A Child’s Year and Stamping Cricut Cartridges

Gives you a little fun peak at my two newest cartridges in my collection.  A Child’s Year Shapes Cartridge and Stamping Cricut Solutions Cartridge.

They are an awesome addition to my collection and I love them much!

I also get into the difference between Cricut Boxed Cartridges and Cricut Solutions Cartridges, but I want to mention to you to also check out www.CraftJunkieToo.com because Tracy over there has also recently done a video about the differences and basics with Carts.  So if I’m not clear on something, check her out!  🙂  I’m really just trying to give you a better look at these two carts particularly!


YouTube Preview Image


  1. Megan – how awesome is this video! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! We can never get too much information ‘cuz there is so many of us bug lovers all over the world. I love it. You’re the best!!!


  2. Sandy Karlovich says:

    Thanks for the info. I wasn’t really sure on the difference between then, now I know.

  3. Thanks for all the wonderful information. Isnt a childs year a wonderful cart?

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