Sure Cuts A Lot FAQ 29

YAY!  The first FAQ on SCAL!  I am still working on showing you hands on how to update firmware and install the software, but, for right now, here is a little FAQ video on Sure Cuts a Lot.  I am sure you’ll find it helpful if you are at all interested in this product.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  To me, it’s a MUST HAVE if you have a Cricut Machine!  Please comment here on this post with any further questions and I will happily help you get the answers you need.  Thanks for watching!

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29 thoughts on “Sure Cuts A Lot FAQ

  • Mellyoggie

    Hi Megan! Thanks for all the information, it has really been helpful in figuring out how to use my Cricut. I am now leaning towards getting the SCAL but am still unsure…

    I recently did a scrapbook page of my niece’s 1st Halloween using my Tinker Bell & Friends Cricut cartridge. I cut out the Tinker Bell in layers starting with the base and then each individual piece until it became a 2-D image on the page. With SCAL, can you cut out layers to build on an image using different colored papers?

  • Dawn

    Dear Megan,
    What if you’re running Snow Leopard, Mac v.10.6.1? You mentioned 10.4 and 10.5, but what about this new operating system from Apple?

  • Helen

    I am still unsure on the SCAL I have Gypsy. On vacation in NC a scrapbook store owner looked at my new Gyspy and told me about her SCAL she uses at home. She and I both wondered if having DS and Gypsy if we would use all 3 programs.

  • Pam

    If I have a Mac and a Gypsy and have already uploaded to 2.32 firm ware am I able to use a SCAL program? You sure make it sound exciting, I can’t wait if it works for me. Pam

  • Craig Ramsey

    Megan, Thank you so much for your educational video’s. They are a wonderful resource. Because of your website and the information you provide I have already made educated purchases. I will be ordering SCAL for my Mac. I have access to a Windows system to update my firmware and I love my Mac for designing. I have also placed an order for the Cricut A to Z DVD. It appears to be a bargain if it were twice the price and I will save lots of money do to not having to make common mistakes. My wife and I have already messed up a lot of paper on various projects that did not work. I also appreciate the Cricut Cutting Guide. It is a great cutting resource and will also save much time and money. I wish I had known about your website months ago. I am telling everyone I know who has a cricut about your website. Thank you again.

  • Evelyn

    You are the bomb Girl!!! I love how you teach and how you explain things especially for a grtgrannie. I just met you last week on Youtube..

  • Tammy Lever

    Hi Megan…I have heard that if I get the SCAL for my Cricut it negates my warranty. Since I’ve only had it for a short time, should I wait until the warranty is up and then get the SCAL??? Do you know anything about this??

  • Hawley

    Thanks fo your time Megan,
    I just did a little more research and reviewed your video, discorvering I am able to use V1.00.
    It was mentioned in the website you spoke of.

  • Dixie C.

    I was watching Kristina Werner use SCAL on her blog and she turned the Cricut off between each cut, saying (I think) it was necessary. Is this true? Do you have to turn the machine off each time you cut a different file?
    Thanks…I am really enjoying poking around your blog. You do things just the way I like to…I like to figure out all the hows and whys of my “toys”.

  • Stephanie

    hello! when i use the sure cuts a lot, and i make the image i want and press cut i see that it makes my image but than cuts three lines between my image 🙁 and it ruins it! what do i do?

  • pATTY

    Hi Megan,
    Help…Is there any instructions about SCAL. I’m new to Cricut and your video was perfect. I bought SCAL CD, installed it now what? Need some help. Tks

  • Rose

    Hello Megan,
    I am new to the scrapbooking world and received a cricut for Christmas. I really like the Plantin cartridge that came with it but I am getting a bit bored with it. Now I am at the point of deciding if I should buy another cartridge or one of the software programs that are available that would offer me a bit more freedom not to mention that it would be a more affordable option. So I am wondering what would be the difference between SCAL and the Make the Cut, the pros and cons?
    Thank you

  • Kathy Kopacek

    hello Megan, I have been watching your viedos and I’m very intrested in purchasing the SCAL but I’m nervous. First off you said in one viedo that you only need the cartridge that the cricut came with? Which one is that? What happen’s if I no longer have that cartridge?

  • Mary Dorey

    Hello Megan, I love your video’s they have been very helpful to me as I am very new to the whole Cricut Cutting experience. I am a Quilter and would love to use this experience to enhance my Quilts. I have learned there are endless opportunites with the Cricut. My question is can I use the Sure cuts alot with the Design Studio and how do I transfer images from Design Studio to Sure cuts alot. Sure hope you can answer this question. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  • Carol

    Hey Megan. Love your site. Just got the SCAL. Still learning. Do you have to turn it off between cuts? I didn’t know this. I wish there was a tutorial that got you started and told little things like turning off the machine or not. Love all your youtube videos.:)

  • Thea

    hello….i just downloaded scal trial version and am trying to cut out a piece. but the machine keeps cutting a line down the middle of the piece so i have two halves…????….help. I have version 2.34 on my cricut expression

  • sherry

    Is there anywhere to get a dvd on learning scal?I am trying to avoid the high cost of the Cricut cartridges because there are so little useful things on them for me.

  • Patti

    I also would like to know the diff between SCAL and MTC. I heard MTC process is one less step to make your cut while SCAL you have to import into a file – play with it there-reexport. I also heard the updates can run up some bucks from both places.

    One of these programs are on my wish list thsi year. Looking forweard to your reply.


  • Sheila

    I am wondering if you know of any place that SCAL 2 is available to buy? They have version 3 out now but it is not compatible with the Cricut. I have version 1 and was wanting to update to 2 as it seems there are a lot of updates in it. Thanks so much! Your website is wonderful! : )

  • Lezlie Jones

    Can you use the sure cuts alot 2 on the cricut imagine??? If so, can someone please tell me how to get the USB cable to load? Everything I try, its says error 183. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!