MLM Eps4 – YOU, With the Caffeine!!!!

You with the Caffeine Today I wanted to share a funny story that happened in a real life MOMMY MOMENT this week as well as a little insight to my daily schedule – I have “work time” – “school time” – “play time” etc….and it doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of interruptions and stressful moments along the way – but there sure is love and funny moments to enjoy every single day!  By the end of this – you will probably laugh and say “You with the Caffeine” just the same! LOL 😉

We are LIVE on Thursday night (February 11) at 9:30pm est – We are going to be talking about START – Schedule the Action Required Today.

Even in little steps – taking the time to actually schedule something different into your day gets you closer to YOUR goals and the WHY behind your goal to actually achieving it not just wishing something to happen or be different.  It’s really easy to get caught up in goals that “seem” good – but they aren’t resonating with the WHYS in our hearts that drive us to action.  If your why isn’t bigger than “stuff” you will never do anything different to achieve your goal.

Thursday night we are taking it a step further in talking about what is rolling out for all of 2016 – and while I WISH so bad I could give it ALL at once – its going to take a few months to get all my whys rolled out perfectly for you! So we are starting with the basics and most requested of members to make sure you KNOW WHY and have a plan to get where you want to go.  So that you can look back on 2016 and truly feel accomplished and that you didn’t stop – you went for it and made progress and feel successful!

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