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This is a different kind of video for me – I promise you – this was filmed with quick little check ins over the course of my day. Over about 5-6 hours from mid-morning (when I first started dancing) to early evening when I finished up making dinner. I wanted to show that even with all the sweat and all the crazy stuff your makeup CAN stay put!  All I used was a paper towel to blot off the sweat and you can see my blemishes stayed covered and eye makeup in place.  I have been asked more questions about this makeup since I first started wearing it daily, and almost every time I go out now, I receive some sort of compliment on the color, or my highlighter or my eye makeup – and I’ve never had that before in my life.  Knowing it stays put and there are other tricks and awesome products that make it even better thrills my heart – AND – Can’t forget this…. With Younique Makeup, you can help support and go towards the healing of abused women/children and THIS is WHY it’s so very important to me to be involved with!

Are you ready to be, look and feel beautiful, inside and out?

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Products I Used:
Splurge Cream Shadow (Dreamy & Hopeful)
3D Fiber Lashes
Stiff Upper Lip Stain (Sappy)
Liquid Touch Foundation (the best so different) – Scarlet for me
Skin Perfecting Concealer Scarlet for me
Sculpting Trio for a little contour
Touch Pressed Powder to set Organza

I did not use primer or any other setter/rose water or other things. While each persons skin type is different and depending on how much you touch/wipe your face your results may vary – I’m a huge fan of this though and I hope you know me enough to know there was no special makeup touchups beyond the paper towel from morning of dancing to cleaning to done!
Enjoy the Moments!

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One thought on “Makeup: Is Younique Makeup Sweat Proof?

  • Donna O

    I LOVE this mascara! It is really easy to apply and even though some people do, I do not use any other mascara as a base coat. After applying the gel, I would apply the fibers (dry) just to the tips of my lashes followed by a finishing coat of gel to hold fibers and this would create length and prevent any fibers from getting into my eyes.