Give a Hoot and Just Because Cricut Cartridges 110

Provo Craft is coming out with about 100 new cartridges this year according to Jim Thornton CEO of Provo Craft.Β  I am really excited about this and scared to death of what it will do to my budget!! LOL

As of right now, I still only have about 25 cartridges and yet I love them and use them for everything, since the Gypsy came out I have made so many different designs and changed images to make them look like other cartridge designs (Gypsy A to Z dvd explains what I mean LOL) so I have gotten by for the past few years just fine.Β  Plus my BFF Becca had more cartridges than I did for a long time, so I was a cartridge mooch! LOL

Anyway, the point of this post is that I am SO excited about two of the cartridges Provo Craft revealed with Hello Thursday this past week and decided I just wanted to mention them to you! πŸ™‚

Give A Hoot


Just Because

I’m so excited about getting these!!!Β  They are just adorable and I have all kinds of ideas about them/for them!Β  So awesome!Β  I would love to know what you think about them and the other cartridges revealed to be released.

I also would love to know the next 5 cartridges you would love to own!Β  πŸ™‚Β  I’ll tell you the next 5 on my list too just for fun!

Five Cartridges I Want to Own “Next”:

  • Hannah Montana Cricut Cartridge – think the fonts and some of the images are amazing!Β  Not that I NEED it, but I really am starting to want this one more and more – so it’s next on my list of carts to buy!
  • Sentimentals Cricut – Beautiful!Β  That’s all I have I have to say about this cartridge, I don’t know if I have all the uses for it that I must buy it today – but I love it and want it! My only “issue” with this cartridge is that there are several of the “same” kind of images like the key and the scissors – but I love it anyway.
  • Give a Hoot Cricut Cartridge – as soon as it comes out it’s going to be very hard to resist!
  • Just Because Cricut Cartridge – I LOVE Wild Card and ALL the images and sentiments on this cart feel like a MUST in my library!
  • Then there is one more cartridge that I know that is going to be released later this year that I KNOW I am buying the moment it comes out – but I am sworn to secrecy on it so you’ll have to check back to find out with it is the moment I receive it!!! πŸ˜‰

So tell me! πŸ™‚

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110 thoughts on “Give a Hoot and Just Because Cricut Cartridges

  • Sherri

    Hmmm…top 5 carts on my wish list…it’s hard to narrow the list to just five but here goes in no particular order..Give a Hoot, Preserves, Forever Young, Sentimentals and Stamping Solutions.

    Here’s five that I would like to see a cat cartridge, a faith cartridge, a Peanuts cartridge, a Dr. Suesscartridge, and a Halloween cartridge.

  • Kristie Maynard

    I couldn’t tell you 5 that I want, I try not to look at them since right now the budget won’t allow any more carts. LOL! I can’t imagine what they will put on 100 more carts. I would like to see some that have things to do with photography like cameras, film strips and the sort. Also some basic sports things like a tennis raquet and bowling pins. There very well may be some carts with these things on them, but like I said, I try not to look at them, if I don’t see them, I can’t want them right?!?

  • Courtney Zavala

    I so agree! I am so excited about Give a Hoot, Just Because, AND From the Nest! I only have about 10 cartridges right now, because I try to buy only cartridges that I know I’ll use. I think those three are a MUST HAVE! πŸ™‚

  • Charity Donaldson

    Oh my…
    The next five I WANT are:

    Carts I wish they made: (so if ProvoCraft is listening…)
    Wonder Woman
    Geek/Nerd Cartridge with glasses, computer stuff, more comicy stuff…
    Gothic Cart with more candelabras, frames, skulls, roses, crosses, crows
    Alice in Wonderland
    Amy Brown Art inspired cart with dragons and fairies

    (hope it’s ok to just post a wish list as well!!)

  • Ohhh Snap

    I didn’t even LOOK at Hannah Montana for the longest time, because I didn’t know anyone that really loved her (DD was too old). Then I saw the swallows (I LOVE swallows), then I saw the fonts, then I saw it on sale at ACM and it had to come home with me lol.

    Only thing is, the endcap font doesn’t cut spaces if you are using it if you are using the Gypsy. No endcap font will cut a space with the Gypsy (see my blog for pictures and more explanation).

