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Hello Everyone!

Alright, so it’s about mid-night on Monday and I don’t usually wait soooo last minute to do a video for Tuesday for everyone, but I had camera troubles.  So, this video is VERY short, but descriptive on this VERY simple layout I did of going to the park with Bensen and Jenavieve.

I really don’t want anyone to be disappointed with me today, but I plan to film a video using some of my NEW Cricut Cartridges this week!

Can I be totally honest with everyone??? I’ve had my Cricut now for over three years, and in that three year time period, as much as I use my Cricut, I only even had a few cartridges (as a matter of fact in January I only owned 22 cartridges, though I USED many, many more, my personal library was very small!) Well, let me tell you something, the latest cartridges that have come out have just excited me so much, I have spent a LOT of time on ebay and on CustomCrops.com and Craft-E-Corner.com – I now own 34 cartridges all together, but I like went nuts and got them ALL AT ONCE! LOL!!!  So you are going to see some videos coming up using:

  • Nursery Rhymes Cricut Cartridge how to’s
  • Create A Critter Cricut Cartridge videos which is now totally my favorite!
  • Once Upon A Princess Cricut Cartridge video is coming THIS week! (Because today’s video was a little lame!)
  • I also purchased: Destination Cricut Cartridge, Give A Hoot Cricut Cartridge, Just Because Cards Cartridge and Happily Ever After Disney Cricut Cartridge!  Oyy I know!  So much sooo fast! I couldn’t help it though!  I am obsessed with the newer carts!!! 🙂

Anyway, so I pray you forgive me this very short overview video and you will enjoy it anyway!  I also can’t wait to post some of the new projects I am working on.  Also getting a LOT of professional videos done that are for the Club Ruby Video Library – oh my goodness – these videos are AWESOME! 🙂

Have a wonderful day!!! 🙂

YouTube Preview Image

If you want a refresher on how I made the paper pleating for my layout, you can always go back and watch this video here:

YouTube Preview Image

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27 thoughts on “I’m Showing Off Today!

  • Haidee

    I am totally in the same boat as you. I have had my criut & cricut expression for over 2 years or I should say as long as they both came out. I am just recently using mine more often due to the fact of my gypsy. I hated wasting paper the most-to be honest. But the gypsy has been great. I also am at about 23 cartridges too. Only because within the last 2 weeks i bought 8 cartridges on Ebay too. i try to win some cartridges but have not yet.
    Okay enough about me Like the LO & card. Now I want to get forever young, though hehe..my hubby my not let me.LOL

  • ShawnfromMn

    Thank you for sharing your time!!! I have been on a buying frenzy too – love these cartridges and look forward to seeing what you come up with!!

  • Marlou F.

    Thank you for giving us what little time you may have! I don’t know how you do it with a family…
    I will be looking forward to more tutorials as yours are always great.

  • scrapper1969

    MEGAN…I think we are all in the same boat when it comes to buying these newest cartridges… 🙂 Although I do have more carts than you…it was the recent ones that threw me for a loop….gotta have….must have… you know what I’m talkin about! 🙂 anyway I’m looking forward to seeing the new videos with the new cartridges in them… thanks for sharing what little time you do have… have a great day! 🙂

  • Tammy White

    Another frenzied ebay cart buyer here – 15 carts in the last 2 weeks (head hanging in shame but smiling on the inside)!! Now to find time to use them. Cute layout Megan! Thanks for sharing!

  • Sharon/4kids4

    Cute layout…love the paper pleating. I have about 15 Cricut carts…although I’d love to buy more, more, more…I seem to find whatever I might need on the ones I do have. I’d like to have a few more font choices though. Maybe Don Juan. TFS!

  • Sandy Bayles

    This card is so cute. I have a “Red Hat” group that would just love these cards. The next give away why don’t you offer a stamp set. I would love to win anything. Keep up the great job. I love the blog.

  • Virginia S. Waddy

    Thanks Megan, for sharing with us and to keep me and the others updated. In the past two days I have purchased 5 cartridges from Walmart they drop the prices on some of theirs whenever I see them on sale I try to buy them, and looking forward to see what the new ones going to be like. Love your videos and ideals as well. Keep up the good work. Be bless. vswaddy620@yahoo.com

  • Flo

    Hi I have only had my cricut 12 months so its bugs birthday month. But I was bitten by tis bug and then the carts all seemed so good. especially as I had downloaded Ds before I even got the CE. I now own 82 catrs and when I told my friend her comment was “Hello my name is Flo and I’m a cart-a-holic” hope you join the cart-a-holics it a great club. And it will give you something to do for the rest of your life. With 82 carts- yes I do have a gypsy! love watching all your videos keep them coming.

  • Cyndi

    I’ve been building my cartridge library for two years now. I am up to 82 with the 3 new seasonal ones (preordered) it will put me at 85. So I will need to join the cart-a-holics club too! Love the layout and anxious to see what you do with the new carts.

  • Beverly

    I must be a cart-a-holic also I love collecting them and can’t wate for new ones to come out I enjoy learning new things keep the vidos comming. Does anyone know what cart the expansion box is on?

  • Jan Lynn

    The pleating is so neat on this page. Sometimes it is just the simple things that end up saying sooo much on our layouts. Thanks for sharing

  • Sherry B

    The kids are adorable & look like they had fun…isn’t that all that matters? Well, almost 🙂 I have Create a Critter on my wish list & hopefully can start adding to my collection again soon. TFS.

  • Sherri

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the Create A Critter cartridge. I got mine last week and it’s become my absolute favorite cartridge !!!

  • CJToo

    Hi Megan,

    When I first got my cricut I went on a buying frenzy too…..just to “have” them. Most of them I’ve only done one project with or they just sit on my shelf. You’re wise to only get the carts you will use and excite you. Looking forward to your new projects.


  • Jackie

    Hi Megan, I gotta tell you that I am long time scrapper, an orginal owner from the very first Cricut several years ago.
    I just stumble across your site and I gotta tell ya you are AWESOME!
    You have a GREAT STYLE of teaching. I love how you are focus on you tutorials and not a ton of silliness.
    Most of us don’t have a ton of time to invest in watching tuts to see laughing and messing around and get nothing out of my time.
    I always learn something for your tuts. Thanks for sharing time and skills and thank your family for sharing you with us. YOU ROCK!!