Design Team Casting Call for Above Rubies Studio

Here are the details if you are interested in becoming a Design Team Member for Above Rubies Studio.

There are three different types of Design Team Members that we are currently casting for.  Simply fill out the application at and let me know which position you would be most interested in.  You will need to inlcude at least two scrapbook page layouts, one card and one or two of anything else you would like to share that really shows off your style!

Your application needs to be submitted to by the 25th of February 2010.

Here is the application:

Now, let’s talk about the three positions you can apply for:

Club Ruby Master Designer

The Club Ruby Master Designer is the highest level of design team leadership we are taking applications for.  The requirements:

  • Turn in a minimum of 4-5 projects every month from the kit that Above Rubies Studio supplies you with
  • You must submit instructions to the projects you complete, you can do so via video or written media and photos
  • Projects must be turned in by set deadline every month (you will have at least 25 days to complete)
  • Actively post a minimum of 3 blog posts every month
  • Actively participate in and post in the Above Rubies Club Ruby Message Board (would like to see at least 2 posts weekly)
  • You may be on other design teams, but we ask that you keep the designs for Above Rubies Studio to Above Rubies Studio Team.  In other words, please don’t create one project and place it on several design teams you may participate in.

Benefits to being a Club Ruby Master Designer

  • Supplies for your projects valued at over $40.00-$45.00 every month
  • Cash! Master Designers will receive compensation up to $50.00 every month based on participation (*details on how to earn up to $50.00 will be discussed on individual basis)
  • Massive Exposure to a range or audiences – reach others like never before!
  • Be an intricate part of this exclusive membership
  • Get inside info on what is coming next at Above Rubies Studio and get the first chance dibs on new project participation

Club Ruby Designer

Club Ruby Designer is a little less demanding of a position for those who have extra hectic lives.  The requirements are as follows:

  • Turn in a minimum of 3-4 projects each month from the supply kit provided by Above Rubies Studio
  • You are required to provide instructions for any specialized work in the projects your provide and at least three photos of each project.
  • Projects must be turned in by the deadline to remain an active member and receive your next supply kit
  • Post at least once a month in the Above Rubies Studio forum
  • You may participate in any other design team you wish, but we ask that you keep the projects you design for Above Rubies Studio to Above Rubies Studio and not post it on other design team sites. (You are free to share your work, just keep it on Above Rubies Studio.)

Benefits to being a Club Ruby Designer:

  • Supplies for your projects valued at over $40.00-$45.00 every month
  • Massive Exposure to a range or audiences – reach others like never before!
  • Be an intricate part of this exclusive membership
  • Get inside info on what is coming next at Above Rubies Studio and get the first chance dibs on new project participation

Guest Designer

Guest Designers are for those who are really limited on time, but would like to actively participate and get their name out there.  Guest Designers are for those who would like to be featured in Upcoming A to Z DVD’s that Above Rubies Studio is producing along with being a guest designer once a year on the Club Ruby website.


  • Submit projects from work you have done based on the topic of DVD or Club Ruby Month
  • Work to be submitted by deadline set from time you are chosen to be a guest designer
  • If you are chosen as a guest designer for Club Ruby – you will receive a kit for the month you are a guest designer and will be required to make 3 projects for the month you have been selected for.  You will also be required to provide detailed instructions along with photos or videos of the projects you complete.
  • If you are chosen as a guest for an upcoming A to Z DVD you will be provided with a free copy of the DVD once released and you will be required to submit at least 2 high resolution pictures of your projects selected for the DVD along with brief instructions on how to complete the project.  You can also provide your blog address for others to follow you.

Benefits of being a Guest Designer:

  • Guest Designers have less commitment but a ton of fun
  • You are still provided with supplies for the month you are chosen as a designer
  • You are provided with a DVD featuring your project for massive exposure to audiences beyond the world wide web!

Here is the Design Team application:

P.S. We are looking for Guest Designers to be featured in the New Gypsy A to Z DVD!

If you are interested in participating in this dvd, simply send me an email ( along with one or two pictures of something you created using either the Gypsy or Design Studio.  Space is rather limited on this DVD, but we would love to check out your work by February 20th 2010.  Let me know if you have any questions 🙂


  1. Haidee created 2b unique says:

    Since everything went so FAST thanks for the info. here. You did such a great job!!! I would love design stuff I just @ times think I’m not good enough. I hate that feeling!!!!
    I still may consider this though!!! Thanks for the oppurtunity!!! Your great!!

  2. Sounds like a bunch of crafters are going to have a great time!!!


  3. Meagan, I would love to be consider for your DT…I know it would be an honor for me, as well as 500 other people….The only problem that I see is, I don’t scrapbook…I do everything else…. I love to do cards and mini albums…you can visit my blog: thank you

  4. This sounds like a blast. I think I may just have to apply. Oh man, I’m gonna have to get my hair done!!

  5. This sounds like lots of fun! I sent you an email earlier tonight requesting additional information about it. Thanks again for everything you and Sean did tonight. It was great fun chatting with everybody and hearing all your exciting news!

  6. tracylovesdavid says:

    Megan, you’re such a cutie! You were fantastic last night! Definately interested!

  7. i so enjoyed the evening, the only thing is i couldn’t be part of the action,b/c when i tried a pop up said i needed a password. How do i get that so i will be ready for next time? Meg and hubby job well done. i know it’s so tireing for the both of you, but you have your sight on the things to come, it will all take shape and pay off in the long run. Thanks for all you do for us out here. You do a good job.

  8. Boy, I wish I was good enough to apply for one of these positions. Maybe next time around!

  9. I had a good time until my computer started acting up which cause me to miss the last part of the chat. I am interest in joining the Design Team. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. Wow! This sounds great. You will definitely be receiving my app and samples. This is going to be fun! So many ideas swirling through my head! Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. Wow! How exciting! I think I will give it a try!!! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

  12. Meagan,
    I am really interested in applying for the Club Ruby Master Designer. Are you wanting actual layouts, cards, and other items – OR PHOTOS of these items. Thanks so much for this opportunity offer!

  13. Sounds great only problem I filled out total applications and don’t know how to down load pictures with new camera!!

  14. Would love to apply but live in UK….Far too far away.

  15. Nana Mouse says:

    What a delightful experience for your fellow crafters!!

  16. What a great chance! I would love to apply but I live outside of the USA, is this a problem?

  17. Debbie-Nanadoll says:

    You and Sean really have this business workin’ I’m very impressed! The live stream was so insightful and informative. Thanks for everything.

  18. Well this is the first time I’ve entered anything…scrap related anyway! Thanks Megan for give me a chance.

  19. Wow! If I was really creative I would apply. Maybe next time around.

  20. chris wooten says:

    thanks megan for the info…

  21. I sent you an email with a sample of my layouts for the video, would consider applying, but all I do is layouts. No cards, or anything else really. You can check out my website, if you like. I have about 2 layouts to update on it.


  22. Sent you my application. Hoping all the pics came through! In case you aren’t sure what the little pink card is, it’s actually an ATC card. Thanks for this opportunity!!

  23. Wow what a great opportunity, Megan! I’m not sure I’m good enough, but I may consider giving it a shot. I like the idea that I would have a deadline. I need to be challenged. Thanks for all you do!!

  24. JeanneLee in MD says:

    Cool…I would love to try for this…I better get busy!

  25. Linda Weisholz says:

    I think I would like to be a quest designer occasionally.

  26. I would like to try that too. This is a great chance….. Thanks a lot!!

  27. Debbie from Missouri says:

    Great idea for your site, great idea for us crafters!

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