    And PC if you are looking, a cart with Gnomes, mushrooms and more hedgehogs please : ).

  • maryanns

    5 cartridges on my wish list:
    1. A Child’s First Year
    2. Give a Hoot
    3. Sentimentals
    4. Preserves
    5. An additional Christmas cartridge

    Cartridges I wish they would make:
    1. Faith, Christian symbols
    2. Popular phrases–and include tags, charms features

  • Nicole

    My wish list:
    1. A childs year 2. Tag,bags….. 3. from my kitchen 4. camping out 5. Preserves and my list goes on and on and on! But what cricuteer’s list doesn’t go on and on. HAHA!!!

  • Kathy T

    My wish list is Forever Young, Paisley, Hannah Montanna and I’m not sure yet about the other 2. I will have to wait until some new ones come out. I am really thinking I want a Gypsy now. I would love to be able to design my own pages.

  • Adrienne

    Megan your being a tease…”I know one thats coming but am sworn to secrecy” LOL-I’ll try to have patience!!!
    My top five are Paisley/Give A Hoot/Winter Woodland/ A Child’s Year/Animal Kingdom.
    And since everyone else is doing it…I wish they made a Lego theme cart and Star Wars
    Have a great day!!!!

  • Sharon/4kids4

    I think the new carts are terrific…maybe a bit repetitive, but terrific. I have about a dozen carts now…here are my top 5 wishes: Lyrical Letters, Camping out, Straight from the Nest (looks great for scrapping), Give a Hoot and Christmas Noel.

  • Gina M

    5 cartridges on my wish list:
    The five I recently want so far are:
    1. A Child’s First Year
    2. Give a Hoot
    3. Just Cards ? the new one out
    4. Preserves
    5. Mini Monagrams
    If there are a 100 comming out this year Im in trouble, or need to find a 2nd or 3rd job LOL…Oh my they have been busy at Provo Craft.
    Thanks Gina
    raegina at gmail dot com

  • Cyndi

    Well, I think I want: Heritage, Once Upon A Princess, Songbird, Give a Hoot, and Just Because. I have about 70 carts and two Cricuts now, but I am sure they will release many more I can’t live without!

  • Shirley Fread

    My top 5 carts are: Hannah Montana, A Child’s Year, Straight from the Nest, Give a Hoot, and Just Because. It’s wonderful that Provo Craft is going to put out 100 more carts…better win a lottery or something!!!

  • Milly D

    Let’s see….Serenade,Give a Hoot,Sentimentals,Just because,Songbird.

    I just keep waiting for a great sale, the stores should have Black Fridays more often, when you can get great cartridges for $27.00. Give a Hoot seams to very cute, I just love all the nature feel it has, all the animals, it’s adorable!!

  • DawnC

    I bet within the 100 carts are some of the seasonal mini’s they have been doing. which I think is great. I have the 3 from Chrismas and love them all. I really want to see a dance cart even if it’s a mini. I only have about 10 carts now so listing only 5 wants is way too hard! I am able to borrow for a few friends to that is helpful. I can’t wait to see what they come out with.

  • Beth

    Oh wow..I can’t keep up with all the new carts! I would love all the new ones! I am still trying to get some of the past ones too. I also still trying to learn all the functions on the carts and the gypsy. I do have Hannah Montana and I love that cart!

  • Donna Cloud

    I want them all, that’s the problem – and am sure I will want all the others to be released this year too. Hertiage, Songbird, Give a hoot, Just Because, Oictureque and on and on!!!!

    Donna C.

  • Melissa

    I’m totally getting the “Straight from the Nest” cartridge. I also just got “Forever Young”-love some of the flowers & all the cute 3D purses on that on. I can’t wait to see what else Provocraft will come out with!

  • Sharyn

    My next five changes when the new ones come out. But for right now they would be: Wildcard, Childs first Year, Give a Hoot, Heritage, and Songbird. Right now I only have 3 so it is hard to pick only five.

  • Linda Lapotka

    Thanks for the review.
    My five are Just Because, Sentimentals, Mothers Day, Easter, Preserves. Well this list could be bigger than 5. I just need to figure out how to pay for all my wishes. LOL
    Thanks for keeping me up to date on what is coming out.

