Win It (Day 2) A Child’s Year Cricut Cartridge!

***Contest Period has Closed***

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Thanks for joining me for DAY 2 of the Grand Opening Event at Above Rubies Studio!

Today’s WIN IT is this BEAUTIFUL Cricut Cartridge, this cart has become one of my favorites, so I just had to give it to someone.

How to Win (Read Carefully!)

Follow these rules carefully because this is the ONLY way you will be entered in the drawing to win!

  1. You must COMMENT on THIS Blog Post here! (Win It (Day 2) A Child’s Year Cricut Cartridge!) Comment form at bottom of post
  2. You must share with someone else, whether it be through your own blog, facebook, twitter, emails, etc….and you must post in the comments how you do or are doing that with the URL to prove you did it. (If you are doing it through email, please tell me how many people you are emailing) Or tell me another creative way you decided to share Above Rubies Studio!
  3. You can get an extra entry by posting the Above Rubies Studio site badge (on home page) in your blog or other places.Β  (Again you must show how and where you did this!)
  4. You have from today until the 30th of this month to enter the drawing will be held at random on the 31st of October!
  5. Any questions let me know in the comments!

    Thanks for watching and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

    P.S! – You can also watch one way I’ve recently used the “A Child’s Year” cartridge HERE.


  1. Wow a Childs Year! I love this cart.

  2. Wow I would love this cart.
    I have a blog and have emailed at least 8 friends about the new site. Thank you

  3. Forgot to say I posted on cricut MB and FB.


    You are a delight to watch, so much energy. You are so enthusiastic about scrapbooking. It’s contagious. I’m disabled so I don’t get out to crops but I emailed my SIL who will share your web site with everyone she can at the crops she goes to. I love “A Child’s Year” It’s a cartridge I have been wanting to get. I already have some ideas how I would scrap with it. Thanks for the chance to win it. And a special Good Job & good luck for your new web site. I love how you got the name for it. What an inspiration. God Bless, you & yours.

  5. Hello Net! Thanks for participating! Don’t forget though, you have to provide the actual link in your comment to the page where you posted!

    You can do that by copying the address from your web browser’s address bar and pasting into the comment.

  6. I’d love to win this cartridge! I’ve seen so many neat things done with it. Thanks for holding this contest. Love your site.

  7. Looks like this is going to be a great website!! I’ve blogged about the giveaway and also added the badge on my sidebar! I have been wanting this cartridge for a while now I hope I win hee hee!!!

  8. This is an awsome cartridge i choose to text 2 of my closest friends to let them know about this new site. i figure with being busy moms they might see it and go faster than email or facebook. Thanks for the chance to win

  9. I would like to explore this cartridge, posting a link on my twitter page…

  10. Amazing site! You are so talented πŸ™‚



  11. #1 Great cart! Love to see what you’ve done with it!

    #2 I posted about your site on my blog:

    #3 I also put your badge on my blog (see #2 above)

  12. Shanta Newby says:

    So want this cart!! This is such a great site!!

  13. I put this on my blog, but I’m not very computer smart so I hope I did it right.

    Your site is fun and easy to use. thanks for the chance to win a cartridge. Wow that’s a great give a way. Thanks

  14. Sandy Karlovich says:

    Hi Megan I just passed all your fabulous inspirational information along to my computer club friends and to Pals & More which is a Print Artist Site I belong too. They are both located in the Yahoo Groups.
    I’m sure they will be checking out your site soon. Keep it coming I so enjoy all your doing.

  15. Sandy Karlovich says:

    oops here is the other site I mentioned
    Thanks again.

  16. I love working with silhouettes, that is why I love this cartridge. I will post a link on facebook so people can have a chance to win too.

    BTW I downloaded your Cricut cutting guide. Thank! That is a lot of work.


  17. Christine C says:

    Wow what a fantastic giveaway, I have e-mailed my SIL – she does not facebook or anything so otherwise she would not know about this.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. Patricia Logan says:

    I have been looking at this cartridge, and love it.

