One Little Word Vision Board How to make and enjoy it! OLW 2020

I wanted to share my One Little Word page layouts and just share my heart while making layouts with my word and pocket scrapbook pages. The February prompt was for how to create a Vision Board that speaks to you.

This is such a personal process and I felt like I should just share my heart since I’ve been making huge visionboards since I was 18/19 years old! This is truly just a last minute real life happening desire to make and create live with each of you!

Life was happening around us, but there is something special to coming on a live stream and sharing the process and the pages that create beautiful 6×8 Album layouts!

I love taking part in Ali’s One Little Word workshop this year! I love that we are growing and expanding our She Makes Club this year and the vision that’s been so inspired to share our lives and stories and I really hope you come along on that journey with us this year! You can come and go as you wish, but I really hope you come take advantage of some fun this we will be mailing out to active Members for March 2020! I can’t wait to send out these surprises so make sure you’re an active member by joining us HERE!

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