  • Kathy Burrow

    I “NEED” them all. LOL Don’t know how long before my husband says “enough already”. This is gonna kill my Cricut budget. You can be sure that I will have many of them. My addiction has gotten out of hand. Is there a “Cricut Anonymous”

  • StaddieJ

    Oh my…100 new carts…!! Like you I’m skerred cuz my $$$ will be strained!!! LOL!!! I’m so anxious to see the new ones!! I have so many on my wish list but here are 5 of them (as of now,I’m sure this will change when the new ones arrive) 1.Easter 2. Just Because 3.Potpourri Basket 4. Mickey and Friends 5. Once Upon a Princess. Thanks for giving us a “heads up” on so many newbies coming our way..

  • Jackie

    Serenade is top on my wish list of carts hopefully being released. The new ones just comming out are interesting as well. Thanks for all you do Megan,


  • Sandy Bayles

    Being new at this I have 4 cartridges and it seems I have the wrong 4 when it comes to making a lot of the current items on the blogs. I don’t think I will be purchasing a lot of new cartridges. Maybe for special occasions. I did find a few Irish things in Paper Dolls that I can use.
    My wish list consist of:
    1. A Child’s First Year
    2. Just Cards ? the new one out
    3. Give A Hoot
    4. Mat To Work On (Martha Stewart)
    5. Storage For Cartridges
    I need a mat not the one to put in the machine but one to work on and storage for my carts. I realize this is not a cartridge but I have to get these things of the table so we eat. I move it all the time. Good Luck to everyone! Thanks again Megan and the rest of the group that work so hard to give us the great pleasure of seeing all your work and taking our imigation to new heights.

  • Jennifer Johansen

    The 5 carts I would like are:
    1.Everyday paper dolls
    2.Forever Young
    5.all the rest! LOL
    I would like them all, but have to stop somewhere.

  • Janine

    There are quite a few cartridges that I would like to have, as owning this Cricut is fairly new to me. I’m trying to think of how many I have right now and I think it’s something like 6 (two of these came with the machine).
    Totally agree with the Give A Hoot cartridge and I’d also like to have Straight From The Nest. There are plenty of other cartridges out there that I want but I just can’t think of the names. I picked up a couple of the seasonal cartridges they came out with last Christmas over at Custom Crops—they have them on sale for 14 bucks (Snow Friends and When It’s Cold Outside—already have Very Merry Tags).
    When I first got into this crafting thing about 6 months ago, I said to myself back then that I’m on the wrong side of this hobby. In my next life, I’m coming back as Provo Craft….LOL

  • cindy s

    I would like to have
    Heritadge-Destinations-Euope(decore)-elmo’s party
    I Wanna see more paper doll outfits (JUST OUTFITS)
    That would be great
    Oh yes maybe a cart.dedicated just to (FOOTBALL)

  • Mary S

    I JUST got sweethearts(after Valentines) & Pagoda. I agree with you on give a hoot & Just Because cards. I have been looking at heritage.

    I am going to have to tell myself that I CAN’T get all the cards that PC is coming out with. It is ridiculous! I don’t have a use for the cuts as much as some people. I only make a few cards. It doesn’t justify. Maybe, I will have to look into getting one of the OTHER programs that don’t need cartridges & look for images using them. But PC makes it so hard to resist. The images are so STINKING CUTE!

  • Amy Yoder

    The next 5 carts I’d like are…
    (in no particular order)
    1.Halloween…don’t know the actual name, BUT with 100 plus carts this year, odds are there will be one.
    3.Give a hoot
    5.Just because cards
    6.Straight from the nest
    7.Pink Journey
    Oh you only said FIVE….hehehe

  • Bernadette

    Hi Megan,
    I need to get your DVD so I can utilizes my bug better! Than I can consider more cartridges.
    But I would like I Christmas cart and a cart with symbols of faith.

  • Leah

    What a tease!!! I want everything that comes out! Lol! My list of 5: 1. Preserves!!!
    2. Just Because Cards
    3. Straight From the Nest
    4. Picturesque
    5. Give a Hoot

  • Linda

    Looks like a hoot of a cartridge. I have only had my Cricut since Christmas and have 6 cartridges. Not sure how to work this all into my budget. I am trying to find a way to weld without a lot of expense. I have a Mac any ideas?
    Linda in Stanwood

  • Dawn

    I want all but i have hanah montana cart. I love it. I have boys, but i use it all the time. Great cart. You must get is. I also love the Hoot and the new cards one which i will be getting soon. I hope. The budget will be out of this world. LOL
    I want to here the other one you are going to get. I would like a boy cart. With a little of all boy. I cant wait.