  19. Patricia Logan says:

    I have entered your badge on my Blog,

  20. Linda Carson says:

    Looks like a great cartridge. I am emailing your web address to my daughter who is a scrapaholic with lots of scrapping girlfriends. I loaded all my cartridges (58) into my Gypsy while I visited my hubby in the hospital today. Quick and easy.

  21. WOW!! What a great cartridge as usual.. I posted your link to my yahoo group to let all the members know about you.. Thanks

  22. I enjoyed your blog and thanks for the download but I guess people like me who don’t have a blog etc or any friends that scrap aren’t able to win any give aways. Oh well !!!

    • You can still win! Just tell me how you are going to share Above Rubies Studio with someone else!! πŸ™‚ Even if you email my link to a few friends or family! Thanks for watching!

  23. Lisa Moore says:

    this looks like an awesome cartridge…14 functions…the possibilities are endless!


  24. I posted a link on my blog


    I do not own this cartridge but it certainly looks like I need it. Thank you for showing all it can do and thanks for a chance to win.

  25. Im emailing all my gals, and suggesting they sign up on facebook. Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. I texted 2 girlfriends!!

  27. I would love to win this cartridge! I don’t have this one yet!

  28. I am learning so much from your site. Thanks for all the hard work. Sadly I’m from old school and don’t Tweet, Facebook or any of that stuff. However, I will send an email to three of my friends with your site copied and pasted for them to come visit. I’m inviting Deb, Karen, and Lori.

    Debbie Meyer

  29. Lori Hulstine says:

    Thank you for a chance to win this cartidge.


    On Myspace it’s in the status plus I posted your badge in a bulletin with a shout out.


    I posted your badge on my blog which I just started a week ago nothing is on it yet but here it is.
    I hope I did it right.
    Lori Hulstine

  30. Hello I was told about your place through the Cricut MB and downloaded your Cutting guide. Wow thatnk you so much, for doing that, you have saved me time and paper. I dont have a blog or post much. But I put your site in my faves and will get your E mails Right? I cant wait to see what all you do. I have got lost on your site. In a good way. I just got my cricut Create in march and want the BIG E. And thank you again.
    Jen Hickman

  31. Suzanne Milam says:

    Love this cartridge and I am going to email the link to all my cricut friends….

  32. amamda music says:

    Thanks so much I would love to win this. Keep up the good work.

  33. Chris Vicente says:

    I dont have a website, but do the facebook thing. ChrisVicente there also. I will post your site on my wall. Dont really have to many scrapbooking friends but will do my best πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the give away πŸ™‚

  34. love this cartridge! πŸ™‚
    i sent a fb message to some friends (and you for proof), so i hope that meets the requirements:)
    love the site meg!

  35. Hi Megan, fab prize.
    I sent e mail to 5 nearest and dearest TWICE!The 2nd time i remembered to include your link…i should’ve got one of the kids to do it for me and it would’ve been right 1st time!

  36. Cathy Johnson says:

    Love your new site. Love the cartridge. I did share.

  37. Wow – What a great give away!
    1)this is my comment.
    2) Iposted on my blog:
    I posted on the Cricut MB:
    3)I put your badge on my blog home page (top left).

  38. LORRAINEB says:

    Great guide which I’m sure I’ll refer to often. I shared your site via email with two people. One lives in New Zealand and the other in Brooklyn NY. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. Thanks for putting in all the effort to help others.

  39. Neat cartridge! Since I use my Cricut to make things to use in my classroom at school, I can see lots of uses for this one.

  40. Dot Forbord says:

    Hi Megan! A Childs Year is the number one cart on my wish list! Thanks for the chance to win it. I have posted your blinkie and a note about your site to my blog. You can find it here:

    Good luck on your new website!

  41. im going to email my my friends and im going to teell my scrapping buddies at school and im going to tell on face book

  42. im going to email my my friends and im going to teell my scrapping buddies at school and im going to tell on face book

  43. im going to email my my friends and im going to teell my scrapping buddies at school and im going to tell on face book

  44. Hi Megan I’m sharing on my blog. Fingers crossed!:)

  45. I saw that cartridge and I would love to have it!

  46. OK. After watching the video, I went and shared this link on the Scrapshare message board. Thanks!

  47. Julie Carrier says:

    I absolutely love this cartridge, but don’t have it yet. The video was great. I could use this in getting caught up on my kids past 7 years, (behind scrapbooking).

