How to Use Your Gypsy for National Scrapbook Day! 64

ars-gypsy_medium_free-tipsy-2 It’s May 1st and it’s National Scrapbook Day! …and Gypsy A to Z is READY for YOU! šŸ™‚

I know everyone is so excited and has been waiting for this day….so here it is!!! In celebrations of National Scrapbook Day we have several prizes for everyone too! Check back throughout the day today to see what Above Rubies Studio will be giving away!

Make sure you get your copy of the Gypsy A to Z DVD right here!

Plus, The Cricut Cutting Guide is also a Booklet!


For the first time on Above Rubies Studio you can to purchase an updated, printed & bound booklet of the Cricut Cutting Guide! Of course, it will always be free to download, but we’ve had an enormous amount of people asking for it in a printed booklet form, so it is!

You’ll can read about all the details right HERE!

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64 thoughts on “How to Use Your Gypsy for National Scrapbook Day!

  • Cindy

    Yay! I just ordered the Gypsy A-Z. I cannot wait to get it! I just ordered it, along with the cutting guide, which was not available when I ordered the cricut a-z. Sooo excited! your other dvd was FABULOUS! Looking forward to this one! šŸ™‚ Cindy

  • Mel

    Oh boy! Just ordered my Gypsy DVD. Thank you Megan for the bonus gift of the tipsy!! That just makes it even more exciting!! What a way to start off National Scrapbook day! šŸ™‚ I can’t wait! Thank you!!

  • Milly D

    Hi Megan, just ordered the Gypsy Ato Z with the cutting guide. I have the copy I printed, but couldn’t resist the updated and postbounded copy.
    Thanks for sharing all your creative ideas. Happy scrapping!!

  • Penny

    Got it, got it, got it!! So excited to have the Gypsy A-Z on the way!! Have church Upward Soccer game so I will be back later to check in on all the fun today, but I have my DVD ordered so I have accomplished my main goal for this morning. I was afraid it would have been sold out before I could get on here to order it. Thanks so much Megan for this as I have been very limited with my Gypsy use. Now I am ready for the fun to begin.

  • Ra

    I have been telling everyone at work about your site and the new DVD! Just ordered the combination offer (thank you for making it available!), and I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on! I must admit, I am completely unable to use the Gypsy for anything more than a cartridge image viewer at this point. God has truly blessed you with many gifts, thanks for sharing them!

  • lynn

    Why can I not get anything to go into my cart???? I have to have this!!LOL! What am I doing wrong? I have the cricut A-Z and need the Gypsy A-Z also….

  • Julie Thiem

    just ordered an early mothers day gift for ….Me
    cant wait to get it! Maybe I will use my gypsy now- I will be waiting eagerly by the door for this one!

  • Judy

    Exciting! Just ordered the Gypsy A to Z, and I know it will be just as wonderful, if not better than the Cricut A to Z that I have ordered in the past (which I was MORE than pleased with!) We are all so fortunate that you share your many talents and blessings with us! Thank You for all your help with such a vibrant spirt! šŸ™‚

  • GrannyCharlotte

    I ordered the whole shebang!! Can’t wait to get the DVDs. I feel pretty comfortable with the cricut, but definitely need work with the Gypsy:)

  • Sandye

    I ordered the Cricut A-Z several months ago. If you don’t have it YOU NEED IT. It is amazing what you don’t know! I can’t wait to get Gypsy A-Z!

  • Terry

    Ordered my Gypsy A-Z AND told my postman to ring the doorbell when it puts it in my box! Don’t want to waste a minute before watching that thing. My poor gypsy has been in her box since November. I can hear her knocking to get out – like on that Jumanji movie – LOL

  • Dianne Bell

    Tried to order the Gypsy A to Z and it would only list the price at $51.95. Tried a couple of times. I would like to get in on the special order for the Gypsy A to Z including all the goodies, but couldn’t. How do I go about getting it for the price you quoted?

