Saturday 7: Easy to Make Kids Valentines Cards 7

This Saturday 7 is all about the Kids Valentines!  Easy things that kids can make to give to classmates, teachers, siblings, grandparents, parents, you name it!

Easy To Make Kids Valentines Cards

1.  Great School Valentine (and it uses my favorite candy!) There are actually 9 other GREAT Valentine’s in this post too!

Easy Kids Valentines 1








2. You Color My Heart – I completely ADORE this idea – having kids draw one color in heart, copy, paste and attach a crayon! GENIUS!

Easy Kids DIY Valentines Cards 2










3.  Hand Print/Foot Print Love Cards – I LOVE cards and art that incorporate my kids feet/hand prints. I completely admit, I don’t always love the preparation and clean up of excited kids getting paint/ink on hands and feet, but the results of them growing each year and personalization of these kinds of art can’t be matched! LOVE THIS!

DIY Kids Valentines Cards 5







4.  Easy Foil Hershey Kiss Valentines!  So simple, my kids LOVE making them and we are done in minutes with minimum supplies!

DIY Easy Kids Valentines 4










5.  Child’s Hand Valentine’s without the MESS of paint and ink!  My kinda style!  And I love that it’s interactive – fold up those letters in the paper, adhere to each hand, and it’s just awesome!

Easy Kids Valentines 6










6.  All Hearts in the Shape of a Raccoon!  I love this!  Kids can easily layer up the hearts and you can cut a bunch out in your die-cutting machines to make it super easy and very little mess!

Easy DIY Kids Valentines Cards 3









7. Pencil Eraser Shapes Valentine’s – Simple and can be lots of fun!  Use a pencil to outline a shape for kids then take some ink pads (even Megan Elizabeth Ink Edgers are great for this) a handful of pencils with erasers and let kids go to town!  How much fun will they have and again very few supplies to worry about!

Kids DIY Valentines 7










Have a GREAT Saturday everyone!  I hope you enjoyed the inspiration found today for Kids Valentine’s Cards and Project ideas!  See you next week as I tackle the next major Valentine’s hurdle – MAN CARDS!

Enjoy the moments!

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