    I have posted your website on my facebook wall.

  48. This cartridge is on my wish list. I sent an email to my hubby with a link to your site in it so he could see how this “cricut” thing works – plus to show off the beautiful design of your website. Your hubby did a great job.

  49. I will be posting you link on my facebook. I will be proudly sharing with all my friend. I have not had a chance to work with this cartridge and would love the chance. Have a happy and blessed weekend.

  50. Wow what a fantastic giveaway, I have e-mailed my friends and sister I do not have a blog.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  51. Thanks for the chance to win this cartridge. I’ve just downloaded the cutting guide. Thanks for all your hard work.

  52. Great a new Cricut site!!!! Thank you for the chance of winning the Childs Year cartridge.

  53. I forgot to tell you I am emailing 3 friends about your web site.

  54. This is a great site…looking forward to all of your creativity. No blog here but am emailing my sister and daughter. They’re the only two family members who sb with me.

  55. Betsy Powell says:

    WOW! This is fantastic and I am so excited. All my cricut friends will receive an email and my mouth will be shouting it!

  56. LOVE THIS CART and I have two young boys…perfect!!! I am a follower. I put your badge on the right side of my blog, under great video blogs. I also have a link under Blogs that inspire me on the right hand side of my blog…I will spread the word other ways too!!!!

    thanks so much,

  57. Cindy Marshall says:

    I had just recently subscibed to you.Now I see you are giving away a Cricut Cartridge. I about fell out of my chair. This cartridge would be perfect because I have two grandchildren ages 4 and 2. I.m pretty excited!!!!! As soon as I get off of here I am going to e-mail my two sisters.So glad I subscibed to you.Thanks.

  58. I posted an article about your new site on my blog. Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. Cindy Marshall says:

    Says my comment is awaiting moderation.Did I do something wrong?

  60. Thanks for the opportunity to win a new cricut cartridge. I have e-mailed several of my scrapbooking friends and told them about your fantastic site.

  61. Wow! How fun! I posted your button on my blog! Please stop by to visit and follow if you’d like. I love your blog!! I’m so glad I found it yesterday!!!

  62. Oh! And I emailed all my scrapping buddies about your site!! haha. I also posted on facebook!!! And on my blog with your button! πŸ™‚

  63. Megan, I posted on my blog. I hope you don’t mind me embedding the very first video of yours that I watched in the post. If so, I can remove it. Thanks for the chance to win this uber cute cart.

  64. click on my name, it will take you to my blog. you probably already know that. :O)

  65. Posted on my blog and posted your badge! Site is awesome. I’m using the cutting guide already! Thanks

  66. hoot hoot….great video!!!

  67. Oh wow that cartridge is amazing so many functions, gotta love that!
    I have posted on Your well being group
    also I posted on my facebook
    Thanks so much for such a great site…I LOVE IT!

  68. Woohoo, looks like you’re off and running on the new look…looks great!
    Thanksk for the opportunity to win the great Cricut cartridge…I have six grandchildren and two of them new babies, this would be fantastic to have!
    Good luck on all your new endeavors!

  69. I’d love to win this cart. I don’t have blog but I did send the link to my daughter-in-law who has three little ones that she scrapbooks about all the time.

  70. I love your blog!! I posted a link of your blog contest to my blog. I also added your button under my favorite blogs.

  71. I am emailing your site to my 2 Cricut buddies and also to my scrapping group ScrapinStars.

  72. Monica Wolfe says:

    Hi Megan, I dont have a blog and dont know how to do that yet. I will email your site to my friends. I always wondered what “above rubies” meant. I thought you were in the attic above a stuido. duh? now that I know the true meaning, IT IS AWESOME. What a way to live our lives! May God continue to Bless you and your family.

  73. I’ve posted a link to your website on my Facebook – not sure how to let you see it though since my settings only allow Friends to see posts.
    I’ve added a post on my blog about it and also added your blinkie to my blog at

    I really want this cartridge – hoping to win!! I’ve downloaded the cutting guide and it’s great.

