HOT OFF THE TRUCK – Silhouette Curio Unboxing, Functions and Features 11

WIN NEW Silhouette Curio Check it out! I got to spend some time back at one of my FAVORITE Places in the world – this week AND it just so happens I got to be there for the HOT OFF THE TRUCK Arrival of the ALL new Silhouette Curio machine that I know all silhouette fans are DYING to get their hands on!  It is really an incredible companion to the Silhouette Cameo or Portrait with all the functions and features that the Curio offers.  The capability to Cut, Emboss, Etch, Engrave, Sketch, and Stipple! AND is giving one AWAY – RIGHT NOW!  SOOO GOOOOOO!!

I am so excited to share this awesome unboxing video with you so you can see more of its functions and features, how the base plate works and all that is included with this awesome machine NOW AVAILABLE!

Go check out all the details by clicking image on the right or link here! and WATCH THE VIDEO!!! It was fun to be there again making a few and hanging with the crew!!! 🙂 <3


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