Cricut Valentine Earrings using Viva Decor Alcohol Inks 70

Here is a GREAT Valentine’s Craft using you Cricut šŸ™‚

You can make fun necklaces and earrings for the children in your life, or even something fun for you to wear!Ā  With these Viva Decor Alcohol Inks (INTENSE INTENSE INTENSE COLORS – WARNING WARNING WARNING!)Ā  you can can make your plastic jewelry a beautiful gold or silver!

In this Video:

  • Paisley Cricut Cartridge
  • We used the XO from the Paisley Cartridge which is one of the Button Creative Features
  • Shrink Film or Shrinky Dinks
  • Heat Gun
  • Viva Decor Alcohol Inks – Gold – Silver and Red
  • Silver Hoop Earrings from any crafting store
  • Simple Beads
YouTube Preview Image

Have so very much fun putting these together – Let me know if you have any questions about this Alcohol Ink – things I’ve already been asked is how does it differ from Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Ink – I can’t give you technical ingredient differences because I have NO Clue!Ā  BUT I can tell you from using Tim Holtz inks for a long time and loving them – what I have found from using both – brief overview – please feel free to ask if you have other questions! šŸ™‚

Viva Decor Marble Tintes – Alcohol Inks

  • Intense Colors
  • Does not dry instantly
  • Use just like any other alcohol ink, by itself, with an applicator or sponge
  • The only thing that breaks down this ink is more alcohol, so have hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol ready for clean up
  • White, Silver and Gold colors that are not iridescent additives or mixatives but true colors (BEAUTIFUL!)
  • There are only about 9-12 colors to choose from – I do not have the exact number of colors available in the US
  • Use it on glass, metal, paper, etc….
  • Acid Free for safe scrapbooking
  • Has an activator that you can use to blend colors like the “Blender Pen” by Tim Holtz

Tim Holt Adirondacks Alcohol Inks

  • Lots of Color Options – I BELIEVE there are 48 colors in total including the mixatives
  • Fast Drying – this is almost an instant dry alcohol ink
  • Beautiful color choices, but not as intense of a color as Viva
  • Layer colors, blend and marble colors the same as Viva
  • Has many uses for craft projects, glass, chipboard, paper, etc…
  • Acid Free for your scrapbooking protection
  • Use with Applicator, Sponge or by itself to create different effects
  • Smaller bottles than Viva Decors

So that’s a little summary – very similar in they are just both alcohol inks – the major differences – Dry Time, Color Selections and Color Intensity šŸ™‚

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