  74. Love your blog! Thanks for the chance to win I’ve posted on my blog and I am getting ready to post on facebook

  75. Thannks for the chance to win.
    I posted on facebook.
    Love your new blog

  76. I donwloaded your blinkie on my blog on the right hand sde under the heading blogs I follow. I facebooked it and emailed your blog to 3 of my friends.
    My blog is:

  77. I just had a babay and would LOVE this cartridge.
    I shared your website with all my church friends. We get together weekly to scrapbook together and they will ALL be visiting your site soon. This means more competition but thats what makes it fun right?
    Fingers crossed!!!!!

  78. Hi Megan!!

    I loved visiting your site… thank you for sharing so much with us!!

    We are a homeschool family. We were able to get our Cricut machine a couple of weeks ago. With prayers and saving for this machine… we feel so blessed to have received this “gift”.

    The cartridge you will be so sweetly giving to another looks wonderful. Thank you for being such an angel in bringing joy to a family with this blessing.

    I belong to a homeschool community and placed your link/logo on my blog for the families to drop in and say hello. Please visit my blog @

    I look forward to more videos you will share with us πŸ™‚

    Wishing you a beautifully blessed weekend…

  79. Teresa H. says:

    Great website. So much information and tip ideas. This is awesome! I have shared your website with my sister and best friends. Their address is [hidden] & [hidden]

  80. Teresa H. says: she has lots of tips, freebies and ideas! .

  81. Oh my gosh!!! This is the BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!!!!!! Wow. Wow. Wow. You guys are awesome! I put you badge on my blog and posted about it too! YAAAAAAAAH! sorry, I’m waaaaay too excited! Good luck everyone! Thanks Above Rubies Studio!

  82. Mississchic says:

    Love this cart.

  83. Rachelle Barta says:

    What a wonderful website. I don’t have a blog yet but I am thinking about it. I have emailed my scrapbooking friends (10) and told my CTMH group on Monday about your website about 12 people. You are amazing. Child’s Year cartridge is an awesome cart that I do not have yet. It is on my wish list. It would be great to win it. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  84. I was told santa was going to get me a cricut expression for x-mas and I would love to win A child’s year cartridge to start off my collection. My son also loves to do crafts with me, it’s quality time we get to spend together. I’m posting your page on facebook and myspace.

  85. OMG!!! If you aren’t the cutiest thing ever. What a happy web site you have. I dont have anyway to enter this contest cause I have no web site or blog or anything like that, but, I did want to tell you how excited I am for you. This is a great site

  86. Would love to have this cartridge! I shared it on The Scrap Beach message board! πŸ™‚ htpp://

  87. I also just tweeted it!

  88. I would so love to win this cart! I sent emails to my sister and best friend in California.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  89. KraftyKatsy says:

    Thanks so much for a chance to win such a great cart!!! Love your videos. They are very helpful to this noobie lol πŸ™‚ I posted a link to this page on facebook so my friends can check it out πŸ™‚

  90. I just realized I do have a Web site so I updated that and included your logo. Hope that gets me a second entry.

  91. Vickie Aust says:

    I don’t have a website, but will spread the good word on my Facebook. I would love this cartridge.

  92. OMG! I have been trying for months to win this cartridge and with no luck! I would love to win this. Totally love the ribbon affect you used on the layout and the rocking horses is just to darn cute.
    I have put a message about your blog on my blog and if I can figure out how to add your site badge I will do that to. It’s been awhile since I have done my blog due to having my disabled parents move in with some major health issues.
    Angel hugs

  93. I put a link on my facebook page.

    thank you!

