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Happy Wednesday!

Check THIS OUT!  I’m so excited and I’m very ready to get back to videos, but today is still going to be a Check This Out the “old school” tutorial way and written review, and it’s absolutely THRILLING because this post is sponsored by Melanie Brown from EveryDayCricut.com and her Close To My Heart Business http://MelanieBrown.CTMH.com

This post is ALL about the NEW Close To My Heart Artiste Cricut Cartridge and Coordinating Stamps Bundle.  I have said this before, and now it’s absolutely TRUE!  If I ONLY had the Close To My Heart Cartridges and my other 5 favorites, I do NOT need ANY other cartridges! These carts are SO full of the items that are popular, trendy, basic and complex and the coordinating stamps are just phenomenal and to DIE for! I am just beyond thankful that Melanie has sent me these products and bundles to share with you all so make sure you thank her for me too! 😉

In this post I’m going to share a ton of pictures with you of my favorite Images from this Artiste Cartridge as well as a few pics of the coordinating stamps AND A Card that I made in under 10 minutes with a Close to My Heart Paper and Ink! Let’s dive in shall we?


This is my first snap shot of the bundle – I squealed when I received it because it came the afternoon of my surgery, it was better than get well flowers! 😉


One of the first things I noticed and fell IN LOVE with about this cartridge is, there’s an entire separate handbook on how to put all the 3D items together!  How AWESOME is there!? If you’re anything like me, this is going to be a huge time saver and a FIRST for Cricut!!! Instructions of howto use/put something together! So cool!


Here’s the Completed Card I made in Under 10 Minutes – But then I’m going to show you “Inside” the Artiste Cartridge Handbook!

Ok Take a look – I could post the ENTIRE Handbook because there are soooo many things in here that I LOVE!  Every 3D image, the font, the popular images, every day uses are just ENDLESS! I LOVE this so much, but I’ll try to keep it to a few pics! 😉

I REALLY like this feather a LOT and want to cut it out in a lot of colors and sizes and make a “masquerade” mask – I’ll post a video/pics when I get to doing it! It will be SO cool!        

These message bubbles go with my favorite set of stamps in the bundle!              


Here are those stamps I was talking about, just cut out the bubbles at the size listed on the stamps and viola, perfection!


Here is another one of the projects from this Cartridge I can not WAIT to dive into creating!  Its a Mini-Book with pre-designed Pages! You cut out the base, it has the holes in them, then decorative pages with holes already to go – just cut out of your favorite paper and embellish and you have a instant – any size – custom “Smash book” of your own! SOO Excited to make it!


Check out the Eiffel Tower, Chandelier, “Happy Meal” Box, I LOVE these, Pinwheels, Ferris wheel, Merry-Go-Round,oh yeah and the rosettes!!!!! AHH! Oh yes and I LOVE the Film Strip, and of course they included the ever trendy Mustaches! LOL




For the Card, I just cut out the images on page 56 as instructed on the Pirouette Stamp at 3 3/4″ (I cut it twice just because) and then I cut out the smaller medallions at 2 1/2″ all on Cut Mates premium cardstock. (Guarantee those perfect cuts with intricate designs with this paper!)

   Everything I’m using!

I used the Autumn Mix Cardstock and the Juniper Color Ink (I’m pretty sure the cardstock base is also Juniper but can’t be 100% sure)

I took the Juniper (I’m pretty sure) color Cardstock and cut it to an A2 size card and used the Juniper Ink and Pirouette Stamp to create the background image. I used the UCut it Foam in the Embellishment Combo pack for the center Pirouette cut with the Cricut to 3 3/4″.  I also used Halographic embossing powder for the center (and I had to stamp in clear embossing ink over the Juniper color, then sprinkle the powder and heat set).  I placed a  Chilax Sparkle Lightz in the Center and something that I LOVE is my Mini words (they’re SOOO tiny) Love and Faith inside the other cuts I made from page 56 of the Artiste Cartridge handbook.

I know that many of my followers are Close To My Heart Consultants and for this post I have no one to thank but Melanie Brown and if you do not already have a consultant you can contact her http://MelanieBrown.CTMH.com

I do have other CTMH Constants that have sent me gifts, sponsored products and I adore as people and support each of them and I’ll mention quickly:

Nuchi Draiman

Elizabeth Mindemann

Amanda Haynes

and I know there are many more of you but if you’re looking to place your first order or maybe a repeat order from first party with Melanie, hop to it – I hate to enable (hahaha) but you won’t be sorry!




