Have You Seen These NEW Cricut Cartridges? 43

I am pretty certain these cartridges haven’t been released yet!  But when I was looking up something for a Cricut Sale at Joann’s – These three cartridges popped up!

I thought I was pretty in the Cricut Know with Cartridges being released on Hello Thursdays and such – but I’ve never seen these before!

Tell me what you think!  I’m kinda liking the Formal Occasions Cricut Cartridge!  But the Embellished Floral is BEAUTIFUL!

I love Cricut Cartridges!  They are simply an addiction!  Can’t wait to see them in person!!!! 🙂

Here is the “All Sports” Cricut Cartridge that I saw – says NEW – and I don’t recall this last Hello Thursday!!!!  🙂 I’m SO EXCITED!

Here is that BEAUTIFUL Florals Embellished Cricut Cartridge – it’s listed for $34.99 at Joann’s Online RIGHT NOW!  I am LOVING the look of this cartridge and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Here is the Formal Occasions Cricut Cartridge and this looks like a GREAT one for Weddings and Proms!  I’m excited to see the full handbook and really see what it can do! 🙂

So there you have it – some “news” – at least to me!  About NEW Cricut Cartridges!  I hope that you are having a GREAT Day and getting ready for the FANTASTIC Christmas Holiday and spending time with loved ones and family!  🙂

See you all very soon for a new video and lots of great things here at AboveRubiesStudio.com!

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