  94. Megan, you are one very entertaining gal (lots of energy)Loved watching your video(s)! TFS them!

    Also, thanks so much for creating and especially sharing your Cricut Cutting Guide! I can see a LOT of work went into it. Very kind of you to do this! πŸ˜‰

    Also, thanks for the opportunity of possibly winning “A Child’s Year”, as I would LOVE to win this cartridge! Your LO w/ the rocking horse (that my DD used to have) did it for me!! It brought back a lot of wonderful memories for me. (My DD is soon to be 22 yrs old)

    I hope I have followed your instructions to a “t”. Here goes:-

    I have posted a thread on the Cricut MB:-

    I have posted an entry on my blog about your website:-

    I have added your cute li’l blinkie to my blog (just above my BLOG ARCHIVE), right-hand side:-

    Thanks, again, Megan!

  95. I shared your link on my facebook page. Thank you for the good info!

  96. Alright I remember how to do it so your site badge is also on my blog as of now.
    Angel hugs

  97. I posted a link to your web site on my facebook page-

    You have a great site!

  98. This looks like a great cartridge for my church. I shared your site on my facebook page. thank you!

  99. I love the cartridge I think it would be great for card making as well as scrap booking. I don’t know if this counts but I have been spreading the word about your web site on skype.

  100. Would love, love, love to win this cartridge! I am posting on my blog and adding your badge to it!!

  101. How Fun! I would love to have this cartridge. Thanks also for the cricut cutting guide. πŸ™‚
    I announced your contest on my blog here:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  102. This is awesome!! I shared with a fellow cricut addict via facebook!

  103. I love your videos. I told all my scrapper friends about your site this morning over coffee at starbucks and they are checking you out today, I’ve already heard back from them and they LOVE you and your videos. Keep up the great work!!!!

  104. i shared link on my facebook LOVE to win that cartridge. Love your enthusiam

  105. This is an AWESOME Idea! I am so excited about your new website!

  106. Your new site is sooooooooooo much fun. I would love to win the cart. Bless ya! And congrates on the NEW site.

  107. Hello Megan, thanks for the opportunity to win this Cricut Cartridge. I’m anxious to win! I had posted in site to my own personal website: and to my facebook. Thanks again. R

  108. correction: (now wee.)

  109. I so want this cart please:)

  110. WOW! This is the best cartridge yet!
    I love it – just had to have it- it’s my #7 cart.
    I don’t do the Twitter, etc. but I have shared my “A Child’s Year” with my BFF Annelle and will share it with the ladies at my church “Creative Ladies” group this coming Sunday – I just know they’ll love it – can’t wait to get their comments on it. I am making up “business cards” up with your URL/name on it along with my own email/phone # to give to the ladies in my scrapbook/creative group. Can hardly wait for Thursday.
    Your site is very informative and a load of fun to watch – so much energy! Keep up the great work!

    God bless! hugs! karen m.

  111. Hey! forgot to say – I sure hope you still consider me for the cartridge drawing – I’d love to be able to give it to our church group for their use.

    hugs! karen m.

  112. Hello! This is the first time I do something like this. I am so stoked. Well, I put up the badge on my myspace page ( I am off work for the next 5 weeks due to surgery. So I will be going through my address book and sending my friends the Above Rubies info.

  113. I love what you do and your enthusiasm…it’s catching.
    Thanks for the chance…I’ve added Above Rubies Studio to…

    Take Care and Enjoy

  114. Cathy Hartle says:

    Wow, what a great give-away! With 14 grandchildren, this would be super to have!!! I hope I did this right.
    I hope I win this!

  115. Love the monograms on this cart!!! Well, just everything I have seen on this cart!
    -I added/requested you as a friend on FB and added your badge to my blog! Click on my name. πŸ™‚

  116. Oh my I must have this cartridge. It would come handy in doing layouts of my grandchildren.

  117. I just added your badge to my blog. Thanks for the chance to win. I am doing a 1st year scrapbook for my nephew so this would be perfect. πŸ™‚

  118. Hi Megan! I blogged about your awesome site!

  119. I also posted your badge. My first one, lol.

  120. Thanks for the chance to win. I do not have a blog but will be e-mailing my family and friends about your site. Just a suggestion..maybe close the cabinet behind you (: You are too cute and the background kind of takes away a little bit. Just trying to help. You are doing an amazing job. Thank you so much.