  • Dianne Bell

    Sorry, didn’t read the info on your site all through. However, I did order the Gypsy bundle. I am thrilled to be one of first to get this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Jane Wake

    I have been waiting for this!! Might come back later and order one for a friend. Need to make sure she has not ordered one. It won’t be a surprise for her, but at least she won’t get two!

  • Sandy Evans

    I am going to order the DVD for the gypsy.. I have TWO of the DVD’s for the cricut. I brought one and WON one at CHA. So excited this one for the gypsy is finally out.

  • Debbie - NanaBugaboo

    I don’t have the Gypsy yet, but I did order the CD. I’m sure it will be as great as Cricut A-Z so I want to be ready when I get my next toy.

  • Elizabeth

    Yepee, I ordered mine early today. Can’t wait to get it into my hands. Thank you for making this DVD. I have the Cricut one and use it all the time. Happy NSD everyone

  • Lynda

    I ordered it and can’t wait till it gets here. Like many others want to be able to really use the gypsy!

  • Whitney C.

    Ya it it’s finally here. I will be ordering later today. I don’t have a Gypsy yet, but I figure that I will be getting one so why not go ahead and order and be ready.

  • Pat

    Wow now thats the best news that I have heard today.
    You are some amazing lady I won’t you to know. Always thinking of others!

  • Sharon

    I have placed my order and I am really excited to get this dvd and get the full potential from my Gypsy. Thanks for putting this together.

  • Marilyn

    The first thing when I did this morning was turn on my computer and look for your email and immediately went to the Above Rubies website to order my Gypsy A-Z DVD. I also sent your link to a very good friend I scrapbook with once a month and she thanked me. Looking forward to the delivery of mine in 4-5 days. I already own the Crcut A-Z DVD. So excited……….

  • christine

    oh happy days!! i’ve just ordered my Gypsy DVD and the cutting guide for the cricut which was not available when i ordered my DVd. Maybe i can start to play with my Gypsy because up untill now, i have had no idea!! thank you so much!! Christine x

  • christine

    Oh happy days!! I have just ordered the Gypsy DVD and the cutting guide for the cricut, this was not available when i ordered the cricut DVD. Maybe now i can start to play with my Gypsy, because up till now folks, i have had no idea!!!

    thanks you so much for this.

    hugs Christine x

  • Kim

    Yeah! I’m glad the Cricut Cutting Guide is now in booklet form, very nice! Still waiting on a Gypsy, but I know where to get great information.

  • Debbie from Missouri

    Just think of all you’re helping when you have ‘one of those days!’ Your videos are a great idea. Thanks

  • Shari

    The Gypsy and the Gypsy A to Z & Cutting Guide are on my WISH LIST, but haven’t saved enough money yet, still working on it and I will make it soon. Thanks for all the inspiration you give me.

  • Beverly Bayley

    Yea!!!!! I’m going to be getting Gypsy A to Z DVD since I ordered it today. The Cricut A to Z DVD was super. I’m expecting no less from the new one. Thanks for taking the time and energy to aid all of us in our growing process of learning how to use these major investments. You go girl!

  • Ginny

    I ordered my gypsy a-z today I can’t want to get it, you did such a fabulous job with cricut a-z that I just couldn’t pass this up, they are so helpful, Thank You. I can’t wait to get it in 4-5 days.

  • Jean

    got all the way through the order to the payment source and see that it is 8.00 for shipping, cancelled all of it, much as I want it I just can’t see paying that much for shipping, so sorry! maybe I will reconsider later, who knows.

  • peggy whisenhunt

    I am excited about all the new daily things you will be doing. I hope in the future you will focus on the Imagine machine. I know a lot of people do not own one, but for those of us who do, any help would be greatly appreciated. So thankful for the DVD’s I have purchased, they are soooo helpful.Keep up the good work Megan and keep us inspired. lol Peggy