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29 thoughts on “CTMH Artiste Cricut Cartridge Review and a 10 Minute Card

  • Debbie Z

    Wow I love your card and the colors! Looks like this would be a must have especially having that book to show how things go together. That has to be a big bonus and then to have stamps that coordinate! Woohoo…too much!!

  • SharonS

    I just got this cart on Saturday and have already made the adorable baby diaper card and cut out the mini album. Super card. I could look at the handbook all day. Thanks! Hope you’re feeling better.


    Hi: I ordered my artiste cartridge last week from Melanie Brown . I should get it soon. cant wait to use it. Aso i recieved my cropped box and i am working on my challange.I wish you a fast recovery I miss your videos you have such a great way of showing everything. I have ordered all your sparkle lites and have been making my sisters necklaces. We love bingo so i made them a bingo necklace and used the little sparkle lites as bingo markers.God bless you and keep you well.

  • Joan Smith

    This is a great cartridge and kit I too have been creating with my Artiste cart and do have the Art Philosophy cart they are both awesome kits and great cartridges so much fun to be had. Great job at showcasing this and Melanie is a great and fun gal and her blog is fantastic and so much to take in and learn about these cartridges.

  • Marilyn

    Glad you are feelling better. Awesome card. I am really considering getting that cartridge. Been looking at a lot of videos about it. Thanks for sharing

  • Kathy

    I did purchase this cartridge already and I luv it!!!!! It is sooo versatile and like you said Megan it’s got everything on it. Made a card in like 5 minutes yesterday w/ the envelope. How cool is that? Glad you are doing better. Love what you do and THANKS a bunch.

  • Deb

    So glad that you are feeling better! What a great cartridge and set! It is on my list for my card making, but it is not in the budget right now. Have a great time playing with it. Please continue to show us your great ideas.

  • Christina

    I’m waiting until September to order so I can get the cute scarecrow set, but am already making plans for the 3-D projects . . . One correction is the project handbook is also part of Tags, Bags, Boxes and More 2, so it isn’t a first for this cart, although I hope there are more in future releases because you are right they are SO helpful!!

  • Tanya Thompson

    So happy that you’re feeling better…just to let you know, I love your videos, but I “really” love my Artiste bundle I recently got from Melanie! I haven’t been able to put it away and already went through 2 blades on my Expression, having cut soooo many things. It will be great to see you back up and running again, much love!

  • Sharon

    Stunning card again, Megan. I’m so GLAD to hear that you are now feeling better and on the way to a speedy recovery. The Artiste cricut cartridge is AWESOME!!!!!!! I have also ordered one, and can’t wait to get to play with it.Sending more prayers to you for a speedy recovery.:)

  • Marilyn Boucher

    Im glad you are feeling better. I enjoyed the pictures. It is nice to see stuff b/4 you buy it .
    Once again thank you for sharing the artiste cricut cartridge.

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for the shout out Megan 🙂 I love the card you made – one of my favorite new stamps from CTMH. This cartridge is amazing and I’m having so much fun creating with it. Currently I am in a TON of pain waiting to see a surgeon this afternoon so I may be sofa bound again this summer – might have to make some cards 😉 Continuing to pray for your healing.

  • Kimberly Mussachia

    I am so glad you are feeling better! My prayers are always with you! I agree that this is my favorite cartridge too. Having stamps that fit your shapes makes card making so easy. And finally having instructions with the cartridge is brilliant!

  • Mabel

    Well here I sit propped up in bed…second day after dental surgery. ROUND 1 done…ROUND 2 in October. Yours was the first email I looked for after three days of no computer. You never let us down Megan…hope you are feeling much better! Love this cartridge and stamps maybe I can get my hubby to buy it for my B-DAY which is Aug. 24th! Thanks Megan for all you do 🙂

  • Kscookie

    I loved the Art Philosophy collection so when I seen some of the cuts the Artuste can do I pre-ordered and I’m so glad I did it is a great cartridge collection.

