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Hey My Beautiful Friend!! How are you doing this incredible weekend? No! Really? How ARE YOU!?!?  I believe it’s going to be SO GOOD for you!! I hope you speak life over it and believe it too! 😉 I HAD to check in today to tell you that I am REALLY […]

Close to My Heart FLASH SALES & Retiring Items List!

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Wow! It is June 1st already! I can’t believe it – yet so excited about it! June is filled with much excitement for me and I hope it is for you! Check Periscope (@byMeganE) on the Replays on YouTube for more details! 😉 Life Above Rubies Live June 9 What […]

June Already?

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Hey Friends, I am busy busy busy, here’s a quick update of whats happening…(The Absolutely Shocking News at Bottom!) Well first – I’ve been a little silent because – Healing from Pneumonia – about 18 days totally awful and down – still coughing but better!! Thankfully! I am so very excited […]

I Can NOT Believe This Is Happening…..

You all know by now I’m a bit of a coffee addict!  So for today’s HowTo Tuesday, I wanted to create a fun, personal, customized Thermal Cup from Starbucks using my CTMH Charlotte Workshop Your Way Kit! We are in the midst of our 30 Day Challenge, I know I’m […]

Personalized DIY Starbucks Thermal Cup

  Thank YOU for taking time to stop by today, I really hope you feel encouraged and inspired by this exciting story that really happened, and happens to me often and I believe it’s by applying some of the SAME Success Principles I share in the 30 Day Challenge as […]

Lessons in Patience & Getting What You Want! MLM

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Hey Friends! Thanks for stopping by today for a HowTo Tuesday Video!  So Thankful you are here!  Truly, you’re such a blessing, whether you’re here to craft and create or to grow and encourage with LifeAboveRubies – You’re a blessing and you’re on my Daily 3 today as TOPS for […]

Howto Stamp on Ceramic Pottery or Tile with Designs or ...

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30 Day (re)START Challenge! It’s the first Monday in April and we are so very excited to be diving in collectively and building and refreshing goals and habits of success together. (pphhheewww thats a lot of ANDs but truth be told – its all true!) This is ALL happening over […]

ALL IN YES! I’m So GLAD You’re In! MLM

30 Day Challenge
I’m so excited to share so much with you ALL of April!  There is a LOT happening and guarantee something for everyone! 😉 My Whole Heart Went In…. As we hit April, I’m incredibly reflective over March and all the incredible things that happened this past month, not only for […]

Why START – 30 Days and more…..

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Today’s My Life Monday is in honor of Gradyn’s 2nd birthday that is TODAY! **We will return to regularly scheduled videos and tutorials shortly – today is about my little man!**  (Details under pictures) We had such a great weekend and day with family and cupcakes and Easter Candy!  We […]

Happy 2nd Birthday Gradyn Everet! MLM

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The party is starting to wind down for the March and I want to make sure that everyone takes advantage of 2016 Stampaganza!!! Whenever you buy 2 stamp sets at regular price – you get one stamp set of equal or lesser value for FREE!!!! SO incredible huge savings on […]

Get ONE FREE CTMH Stamp Sets

I am not going to lie – I am WAY LATE to the party – but THANKFULLY able to recover and pick up the ENTIRE Summit Pack to watch at my own pace and time and SOOO excited to invest in my education and skills this way with these INCREDIBLE […]

Game Changer World Summit- FREE NOW!!!! MLM

Confidence! I LOVE this topic and excited to dive in deep with this one on March 10, 2016 LIVE at One thing I absolutely HATE hearing from clients and even viewers of Above Rubies is “I could never have the confidence to do what you do” Tonight – I’m […]

Do You Have It? Authentic Confidence?

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Hey Friends!! Jen and I are BACK from the Close To My Heart Earned Incentive Trip Cruise and I couldn’t wait to share the trip and the beautiful thankful amazing fun that we had this past week. Close to My Heart spoils you rotten for earning the trip every year […]

CTMH Caribbean Cruise Adventure 2016 MLM eps 7.

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This Howto Tuesday is another different one for me – because I don’t usually do picture/voice over videos – but I wanted to just create today pretty badly – I had the ITCH even without all my craft stuff available I just had some of my new things and I […]

Scrapbook Layout without Adhesive (Oh No!) How To Tues Eps ...

Today we spent the day at the Aquarium in Camden NJ and had so much fun! Touching sharks, stingrays, starfish, penguins and more! The kids really impressed me with what they took away about all the various creatures just under the sea and how God made each one so different […]

Adventure Aquarium MLM eps 5

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Watch the Replay of Last Nights Event! February is all about scheduling and taking the actions to achieve exactly what you have been looking to START. We are going to talk about the phases of development, starting right where you are at, with what you have and doing what you […]

REPLAY: S.T.A.R.T. Schedule The Action Required Today!

Hey Ya’ll – so this is a VERY quick just kinda showin’ ya video of how I made 230 Cards using the new CTMH Share the Love Stamp Set and some Glitter Trim! I am super busy this week getting ready for the LIVE Event Thursday night that will be […]

Making 230 Share the Love Cards!