Tuesday Tutorial Challenge: Use Your Handwriting! 24

I have to admit a few things:

1) I’ve been a bit down and out with a little personal problem at home soooo -OYY!  Sorry about that!

2) This is a video I waited on posting and waiting on posting and now I’m posting!

3) I HATE My Handwriting!!!!

So if you are like me and hate your handwriting TOO – this is the PERFECT Challenge for YOU!  I just want to see you ALL use your handwriting on something and share it!  You can come join me over on facebook and post your projects or just post links here in comments!

Would LOVE to see what you do!  This paper is all from the October Kit from www.ClubRubyDesigners.com and you can NOW go ahead and create your own profile and SHARE Creations and things from there yourself FOR FREE! 🙂 Sooooo fun!  See you there!

YouTube Preview Image

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