How To Update Cricut Firmware

So you have Design Studio or Sure Cuts a Lot, or you are thinking about purchasing it? Here is the video you will need to watch!  This video walks you through step by step how to update your Cricut’s Firmware to the correct version to run with the software (Cricut Design Studio or Sure Cuts A Lot) you want to work with. Please ask me any questions you may have on this post and I will do my best to {Read More}

Sure Cuts A Lot FAQ

YAY!  The first FAQ on SCAL!  I am still working on showing you hands on how to update firmware and install the software, but, for right now, here is a little FAQ video on Sure Cuts a Lot.  I am sure you’ll find it helpful if you are at all interested in this product.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  To me, it’s a MUST HAVE if you have a Cricut Machine!  Please comment here on this post with any further questions {Read More}