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I’ve spent some time talking about the new Stamp Caddies over at Custom Crops and if you are wondering more about these new Caddies that I am sooo in love with (since I talk about ScrapCessories Scrap Caddies ALL the time) – Let me give you a little something too to Enable you!!!  First of all, I love ScrapCaddies, but this is BY FAR, the GREATEST product they’ve come out with so far, and its going to be HUGE!

Let’s look at a picture! 🙂

stamp_caddy(click to enlarge)

Now let me list just a FEW of the benefits and AWESOMENESS’SS of this product!

  • Holds hundreds of stamps on 6 double sided trays!  So great because I can fit them in any order and organize them just how I want! (I have three caddies holding more than 1,600 stamps!!!)
  • Black trays make it easy to see the stamps clearly. They really considered what would work here – and the black trays are just awesome!
  • Efficient – Over 440 Sq. In. of space for stamps – again – holds TONS of stamps!  Just sooo cool!
  • New multi-rail system keeps your trays secure and evenly spaced.  Stamps slide right in and out of this easy to use rail system!  Sooo much easier than a bunch of cd cases!  Holds a TON more stamps, and way more organized!
  • Holds  stamps in securely, releases them easily. No more tearing or stretching!!!!  SO COOL!
  • Finally, according to the makers of this caddy, they shouldn’t ever yellow in the stamp caddy tray system!  Which is sooo cool!!!  Keep those stamps nice and new for a LONNNGGG time!
  • The caddy keeps them dry, clean, free of dusts, hair, etc…again – just REALLY GREAT!

Ok – I’m done enabling!  I just think they are SO awesome and I get passionate about things like this, so I hope you find it helpful for you and just enjoy learning about new things like this! 🙂

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