What ELSE in the World have I been up to?

Wellll…. I can’t tell you too many DETAILS but I can share some photos with you….

These were taken by David L. at Ambient Light and you can take a pretty good guess at what we are working on – It was an AMAZING weekend for sure and I can not believe I had the chance and continue to be blessed with the incredible opportunity of working with this crew and growing this with them!
Thank you SO Much, Stu, Jon, Nelson, David and the entire Staff for believing in me to make dreams beyond reality! My heart is filled!!! 🙂 I just can’t wait to share more!

Check out the entire Gallery of 66 Photos – Visit HERE – http://ambientlight.smugmug.com/Production/Megan-Elizabeth-Pilot-Shoot/19747595_Xb3wrs

I ALSO had to share another LOVE with you – which for ME is MUSIC!  I LOVE Music – EVERY kind of MUSIC – ANYTHING Music – Music is a HUGE part of life…ANYWAY – That being said – I adore the Phantom of The Opera musical and recently at Boyertown Highschool (the highschool I live next to) the preformed POTO.  My Pastor’s son, Adam, played the role of Raoul, which means he sang, BEAUTIFULLY I might add, my FAVORITE song from Phantom, All I Ask of You. ….

Check out the video HERE 🙂

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Ok…Megan the movie star???? This is getting just way too exciting and you’re just not giving up enough info…

  2. Megan, I am interested in finding the straps that go around scrapbooks. You talked about it a few months ago and I want some for Christmas gifts. Didn’t write it down. Again your pics are fabulous. Can’t wait to see where this all goes.

    Blessings to you and your family.
    Teresa B.

  3. anita backensto says:

    can we all say we knew you when??:) waiting to see what is in the works. anita

  4. What a beautiful performance of Phantom!

  5. First I want to say congratulations on all these amazing things that are happening for you and your family! I’m hoping this sneak peek may mean a new scrapbooking show on TV! We’re due for a good one! And you’d be great at it. I also wanted to say thanks to your inspiration I finally uploaded my first YouTube video, and have been getting emails and comments positive about it so I’m excited…if you get a chance to view it (on my blog) I’d be honored. God speed on all your new ventures!

  6. Can’t wait to REALLY find out what you’ve been up to!!!

    That high school sure has a lot of talent! Our high school does great musicals, too. My son was lucky enough to get the part of Jean Val Jean in Les Mis when he was a senior. I love musical theater!!!!

  7. Megan, you have us sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear the big news you’re going to drop on us soon. Can’t wait, but it looks pretty exciting. Anyway, Adam did a really good job with the song. I don’t know him but I see a future for him in the Arts department. Wishing him well in all his endeavors. Thanks for sharing. Encouragement starts at home.

  8. Beautiful and great talents! One of my favorite movie.

  9. Sandra Joy says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful performance! Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next! I am soooo happy for you!!!

  10. Wow! That was amazing! Thanks for sharing, I love the Phantom of the Opera.

  11. Congratulation on all of these amazing endeavors! I’m so excited!

  12. Wow, I hope whatever it is, it will bless you and make you happy, I am really excited for you!

  13. That was a wonderful performance of the students. I have been able to see Phantom twice and loved it. My husband took me before we were married back in 1997 and then we went 2 years ago.

    The pictures look exciting. I cannot wait to see what you have cooked up for us.

  14. Oh my…that was one of my wedding songs. I’ve seen POTO Seven times…two on Broadway! Awesome!!!

  15. Very intriguing photos for sure! Can’t wait to hear all the details!

  16. Of course you are a beautiful woman any way; but you look stunning in the photos. They really captured your beauty and personality.

  17. Megan,

    Thanks for sharing! Also my favorite song from POTO! Such talent!

  18. Wow, I looked at many of the photos, that looks like one amazing production crew with some very cool photography and video equipment and all those lights! I’ve never seen tripods like that before. I didn’t realize it took so many people to do a video and or photo shoot. I was surprised at how many lights they needed for one room. I can see that you are expecting again, that was the nicest big surprise for me! Congratulations!

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