Beauty: Its in the Tote! Live Compare & Share! 2

Were you there with me?  I love seeing familiar faces and new friends come over to these check ins! I was able to hop on Facebook Live just the other night and I know for a fact that not all of my awesome Above Rubies friends aren’t on there!  Normally […]

Business. Blogger. Balance. LIVE!

HellllooooooO! 🙂 I’m so glad you’re here today and checking in! I’m beyond blessed by your presence and I hope you feel encouraged by what you find and can share here! Tonight we are going LIVE right from at 9:30pm eastern time! This is really the most perfect time to […]

Makeup & Beauty: New Products, Video Live Replay, Special Offer!

Hello Beautiful Friend! I have been sharing more and more about my first love in cosmetology and beauty from a professional point of view with a company an initiative and products that I’m BEYOND impressed with!  Every little thing I learn about Younique has me falling more in love.   […]

June Already? 4

Wow! It is June 1st already! I can’t believe it – yet so excited about it! June is filled with much excitement for me and I hope it is for you! Check Periscope (@byMeganE) on the Replays on YouTube for more details! 😉 Life Above Rubies Live June 9 What […]

I Can NOT Believe This Is Happening….. 1

Hey Friends, I am busy busy busy, here’s a quick update of whats happening…(The Absolutely Shocking News at Bottom!) Well first – I’ve been a little silent because – Healing from Pneumonia – about 18 days totally awful and down – still coughing but better!! Thankfully! I am so very excited […]

Personalized DIY Starbucks Thermal Cup

You all know by now I’m a bit of a coffee addict!  So for today’s HowTo Tuesday, I wanted to create a fun, personal, customized Thermal Cup from Starbucks using my CTMH Charlotte Workshop Your Way Kit! We are in the midst of our 30 Day Challenge, I know I’m […]