  • Debbie Baker

    OMG!100 new cartridges, you’ve got to be kidding! How many do we realllly need?? How many do we reallly want!!!?! I’m such a sucker for these things. I LOVE them all and WANT them all and yes I NEED them all! Try explaning that to my husband! Anyway, the next 5 winners are:
    1. Just Because..all I do is make cards. I have over 300 employees that I make birthday cards for so that keeps me pretty busy.
    2. Give a Hoot……because I do!
    3. Picturesque looks interesting
    4. Serenade
    5. Forever Young…because I’m going to have to be so I can use all this stuff!
    So, for now, that’s it, but I’m sure that list will grow way too much! Enjoy! Ciao, db
    PS If you find that group “Cricut Anonymous”, I’m there!

  • Renae

    Just to list 5 cartridge is going to be hard because I would love to every single one of them. But I guess the five I would like to have would be:

    1)Stretch your Imagination
    2)Just Because
    4)Hannah Montana
    5)LYrical Letters

    I can not wait to see what the next 100 cartridges are going to be but I would love to see even in a soulutions cartridge but something that deals with scrapbooking. My group does retreats twice a year and we do a pages of the retreat would love to have a Cricut cartridge that deals with scrapbooking.
    but I can’t wait to see what the new 100 cartridges are going to be.

  • anita backensto

    i have gotten a look at some of the new carts coming out, and i love them. like you, there goes the budget,as i want several of them. i’m hoping to find serenade, but not at the prices i have seen!! oh well, hopefully:) anita

  • Terry Perry

    My wish list:
    Wild Card Cartridge
    Preserves Cartridge
    Paisley Cartridge
    When It’s Cold Outside Seasonal Cartridge
    Tags, Bags, Boxes, & More Cartridge

  • Christine

    I want just because, give a hoot, sentimental, from the nest, designers calendar and most of all once upon a princess. I know that’s six but basically I want them all

  • LilGreenBug

    Hey, Megan,
    Did you know has carts for $29.95 right now?????

    Anyway, the top of my wish list is Picturesque!!! I think it looks so great!!!! I do like the looks of the new Just Because cards cartridge, too. And I think Cake Basics looks interesting, even though I have no intention of getting the Cricut Cake. It has some great designs on it! From the Nest looks really great, too. Wish it wasn’t an HSN exclusive. But I think if I am patient, it will be released to the open market. And eventually, the Preserves cartridge. Not high on the list, but if I can pick it up for a really good price, I would consider it because the fruit images look so yummy. I’m sure there will be more to tempt me soon!!! I think if PC is HONESTLY planning to release around 100 carts this year, they better step it up and get busy! We are almost into the 3rd month of the year and by my count, they have released six!! I think Jim was being honest at Bubba Gumps when he said that they HOPE to release 100 carts this year, like that is a GOAL and not etched in stone.
    Blessings and hugs to you, Sean, Jen and Ben!

  • Lori Hulstine

    My Top 5 right now are:
    Wild Card
    Just Because
    Bonus: Picturesque??? if they ever decide to sell by itself.

    I’d like to see a Gothic theme, photograghy, Faith sentiments & images, 50/60/70 themed home decor, & a hobby & craft themed with painting, sewing,etc… also one with occupations like salons,chefs,office,auto,nursing,Dr’s,computers & so on. Maybe one day!

  • rache

    Would love to win one of the new cartridges. It is so hard to find them in our area. If AC Moore in Concord only has one of the new ones.
    Thanks for sharing
    God bless

  • Renee B.

    I would like – From the Nest, Preserves, Give a Hoot, and some type of man-cartridge (other than hunting or fishing). I can’t decide if Once Upon a Princess is too much like other carts. Anyway, any cart that I can get is the one I want. Know what I mean? lol

  • Lesley S

    I only have a few cartridges, but I am finding them a bit samey. I don’t know what I really want, but I am more of a card maker than a scrap booker, so I like the new Just Because, as it seems to have the ability to cut decorative edges. Thanks for all you do for us Cricut fans

  • Jenny

    My friend and I also share cartridges to help cut down on costs. I can’t beleive 100! I want them all…just kidding. I have just started using my cricut more since watching :Cricut A to many good tips….Thanks!

