PRODUCT ALERT: The Ultimate Stamp Storage Solution!

I’ve spent some time talking about the new Stamp Caddies over at Custom Crops and if you are wondering more about these new Caddies that I am sooo in love with (since I talk about ScrapCessories Scrap Caddies ALL the time) – Let me give you a little something too to Enable you!!!  First of all, I love ScrapCaddies, but this is BY FAR, the GREATEST product they’ve come out with so far, and its going to be HUGE!

Let’s look at a picture! 🙂

stamp_caddy(click to enlarge)

Now let me list just a FEW of the benefits and AWESOMENESS’SS of this product!

  • Holds hundreds of stamps on 6 double sided trays!  So great because I can fit them in any order and organize them just how I want! (I have three caddies holding more than 1,600 stamps!!!)
  • Black trays make it easy to see the stamps clearly. They really considered what would work here – and the black trays are just awesome!
  • Efficient – Over 440 Sq. In. of space for stamps – again – holds TONS of stamps!  Just sooo cool!
  • New multi-rail system keeps your trays secure and evenly spaced.  Stamps slide right in and out of this easy to use rail system!  Sooo much easier than a bunch of cd cases!  Holds a TON more stamps, and way more organized!
  • Holds  stamps in securely, releases them easily. No more tearing or stretching!!!!  SO COOL!
  • Finally, according to the makers of this caddy, they shouldn’t ever yellow in the stamp caddy tray system!  Which is sooo cool!!!  Keep those stamps nice and new for a LONNNGGG time!
  • The caddy keeps them dry, clean, free of dusts, hair, etc…again – just REALLY GREAT!

Ok – I’m done enabling!  I just think they are SO awesome and I get passionate about things like this, so I hope you find it helpful for you and just enjoy learning about new things like this! 🙂


  1. Marla H. says:

    These look like such an awesome way to store stamps. I am not sure you could see what the stamps were though easily. Right now I have all my stamps in 3 – 3 ring binders but this might be easier to use!! I am tempted!! I did get their stickles organizer and I LOVE that!!!

  2. this looks so cool….i have mine in three ring binders also but they keep falling out… this looks amazing…Thanks for enabling Megan….

  3. Woo Hoooo !!! Heading to custom crops to get mine now 🙂

  4. I’d love to see a video demo of this product!
    Thanks for the information.

  5. Very cool!

  6. marla H says:

    Can you put stamps that are on EZ Mount on these also??? Just wondering – thanks for your help!!

  7. Because you all asked for it – I’ve done a little video 🙂 Here ya go!

    Also – you can cling your unmounted rubber stamps to these trays 🙂
    Have a great day!

  8. Kathy Conway says:

    I am unable to load more than one item in the cart at a time how can I get back to the shopping page to order both the Cricut A to Z and the Gypsy A to Z. Thanks

  9. Oh my gosh … I got my placed mixed up putting 4 my wishes to Daphne on the other blog. I am sorry
    for the mix up. The 2 of you went Epcot Center. I enjoyed your live prodcast last night. I presently have my stamps in a baggie. So this will be a great plus to put them into. Happy Birthday Daphne! May your pockets by heavy, And your heart be light, May good luck pursue you, Both day & night! Happy, Happy day to you!!!

  10. Phyllis Antosz says:

    Hi, I would love the stamp storage. Your mom Kim was your quest. Thanks Phyllis

  11. Christopher says:

    I use a 3 ring,12″X12″ binder and stick them on clear plastic panels. The panels are found at Robert’s Crafts. I find it easy to flip threw the panels and it’s very organized.

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