    I posted a link to your site on my cricut message board secret sister forum

  122. I have posted your button on my sidebar.
    Mama Bear

  123. Hi Megan! Love your stuff! I have posted about your site on my facebook

    and put your badge on my blog (it’s the very first badge to be put on my blog..LOL)

    I have a new 3 month old son and this cartridge would be perfect for his baby book that I am making! Thanks for the chance to win…

  124. I would love this cartridge!
    I posted the link on the Cricut message board

  125. Hello Megan,
    I am posting a link to my blog site and I email your site address to my scrappin’ sisters.

  126. I am emailing your site to my scrappin’ sisters.

  127. Awesome Awesome site! I look forward to watching it every day!
    I posted on under Sites I Watch.

    I posted it on my blog!

  129. Love your new site! I sent it to 3 friends who own circuts and three other friends who love new ideas!

  130. Donna Cloud says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this wonderful cart. I loved todyas video, the rocking horses are adorable, but your son outshines it all, he is so cute. Have really enjoyed looking at the cutting chart, it is GREAT. I have no blog, etc, etc. but have emailed by sisters and granddaughter about your site. Thanks again for the chances to win.

  131. Hi Meagan
    I would love to have this new cartridge…I am just learning to use my Cricut Expression and love it. I watch your videos on YouTube all the time…you can learn so much from YouTube. I have posted a link to your website on my blog at
    I plan on adding you to my Facebook page and also my twitter page…I will come back and comment with the links a bit later. I’m also a member of a couple of Networks on Ning that I will post your link to and again I will post another comment with all of the links. Thanks for your inspiration and I have my fingers crossed I will win the cartridge! Tootles~Kim

  132. Wow this cart looks amazing. Thanx for a chance to win a great prize.

    I put it on my twitter page

  133. eileen lambert says:

    I sent your address to someone who I think will join to get the cutting Guide. This cartridge is one I think she would really love to have and I would give it to her . You are really fun to watch! I will be back!

  134. Love the video and all the goodies. Here is my link for the blinkie

  135. this looks like a great cartridge. I would love to win it! here is where I advertised your blog. BTW love the new site.

  136. I’d love this cartridge!
    Here’s my link for #2 and #3:

  137. I love the post – the rocking horse is awesome!!! I’m going to email to my scrapbooking buddies – 5 people. Thanks!


  138. I would love to win this cartridge, thanks for the opportunity to win this. I posted a status on my myspace page with a link to your webpage and enter for the chance to win a cartridge. =)

  139. YAY! I added your blinkie on my blog and made a post about your awesome website!!! hmm gonna post on FACEBOOK as well!

  140. I would love to win this cartridge. It is one of them that is on my wishlist. I do not have a blog yet but I have e-mailed 6 of my friends that are into scrapbooking and told them about this site.

  141. Yes I would love to win. I posted you on the messageboard at cricut and have emailed 3 of my friends. I do not have a blog or the twitter thing.
    Thanks for the chances to win.

  142. This is such an awesome cartridge, and thanks for all the ideas you provide!

  143. Posted on facebook and my blog.
    I have emailed all my scrapbook friends.

  144. Lisa Simpson says:


  145. Hi, Megan!

    Seriously, what a great website! I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon it – and already have bookmarked on my computer for many more future visits. πŸ™‚

    Okay, so via Facebook I sent out a lovely note to 20 of my most favorite, paper-craft-loving friends, and in addition just added your badge to my blog.

    Can’t wait to watch more of your tutorial videos!

  146. Awsome site! I added your badge to my blog. I’ll be doing a little write up here soon and I’m emailing everyone I know that does scrapbooking!

    I’ve been eyeing this cartridge for a while, thanks for the chance to win it.

  147. Gail Heinecke says:

    WOW!! Thanks! Gail

  148. At first, I really wasn’t interested in this cart. When I started seeing all of these projects and LOs with it though……..of course I want it!

  149. Ok so I really want to win this cartridge but don’t know how to do the posting of your blog but I just emailed 3 friends your site, these are my friends Nena,Milu and Sandie…yeah! I hope I win and now going to figure out how to do what you asked on my Facebook good luck to all your viewers.

