DIY Enchanted Forever Rose with Cricut Joy!

I am so excited to share how I made this DIY Enchanted Forever Rose with my Cricut Design Space and Cricut Joy. I made this Paper Rose inside the http://SheMakes.Club live, but I wanted to share a voice over quick version of gorgeous diy flower! The key to the perfect paper rose is really warming up that paper for the perfect bend/curl without creases, plus glitter hot glue doesn’t hurt the extra “enchantment” šŸ˜‰

I would love for you to come along and join the live and exclusive fun of http://SheMakes.Club and the 31 Day She Makes Her Life Journey we are right in the middle of. Everyday we are doing something creative and taking time in gratitude, encouragement and inspiration.

I am thrilled to share that my Amazon Shop keeps getting updated with newest finds and things I love including my favorite books and health/enjoyment category also! But the newest Kits for have been updated inside the category as well with upcoming months too! SO EXCITED!

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