Stamp Caddy Testimonial 38

I love the ScrapCessories Stamp Caddies!  Seriously obsessed with them!!!  They are just phenomenal!


  • No more clear stamp yellowing!!!! Did you know that CD Cases and the Packaging that your clear stamps come in actually give off a gas that causes the yellowing of your stamps?  Well, with the stamp caddy, NOT Any more!  These are made from a totally different kind of plastic is that made to keep your clear stamps CLEAR!
  • No more Tearing or Stretching!!! The clear trays allow stamps to cling on without slipping and easily be removed without tearing! Love it!  One thing to mention is, try to keep the trays clean and don’t handle them too much because the oils from your hands may cause stamps not to stick to them – so simply wash them off if that happens.
  • Easy to see your stamps! The black trays allow you to easily see what stamps are on what tray!  I also have started to label my trays with tiny stickers on the top right that say what set is on what tray for even easier organization.
  • Holds Hundreds of Stamps!!! Each caddy has over 440 square inches of  space and I was able to fit over 700 stamps in my ONE Caddy!!!  Of course this depends on the sizes of stamps you have, but it holds a TON!!!!
  • 6 Double Sided Trays in an Easy to use Rail System! Each tray is evenly spaced for easy slide in and out trays without your stamps rubbing against each other, its just so perfect!
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*Just a note, I really believe in these products, and while I did get a sample from ScrapCessories, I have also purchased these Caddies for my personal use and have not been paid by ScrapCessories for any of the information I have provided to my viewers to hopefully educate them of something I love! 🙂

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