  150. essie franklin says:

    I Love Your Website And The chance To Win A Childs First Year, I Shared Your Website On My Myspace Page

  151. his Is A Great Chance To Win Something Great Thank You, I Shared Your Site On My facebook Page

  152. Thank For This Chance

  153. Love the new site. Just sent an e-mail to about 20 friends to tell them to check it out! This is so fun. Thanks you.

  154. Thank You For The Great Chance To Win This Wonderful Cartridge i Would Love To Won.

  155. essie franklin says:

    I Emailed Your Website To All My Family And Friends Thank You

  156. Ok Megan. I didn’t think I wanted this cart, but between your endorsement and seeing all the wonderful projects on the Cricut MB, I decided I need it bad!!! I don’t have a blog,etc,etc. So I sent your link to my sister 2 nieces and 2 sons in addition to 2 people I just email about a swarm. That shoud do it!
    Hi Family, If you will paste the message /link below on your blog, facebook page, twitter, etc for me, I will have up to 5 chances to win a new Cricut Cartridge. Please help! Love, m

    Hi All, Have you been to ? I just love this site for great info. They just posted a free Cricut cutting guide. Check it out! Margaret

  157. I don’t have a circut yet but, my bestfriend does so I am sure she would love to have this cart.So, I am going to try to win it for her. Good Luck All.

  158. I wanna win it!!!! πŸ™‚ Your blinkie is on my blogsite at I also sent out the message on Twitter… screen name FitterTwit. I will also be sending the word out over facebook ( Thanks so much for such an awesome give away! (PS. I was in love with Donny Osmond too until he got married… LOL!)

  159. Megan, I love your videos because you always sound so happy and make everything sound like so much fun.
    I would LOVE to win A Child’s Year Cricut Cartridge. I am making albums for my grandkids so I would use it so much.
    I sent an e-mail to all my friends that own Cricuts telling them about your wonderful new blog.
    Thanks for all you share.
    Big Hugs!

  160. love your videos! thanks for the chance–i’ve got your badge and here is my blog post!

  161. Christa Hamilton says:

    OK, I posted on my blog, and I also posted it on facebook under ChristaHamilton. Awesome!

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    3. I tweeted about your site (amgrass1)

    Again, thanks for this site!!!

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    Telling my friend Barb all about it
    Hope I’m doing this right

  174. Love you new site and helpful hints
    Telling my Friend Barb all about it
    Corrected email

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    I blogged about your site:

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    I’ll be posting a badge on my blog.

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    I shared a link to your site on my Facebook profile, but I’m not sure how to paste the url here.

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    Thanks again for the great Cricut cutting guide. I am sure I am going to use it a lot!

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    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

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    hey – scrappy friends – check out She has a great blog with video tutorials for the cricut and gypsy.

    Above Rubies Studio
    Using really fun things like The Stamping Solutions Cartridge and Liquid Emboss, I made this simply adorable page of my little ones.I show you in this video how to use the Fit to Length button on your …
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    No Thumbnail

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    I just adore this cartridge!

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    #4 Posting to facebook

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    This would be the perfect cartridge for my grandchildren’s pages. Great site!

  232. Great webpage! Its refreshingly easy to navigate. I’ll add this link to my favorites and email my crafting buddies. Thanks for the cricut cutting guide.

  233. I just found your blog through the Cricut MB – this is a great site! I’ll be linking to your post on my blog and adding your blinkie!


    It’s After Mid-Night…da doo doo do do do! huh! πŸ™‚

    Ok So any comments after this one right here will NOT be included in the drawing that will take place Saturday the 31st around 2:00pm EST!

    Sorry if I bum anyone out! BUT keep coming back, there are LOTS more prizes to come!!!!

  235. I love your videos on You tube their a great help thanks i would love to see more scrapbook pages.

  236. I have refered you to anyone having problems with the cricut, anyone who has questions,anyone who just needs a pick up. I bought my daughter your A to Z. I think you are the best. Wish you could tell me how to start a blog. BUT you are on my You Tube Loves dragonlaidi

  237. So sad, I missed out. I live in CA. Timing counts so much. Love you anyway dragonlaidi

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