*Video* My Big 2020 News & Surprise Unboxing! 3

I am SO excited to open this huge box of goodies with you that was special delivered today to go along with my BIG Secret News Announcement!

Watch this video and see the fun unboxing with me with a very exciting new message and heartfelt moment of deepest gratitude!

You do not want to miss this special news announcement of what I’m just now able to share with you!
I can’t wait to share the news and everything FedEx just left at my front door! To be COMPLETELY honest, at opening the box, I’m as surprised as you will be by whatever is ACTUALLY all inside the box. I know WHO it is from and there is an incredible bit of news that comes along with this box that I really don’t think you will want to miss!

Fun surprise unboxing’s for anyone who loves, Planners, Stickers, Scrapbooking, Journals, Cardmaking, Megan Elizabeth or QVC!

I am so thankful to be able to share this opportunity with you! As you’ll see in the video, real life emotions shine through and the tears of joy and gratitude are really hard to fight back! This is so surreal and amazing to me! Real dreams, real life, real people, REALLY going for it!

THANK YOU for being here! I would love to for to subscribe, comment and share! I will be doing a live random Giveaway on Friday January 31, 2020 for some fun things on my Facebook.com/byMeganElizabeth page!

Erin Condren & QVC Links!

You can visit All of Erin Condren’s amazing bundles on QVC right here! For disclaimer purposes – I do not get paid by QVC by commission or otherwise for sharing this with you, even though I am an on air Presenter for a variety of products.


You can use my Erin Condren referral code to purchase from Erin Condren directly and I receive referral credit to make my own purchases from her website and YOU RECEIVE a bonus discount for using it the first time when you create your own EC Account!


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