Video Reply to Fresh Look Friday – Thanks Melana! 28

Hey Everyone!  We have gotten AMAZING Feedback from the first Fresh Look Friday Episode and all I can say is WOW!  I’m SO IMPRESSED with the tips we’ve received and the positive comments that we have gotten so all I can say is THANK YOU!

We got one very awesome reply from Melana who LOVES her CGull and I’m excited to share this video with you thanks to her!  She has found away to organize her handbooks and overlays inside of her cGull bag and she has found what works for her, which is absolutely wonderful and exactly what this is all about!  WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! 🙂

Take a look at Melana’s video and I hope you enjoy! 🙂

YouTube Preview Image

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28 thoughts on “Video Reply to Fresh Look Friday – Thanks Melana!

  • Sheila G

    Thanks Melana – I now know what I am doing tonight! This makes perfect sense – thanks so much for sharing it – I was with Megan – I didn’t really know how to do it.

  • Steph

    I have the Gypsy by Provocraft and love it. No cartridges to carry and the cartridges are all downloaded onto the Gypsy. Does anyone else use the Gypsy?

  • Judith

    Thanks for the info. I have both the C-Gull and the Scrap-n-Tote and haven’t been sold on either of them. Your ideas with the C-Gull are along the line of my wants for this product and I will reproduce something like this for my carts.

  • Penny

    Wow, so this makes so much sense and thanks so much to Melana for sharing her ideas. I have a CGull bag just stuffed with stuff and now I know how to organize it. Thanks!

  • Stacy Blankenbaker

    awesome idea! I have over 200 carts and always thrown the carts I want to take to a crop in a small laundry basket, now that I know how to utilize this bag, I will definitely be using it instead!

  • Carmen

    awesome~ I am putting that on my list of I have to get items!!!
    Being organized like that saves so much time and is so convenient , to , when you want to take your carts to a crop!

  • Moira Efird

    Thank you to both Malena, and Megan who have cared enough to show organization in a positive manner. I love the organization Malena has brought into her cricut business. I am grateful to you both. Blessings, Moira

  • Ginny DeFilippo

    This was a great video and Thanks for sharing, I now need to have one after seeing how you organized it. I love your idea and would be perfect for me.
    Thanks Again.

  • Shelly

    Melana, Thanks so much for your idea on the overlays & booklets! I made a copy of the back of the “plastic holder” and have them clipped in a booklet form already! I also have a Gypsy but I sometimes bring my CGull to my girlfriend to use my carts that she doesn’t have. She doesn’t have a Gypsy — sure would be nice if I could download her carts that I don’t have on my Gypsy. I understand why she doesn’t though … she may someday get a Gypsy. Take care!

  • gina

    I love my gypsy, but maybe I just don’t have enough experience with it, but I still need my booklets 90% of the time. I’m not good at the layering, and knowing what it should look like for the colors. I still carry around my carts, and love the cgull idea!

  • Lisa Sackett

    Thanks, Melana, for taking the time to video the organization, and Megan for showing it. I have a Gypsy, but I still love using my carts as well. Some good thoughts on this product. Am thinking about purchasing soon.

  • Julia

    I have this bag too and was wondering how to fit all the booklets in too. We started printing them out onto 8×11 paper and getting 8 pages on 1 full page (front and back) and still if you have a lot of cartridges that becomes a massive amount of paper in no time.

    I’ll do you one better though on the overlays. I rip out all the foreign language stuff out of my booklets to make them skinnier and always store the overlay inside the booklet. Then it is easier to get the overlay and booklet out in one quick grab and you don’t have to be careful with the overlay since it is protected by the booklet.

  • Judy G.

    I have the C-Gull too, and I basically did something similiar with the middle of the bag. It works fine, but eventually I will run out of space probably. I do have a Gypsy too, so I could probably leave the keyboard overlays out of the bag, but I’ve GOT to have the books with me, even if I use the Gypsy.

  • Tammy Brownlee

    Thanks, Melana! I don’t have many cartdiges, yet! But I love the idea of copying the boxes for reference! Great idea. I do have the gypsy, but can’t remember all that is on each cart. That will help.

  • Trish Shapland

    thank you so much for sharing! I was going to order the scrapcessories boxes but I love what you did with the Cgull. I also love that I can grab them and go! I only have 29 cartridges, so looks like I have room to grow! Thanks again and can’t wait to check out the exclusive CM cartridge! Who knew???