3 times, rebooting, uninstalling/reinstalling software, etc. My computer is new and exceeds the specs, I’m using a usb 2.o cable, and every detail is correct as far as I can tell, but it still says 2.0 when I reboot the cricut expression. I’m getting pretty frustrated. Have you ever run across this scenario before? Thanks for all your help.

  16. Hi Megan, Thanks for all the instructions. Did you ever find out if SCAL will work with the Gypsy now? Thanks. Mary

  17. Beverly says:

    was thinking of getting SCAL but i dont know if i should if it is being block by the gypsy to the cricut. Please let me know if it is ok to get this program

  18. Shelby! says:

    Soooo I just got my gypsy! Im super excited! The initial set up was a sucess! but im running into a couple of snags… can someone help?

    1) i have a cricut rewards certificate that came with one of my cartridges… but the site said i had already redeemed my certificate… which i have not since i just opened it from the box! (and I am positive i typed it in correctly… several times…) ALSO: i have several cartridges that did not come with certificates.. but HAD serial numbers on the upper end of the box but it came up as there were no points avaliable… grrrr.

    2) for two of my cartridges… i cannot connect them to my gypsy for it says that i need to update my gypsy.. when i log onto the gypsy sync application, it says it cannot connect to provocraft’s website! again grrr… what do I do?

    I have already tried restarting all of my machines, and checking other blogs… hopefully someone can help = /

  19. I have a brand new Gypsy and an older Cricut. I finally got the Gypsy update but cant complete the firmware update on the Cricut. Any suggestions?

  20. I have a brand new Gypsy and an older Cricut. I finally got the Gypsy update but cant complete the firmware update on the Cricut. Any suggestions? I am beyond frustrated I have had my gypsy almost a month and I still cannot use it.

    I have spent hours on the site, on the phone and just trying to get it to work.


  21. What do you do if it consistantly says it did not complet update…and you can’t cut?

  22. Did you ever hear back from CraftEdge about the gypsy blocking SCAL from working?

  23. Ok! My question is how often should you update your cricut and do you have to use your gypsy to do it because mine died and i cant get any satifaction from provo craft. The other question is do you have to update the cricut imagine and how often for it and is it through your gypsy. Thanks

  24. If you have any problems with your Gypsy call provocraft. You may be on hold for a while but they will fix your issues. Mine jammed when I was updating my cricut and they sent me a brand new one.
    Steph you can update your cricut directly from your computer. I think the suggested time to update is weekly because every Thursday they come out with new cartridges.

  25. I’m trying to install Sure Cuts Alot 2 on my Gypsy. Can you please help me?

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