  • Maryellen

    My 5 cartridges would be Hello Kitty Greetings,
    Mothers Day, Give A Hoot, Storybook and Paisley.
    I hope to find one of these at Joann’s this week,
    they’re having a sale $34.99 each!!!!

  • Dana Taft

    I would love to get Sweet Treats, Preserves and I would LOVE to get the Pink Journey cart (can’t afford the Ebay prices tho), and I think Tags, bags, boxes and more looks good too.

  • Sandy

    Oh such cute things on all of the cartirdges!! I have or have access to about 35 cartridges but the new ones sure have some enticing items in them. To bad we can’t order a cartridge by picking out so many main items, so many shifted items and the feature keys we would like!!! We still wouldn’t be satisfied!!LOL All look great!

  • Whitney C.

    I have to agree my budget is going to be very sore after this year. Here is my wish list:
    1. Give a Hoot
    2. Just Because
    3. Serenade
    4. Kitchen
    5. Sesame Street (I have 2 year old Twins)

  • Anniebee

    Hi, Megan! I wish I could get as excited as you are about the upcoming cartridge release. I admit there are some cute designs on all of the newest carts but other than Just Because, they just aren’t my taste. I tend to lean toward the more realistic designs. There are a couple of exceptions like Walk in My Garden and
    Stretch Your Imagination. My five favorites are Heritage, A Child’s Year, Storybook, Joys of the Season and Pagoda. I love nearly all the fonts too. The five existing carts I would most like to have are Sentimentals, Picturesque, Serenade, Disney Cars (for my grandson) and Pink Journey. My point to this mess is that I’m going to have to get a second job just to finance my cartridge habit! Sad thing is that then I won’t have time to play! Woe is me! Maybe I should just move to Utah and go to work for ProvoCraft… surely they give an employee discount. LOL

  • Brenda

    Hey Megan
    I am a scrapbooker with teenage boys, going more digital with my pages. I try my hand at cards here and there, but not that good. Maybe because I only have 6 carts. So naming 5 that I want (just to have) vs really need (justify budget) is hard. But here goes 1) Give a Hoot took over, 2) Childs year?- older boys 3) from the nest/song bird 4) just because/wild card 5) preserves/ from my kitchen 6) mickey font and hello kitty font and 7) stampin solutions. oh and snowmen solutions after this winter of snow !
    Would love to see a faith cart, scouting, amusement park.

  • Cheryl

    Wow Meagan thank you so much for the info!!!
    hmm only 5 carts huh well ok here goes…
    Just Because
    A Childs Year
    Walk in the garden
    Stretch Your Imagination

    Thanks again for giving something to look forward to …:)

  • Jan Lynn

    ILOVE From The Nest but I love and collect anything with birds on it. I do like Give a Hoot also. I have relly liked what I seen of the projects on the blogs from Just Because but I will have to study it a bit before going further. but of coarse that is how I felt about Wild Card and now I have bought it. My list of 5 for right now is Lyrical Letters, Heritage, Sentimentals, A child’s Year, and Life is a Beach. Now we will just have to see what comes out and if the new bumps something off this list won’t we.

  • Jenn Lynn

    Oh wow, it is fun to think of these…….my top 5:
    (1) Sentimentals
    (2) Give a Hoot
    (3) Preserves
    (4) Christmas Noel (now that they retired it I ‘must’ have it – lol)
    (5) Songbird
    I’m on the fence about Preserves – I love all the juicy fruit, but not sure I will get that much use out of it.

    I wish for more boy-ish cartridges b/c I live in a house full of them!!
    Can’t wait to see what the new cart is you can’t tell us yet!

  • BethAnn

    I think the From the Nest & Give a Hoot will be high on the list for me. I’m also hoping to see the Serenade, and perhaps A Child’s Year, since it appears to be very versatile. Only received my E for Christmas, and it came with 4 carts; I added 6 more already, and I’ve promised not to get too carried away. I better not tell my husband that there are 100 in the plans for the year!! LOL. Thanks for the updates. BethAnn

  • candie

    I Have 60 Carts, Make The Cut And Design Studio And To Be Honest I Don’t Use Any Of Them. Why? Because I Really Don’t Know What I’m Doing. But If I Do Get Any More Carts I Want.