  • D-

    Been praying for your speedy recovery!!
    TFS the cartridge/stamps info with us.
    Feel better real soon.
    dmcardmaker (at AOL dot com)
    (email follower)

  • Linda Woolsey LilGreenBug

    Megan,my sweet friend!!! So glad you are able to post a tutorial!!! That has to mean that you are feeling at least a little better!!! I ordered this set from Melanie and GOSH, do I love it!!! Haven’t had an opportunity to play with it yet, but I’ll get there!!! I continue to pray for you and your family daily!!! Soon you will have a permanent beautiful smile!! I pray you are finally free of pain!! Love ya, girl!!! HUGS!

  • Cydney Fowler

    I became a Close to my Heart consultant after ordering the Art Philosophy set and falling in love with it (as much as you can love an inanimate object LOL). I just got Artiste and can’t wait to play. Megan, I agree. These two carts can be used for so many things – my other carts are just sitting on the shelf right now. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are feeling better. I relied heavily on your DVD tutorials to learn how to use my Cricut and appreciate all you do. Melanie has an awesome blog and she is a dedicated CTMH consultant – she sets a great example for her fellow consultants.

  • Nuchi Draiman

    Megan–I’m so glad to see you’re recuperating from your surgery and feeling up to crafting again! Nice job on the Artiste card!

    Thanks for including me in your list of people who sent you gifts and sponsored your events by sending you items to give away. Does this mean you received all the gifts I sent you? Lots of people who participated in the Thanks and Get Well Party have asked me if you received a lot of gifts from it and what gifts you received.

    I can’t tell any of you what Megan received, but here is a list of what I sent to her. Some were Hostess Rewards earned for Megan by purchases made through her party, and some I bought for her myself to cheer her up while going through her surgery:


    A1116 – A MELODY
    X5924 – 8 1/2″ X 11″ AUTUMN CARDSTOCK COMBO PACK
    C1439 – ENJOY LIFE
    C1442 – TAILOR-MADE
    D1482 – LOVE LIFE (2)
    A1121 – A BLOSSOM (2)
    A1129 – A RAINBOW
    D1462 – SPLENDID DAY

    These are the items I donated to Megan’s CROPPED Event (Be sure not to miss it! You might win these!! I know I’m looking forward to it and anxiously awaiting my Mystery Box!):

    C1501 – NEW ARRIVAL
    A1119 – A GARDEN

    Thanks SO much again to everyone who cared so much about Megan that you participated gladly and generously in her party. So many people expressed how much they care and how glad they were for the opportunity to express their love for Megan.

    I know we’re all happy to see Megan feeling better and back to crafting beautiful items like the card she made with the Cricut Artiste set.

    You can also win lots of hostess gifts, and get extra gifts from me too! Ask my customers and they’ll tell you—I like to give gifts and often find excuses to give them to my customers! Email me at craftsluvr at aol.com to find out what goodies I’m currently offering!! (Don’t miss out on the free Cricut blades I’m offering right now with purchase of the Artiste set!)

    Megan—we’d love to know if you received the gifts we sent you, and hope you’ll stay well and pain-free and continue to share wonderful craft ideas with us all!

    Take care,


  • Barbara

    Hi Megan, hope you are feeling much better. How does one find out more about this cricuit cartridge? I’ve never seen the Close to my heart things? Does it go with a Cricuit Expression which is the machine I have. I haven’t seen any new cartridges in the stores where I live. Thanks for more imput.

  • Deborah R.

    Hi Megan, Glad you are starting to feel more like your sparklely self! You can hear it in the tome of your writing. The card is lovely and I wish you an even more speedy recovery.

  • MommyMe

    This is a gorgeous card! I love the system CTMH has created with stamp sets, sized to fit the die-cuts! Unfortunately, I’ve yet to acquire any of their products. But, I can dream! Not to mention, the beautiful “visions that [already] dance through my head”, thanks to crafters like you and Melanie!
    I hope you are recovering well…Continued prayers for you and your family.

  • Terri Chown

    So glad you recovered so quickly. I don’t think anything is as paiknful as mouth surgery. I also cramps our favorite thing (talking & eating). I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed doing the challenges. I decided if I was ever going to do anything like this it should be ASAP as I turned 70 this year. I have to stop admitting to it as I found the more I do that the oder I feel. For my birthday I went Parasailing. That was great. I wish that I was your age and starting over but not possible so I will lmake the best of it and keep up with you young ones. I don’t look 70 and so I must stop acting like one. Best wishes and look forward to your DVD’s