How to Smash Book and Why to Smash Book! K&Company Smash* Books 19

Last Check this Out video I shared was about the Simple Stories Mini-Album, and most of you know, that since January of 2012 I have been a fanatical SMASH Booker.  I have several K&Company Smash books going for goal keeping, parenting, journaling and I even have my 3 and 4 year old “doing it”! LOL

I’m going to share a few more things about SMASH booking, how to do it, why do it, what’s it good for etc.

I really am a huge fan of this type of memory keeping using BOTH Simple Stories albums and Smash books. They are similar in concept, but different enough in form that I kinda use them differently and hopefully this video explains that for you.

Just incase: Smash books I use more for the everyday journaling, quotes, memories, quick photos, and print offs etc.

Simple Stories Mini Albums, I use more for a formal story telling or like in last video I use it for a recap of an entire event or year.


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What will you smash or what story will you tell?  Let me know!

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Enjoy the Moments and Happy Black Friday Shopping!!!


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19 thoughts on “How to Smash Book and Why to Smash Book! K&Company Smash* Books

  • Amy

    I have sooo many ideas for a couple different smash books flooding my head right now…(kids, hopes/dreams, my story etc) may be able to get some on sale after Christmas? Thank you for sharing your ideas 🙂


  • Judy H

    Wish I’d had these when my kids were younger- but I guess it’s never to late to start. Thanks for the push to start preserving life’s greatest moments!!

  • P.J.

    I enjoy Smashing, but have been so busy working on 2 DD’s wedding albums. It’ll be good to get going on my own scrapbooking again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Marissa

    I bought my smashbook shortly after you talked about them at the end of last year. I started “smashing” the fun events in my life. I stopped around August and haven’t gotten around to finishing up the year. You inspire me to keep going – I will take out my smash book again and start working on it!

  • Cheryl Rathkamp

    I got my first smash book about six months ago, I have done just a couple of pages, I put all my supplies together and have been getting so many ideas for this book, I think I will need a couple more, thanks for sharing you have some great ideas….

  • Cindy Ross

    I’ve never tried a smash book. I’m stuck on making cards and haven’t even got my scrapbooks up to date. Thanks for sharing all these awesome ideas with us and for the chance to win some great stuff. Cindy

  • Kemberley Gotzon

    I have 7 K & Co. Smash Books, 1 homemade Journal/Smash type book and 2 Recollections Creative Chaos books…I LOVE this type of memory keeping. It’s so much less intimidating than Scrapbooking was for me. I don’t feel like I have to get everything “just so”…I am using the black Creative Chos for my December Daily…just love it!!

  • Tiffany

    My seven yr old daughter and I both have a pink smash book. (She was 6 when we got um.) She absolutely loves hers and it’s such a great way to start her in the scrapbooking world! Its hard to let her do things her way at times, but it’s also so cute to see her ideas! I love having mine, it’s kinda my “me book”. I still have more pics n things about my kids in it than myself, but I don’t actually scrapbook myself much so my personal stuff goes in my smash book. Pics of things I make, etc. Along with cards the kids make me, flowers my daughter picks for me, etc. etc. the only problem is it’s extremely hard for me to get over the cronological order of things. I have a hard time letting it be all out if order, even tho I know that’s the beauty of it! And yes, I remember the old school days of a scrapbook and I’m glad there’s something I can still do along those lines. I did also get the simple stories album bundle which I’m in love with!! Haven’t decided exactly what to do with it yet, but I’m super excited about it!!

  • Maryann Gerber

    I have 4 Smash Books and don’t know what to do with them. I just got back from Hawaii and leaving for Cailf. for the holidays. I was going to bring one with me but just don’t know what to do with them. I wished I knew someone that has done some, to help me get started. I’ve had them for a very long time. hopefully! one day I’ll get to use them.

  • Kimberly Scoffield

    Hi, I saw these smash books at JoAnns Fabric store the other day and I was confused what they were supposed to be. Thanks to you video I know what they are now and I want to get one! This would be great for my friend and I. we want to start making a journal/scrapbook of our friendship. this would be good to document fun stuff we had done. do you know if they have a friendship smash book? Thanks again for all your videos. I really do enjoy them! 🙂

  • Kate rea

    I’ve ordered my smash book and i can’t wait to get I’ve heard so much about them and I’m so excited but can someone give me some ideas