Processing Life & Grief with Scrapbooking

Telling the Story & Memory Keeping

When I saw the March 2021 Stamp of the Month Stamp Set I CRIED! I knew I had to use it to make a scrapbook page to tell a piece of my grief story of my sister and my Nana. Scrapbooking them and telling bits of the story in making helps me so much process life and moments and remember them. Sometimes I journal a lot, sometimes just a picture with a few simple images is all the story needs. I also go back in forth making 12×12 scrapbook layouts and also a lot of 6×8 scrapbook pages. There is no right or wrong way to process your life story – but more and more – my whole heart wants to help others make their life with scrapbooking and journaling!

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She Makes Live

March 14, 2021

We will all be together for SheMakes.Club LIVE on Sunday March 14, 2021 at 6:00pm! I can’t wait to share beautiful scrapbook pages, Cricut files and process the life we live and tell the stories that make us! If you’re not already a member, you should absolutely come JOIN US!

We would love to have you!


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