My Gypsy Excitement!

This video is TOTALLY my craziness of the excitement of ordering my Gypsy by Provo Craft the night of the World release. (September 23rd – 24th at midnight)  The wonderful girls over at Christmas with the Cricut did an awesome live video stream of chatting and prizes and answering questions about the Gypsy a whole hour before the HSN premier and it was a BLAST!  This entire video really is nothing but Megan getting excited, having some and sharing the opening the box experience with YOU! 🙂

To have some of your own fun though you can watch the live stream I was watching here – Joy, Tammy and Melanie are AWESOME girls and it was so great to be a part of so you have to check it out too!

I hope you enjoy the madness but really there isn’t a lot to learn from this!!!  I’M SORRY!


SO STAY TUNED for FUN WITH THE GYPSY videos!!  They ARE coming!!! 🙂

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0 thoughts on “My Gypsy Excitement!

  • Sharon

    Oh how funny your videos were showing your excitement over the Gypsey. I enjoyed all your videos Megan. Did you ever find out if it will remove all the things on the cartridges when you put them in the Gypsey? I hope not because that would be a bummer. I don’t take my Cricut anywhere to crops. i will be going down O.C. NJ at the end of October for a stamping retreat for a week. I had a ball last year and I am looking forward to going this year. There are 16 of us and all we do is eat and stamp…and of course, share ideas. The house is georgeous and right on the beach. If you don’t mind, you can put me on the list for your cutting guide when you have it ready…that would be great…hope to see you soon and thanks for all that you do…Bless you….Sharon

  • Tammy Skinner


    Joy sent us the link to your blog this morning!! What FUN! It was so cool to see someone’s elses reactions to the world release and our livestream!! We had fun making it and were just hoping that everyone else had fun joining us for it!

    Isn’t the Gypsy awesome!! You’ve no doubt had time to play with it now, but if you have any questions… just let us know! I practically sleep with mine, LOL!

    We are talking about scheduling an online crop with a livestream soon, so you will have to join us again! See you soon!

    Christmas With The Cricut

  • lisa moore

    I WAS THERE..I watched! I Purchased! My Husband still hasn’t asked the cost and I certainly haven’t volunteered that info either!!!!!!