  • Lisa D

    The new preserves one
    give a hoot
    and anything boy related they hopefully come out with this year!!
    I have 20 something carts and have only had my cricut for 5 months!! I am trying to be more selective for the new ones. LOL

  • Mary Rievley

    Just bought Tags, Bags, Boxes and More on Ebay for $23.50+free shipping. Thrilled with that price. The following is a list of ones I want, but I have to wait until I get an awesome deal because, as you know, the price adds up.

    1. Everyday Paper Dolls
    2. Sweet Treats
    3. Storybook
    4. From My Kitchen
    5. Forever Young
    6. Sweethearts
    7. Heritage
    8. Stone Script

    I really like what I saw with the Just Because Cards cartridge. Would love to get that now, but my frugalness will not let that happen. lol

  • Teresa

    Hey Megan,
    Very interesting blog entry! I really don’t like waiting for things PC could just release all 100 at the same time and help us get over the waiting. Oh the wait!! But then wait a minute, we wouldn’t have any carts to look forward to then would we!

    My top five I want to get are:
    1. Once Upon a Princess
    2. Straight From the Nest
    3. Give a Hoot
    4. Christmas
    5. ????? I know one will come out soon that I really want!!

    Would love if PC came out with a fall cartridge with fall sayings and symbols. Have a great week!!

  • Carrie Uhing

    Before I share the next 5 carts that I want to get, let me tell you that I think you’d really like Hannah Montana. I avoided it because of the “name”. It really is a great cart. I’d like to get the following:

    winter wonderland
    just because
    give a hoot

  • Natalie

    Sentimentals, Heritage, Graphically Speaking, Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More, Fabulous Finds. and many more, but thanks to a bunch of very greedy and confused people in CA legislation the money just isn’t going to be there. Maybe next Christmas. I sure would like to get better at using the 15 or so carts I have!

  • Cindy Rainey

    I totally agree. When I first bought my Cricut I said to myself that I wouldn’t worry about all the ones I missed before but would just try to keep up with the new ones as they came out. hahahaha! Not only could I not do it before, but when I heard the announcement about the 100 new ones coming out this year I nearly choked! I think it’s important that we learn to live with and love the cartridges we have. There are some amazing cuts that I haven’t even tried yet.

  • Chris R

    wow, a hundred more. Guess I better start playing the lottery. My top five are: Give a Hoot, Just Because,Paisley, Heritage,Sentimental. Oh my!

  • Corliss

    My next five are
    Tie the Knot
    Give a Hoot
    Just Because

    I’m quite sure there are more but I must concentrate on these because my budget has been shot for a long time.

  • Tina N

    I know what you mean about the bad on the budget! Even if I have 79 of the already released cartridges (including the 2 exclusive Gypsy cartridges, the 3 Spring Seasonal 2010 cartridges & the Don Juan from the Cricut Rewards Program), there are soooo many more that I want. Now 100 new ones this year! I’m in trouble! I might have to not even looked at the new ones! LOL!!! Isn’t it nice when you have friends too share with! At least I have about 10 friends that all own Cricuts, but I think I have the most cartridges of all of us. Good Luck on your budget this year! I can’t wait to get your “A to Z Gypsy”, I love the “A to Z Cricut”. I tell everyone about it & your Cricut Cutting Guide. Thanks for it all!!!

    dolphin4_17 @ Cricut mb

  • Ann

    I’ve recently been looking at Hannah Montana for those fonts too because I’d like something musical. I also like that new Just Because. The other ones on my wish list are Forever Young (for all the cute purses), Child’s Year, & Sweet Treats.

  • Martha

    I am excited and cannot wait to get the “Just Because” cartridge. I want the Princess one too, and my children are both grown, and I work with adults. I think that there is always a little “Princess” in all of us. lol

  • Sherry B

    PINK JOURNEY – yes, I’m yelling – maybe they’ll hear me!
    Hello Kitty Font
    Spring mini’s
    And, the list goes on:)

  • scrapper1969

    Hi Megan… I’m thinking about 5 carts I would want… I have about 55 now.. so I don’t think I would want all 100 new ones that are coming out this year just certain ones… Soooo I think these will be my top 5 right now…
    1. Lovestruck
    2. Just Because
    3. Give a Hoot
    4. Serenade
    5. Picturesque
    I know I want the Halloween one that will be coming out this year as well… Oh And Straight from the nest which is exclusive to HSN right now… I know more than 5.. but the last 2 are future wants…:) Have a great week!

  • chris wooten

    Oh my 5 carts i want…

    just because
    forever young
    serenade maybe

    i can not think, now that you ask me for the list, lol….but i really really really want “just because”.

    i heard it is a great for making cards. i do more cards than scrapbooking.

    are you giving them away? count me in, i am not picky when it comes to free stuff, lol.

    i know what you mean about all the new 100’s coming out this year. i just started last year with my cricut, so i have a long ways to go…we need some great sales this year to be able to keep up. money is tight right now.

    chris of gastonia

  • Matt's Wife

    Hi, everyone! I have about 25 or so cartridges, but I can’t seem to get enough. I have found my weakness!! The top five I’d love to have are:
    Give A Hoot
    From The Nest
    Just Because Cards
    Walk In My Garden, and
    Nothing But Boys–I made it up, but that’s exactly what I want πŸ™‚

  • Matt's Wife

    Hi, everyone! I have about 25 or so cartridges, but I can’t seem to get enough. I have found my weakness!! Couldn’t narrow it down to five, but here are my top six:
    Give A Hoot
    From The Nest
    Just Because Cards, and
    Nothing But Boys–I made it up, but that’s exactly what I want πŸ™‚

  • Lee Ann

    My 5: Once Upon a Princess, Graphically Speaking, Give a Hoot, Just Because and Forever Young. Lots of ideas. Not so much money! πŸ™‚ πŸ™ πŸ™‚

  • Esmeralda

    Wisht List
    1. Tie the Knot
    2. Just Because
    3. From the Next
    4. Sentimentals
    5. Serenade
    6. Give A Hoot
    7. Songnird

    Wish List for future carts
    Cherly Temple
    Movie Tittles
    12×12 8×8 6×6 4×4 3×3 Layout Sketches for creative layouts maps with feture function key to add different kinds of borders or plain!

    Christian Cross, Dove, Heaven stuff, clouds, gates, Angels, Inspirational words, Bible characters and much more.

    thanks for asking!!

  • Cheryl Burns

    My top 5 new ones would be: Sentimentals, Just Because, Give a Hoot, Princess, and Graphically Speaking. I agree with Esmeralda above–a great new idea would be one with Christian symbols, scripture, inspiration, etc.

  • Michelle

    They all sound awesome! I’ve got to get ’em! But don’t know if I do all that at once…um…hum…maybe I could win one of those? Wow – that would be the icing on my cake!

  • Kimbyma

    I just ordered Serenade from the UK and now they say they are going to release it in the US. Well at least others may be able to get a discount on it, I paid full price (meaning $55.00 not $150.00) through the UK but it was worth it.
    My next is to track down Picturesque. I gotta have it!!!
    Of course I want the Spring solutions trio!
    I still need to get Storybook.
    And, I have to have all the new cartriges coming out.
    I am so looking forward to a Halloween cartrige though. I am sure that if they are releasing 100 carts. this year that they will have a Halloween cart.
    I guess that will start a few rumors huh? Just hoping for something I haven’t seen yet.

  • Veronica

    The next five cartridges that I would like to have are:
    Forever Young
    Just Because
    Potpourri Basket
    Looks like I’m going to need a job to sponsor my cartridge habit this year as well as a Cricut checking account. 100…WOW!

  • Adele

    I’m looking forward to new carts coming out but the only cart I REALLY REALLY want is Picturesque, which is not available! Evidently it was meant to be sold with the Expression sold only at Home Depot, and not to the general public. I think it’s foolish of Provo Craft to alienate its existing users that way, and hope they will change their policy and make exclusive bundles available to the public after a period of exclusivity.

  • linda

    i would have posted picture i found but robotz
    is coming out this weekin the mid west . they are so cute . thanks for sharing with us

  • Cyndi S.

    The cartridge that I would like to have is the Give A Hoot cartridge but now that I have seen the ones coming out in Mid-April Create a Critter may go to the top of my must have list.