Is the Cricut Imagine Right for You? 28

  • In today’s Tuesday Tutorial, I sat down and really tried to talk even more in depth with most honest review I can give of the new Provo Craft Cricut Imagine.

If you haven’t yet purchased the Imagine and are wondering if you need this machine right now, this two part video series will help ya out a bit.

We try to break out some of the pros and cons of the new Cricut Imagine. All in all I absolutely LOVE this Machine and I really think Provo Craft has done it again with taking our crafting level to a WHOLE new level and have given us ease for time and money savings in the long run.

Some of the cons I have found of the Imagine so far:

  • Cricut Imagine Cutting Mats have had a little issue with staying sticky.Ā  I am sure Provo Craft is listening and on this, but after much testing of different things – Tombow re-positionable glue runner adhesive has worked best because if anything too sticky gets on the black strips around the outside, it seems to throw off the machine and it doesn’t read the mat.Ā  I’m still working on this and I’ll let you know what works best as I figure it out. BUT so far, the Imagine Cutting Mats stick best with the Repositionable adhesive from Tombow.
  • Size of the Machine – its HUGE and it needs it space to be able to print and cut – its needs its room!
  • Cost investment – it is pricey right now and I do think it will come down a little bit in price over time so I believe you are ok to wait a little bit and save up for it šŸ™‚
  • Does not yet work with the Gypsy (though it WILL very soon)
  • And it does take a bit to “think” which is totally ok
  • Other points are talked about in this two Part Imagine Video…. šŸ™‚

Favorite things about the Cricut Imagine!

  • Really I just LOVE this machine!!!!
  • I love that you can print out coordinating patterns and layers without having to work for it – saving you time and money on your pattern papers…especially with testing
  • I love that you have options to JUST print or JUST cut
  • I love that you can customize your RGB codes to get PERFECT match colors and we WILL talk more about this very soon because I have some GREAT tips and tricks on this one many will just go GAGA over!
  • Love simple one dimension print/cut as well as easy multi-layered dimension print and cut!Ā  Just GREAT
  • I some of the other features that ARE COMING for this too – but I can’t talk about those right now!!! šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰

So go ahead and watch these two videos – feel free to comment away and let me know what you want to know! šŸ™‚

For those who have purchased the Imagine, never fear – Above Rubies Studio has spent a LARGE Amount of time studying this machine in and out and I have spent a lot of time talking to other Imagine Experts to be able to bring you the most reliable and valuable information to learn this machine.

We have great plans in the works! šŸ™‚

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

I also mentioned the Above Rubies Studio Cricut A to Z DVD and I just wanted to give the link for that too.

Hope you have a great day! šŸ™‚

Don’t forget about the live Ustream tomorrow night HERE at!!Ā  See you then!!!!

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28 thoughts on “Is the Cricut Imagine Right for You?

  • Dianne Bell

    Megan, I have a question? I have and love the Imagine. However, I cannot use the oolor pallette from my Expression as it does not adapt to the Expression carts. I can use the carts, but I have to put cardstock of the color I want. I called Provo Craft and said I had to download into my computer and then upload it to the Imagine. I tried, got the download but couldn’t upload to my Imagine. What did I do wrong? Or, does the Imagine not color the carts that I enter? Is this a future upload? Please advise.. And, thanks for the videos, very helpful. It is nice to have someone work out our probems with Provo Craft..

  • lisa keifer

    Great Video! Thanks for your honest opinion. I got to play with my “I” a little before I sent it back as it wouldn’t cut. I was very impressed with the quality of the print! My new one is supposed to be here today and I can’t wait!
    Big Hugs!

  • Sheila Courts

    Very well done!!!! Mine would not update right away come to find out all I had to do was switch to another usb port and it downloaded right away. Just my computer port. This machine is awesome so glad I got mine. Sounds like you’ve been very busy. Glad your feeling better you look great. Talk soon.

  • Virginia S. Waddy

    Megan, Thank you so very much for your the tutorial on the new cricut imagine machine and the pro & con about this machine. I am going to wait this one out, reason is the price right now. I am still learning from my expression which I love, and thanks to your Cricut A-Z DVD it has been a blessing to me. Maybe after all the kinks are iron out then I might consider in getting the imagine. Thanks for all of your videos & tutorial.

  • Grandma Nancy

    Thanks so much for your honest review of the Imagine. It supported my own opinion to wait and let the dust settle a while. I love my Expression and when you are on a fixed income, some of the new toys have to wait. Look like a great machine. But not for me….yet. Thanks again!

  • Rebecca G.

    Guess I’ll be waiting too. The cost is prohibitive for a one income family. I’m still learning to use my Expression with your DVD help, so buying another machine is not a good idea. Thanks for the review.

  • Irene

    Megan, thanks for the update and great review of the Imagine. I was one of the first to get my machine, and although I have only “played” with it, I think it’s going to be great. I love my Expression, use it for everything (thanx to your DVD), so I’m certain that I will begin to get the hang of the Imagine soon. So any thoughts about when Above Rubies might come out with a DVD on the Imagine for us? I’D LOVE THAT!!

  • Dena

    I loved these video(2). It really helped me to clarify my need. I will wait now. Glad to see you are better. I love your videos and you are so talented. Keep it up.

  • BethAnn

    Very informative and helpful. I’m very happy with my big E, and am not planning on the I at this time, but I was interested to see your opinion. I love my A-Z DVD, which has helped me tremendously to use my Cricut. That’s why I don’t feel the need to get another one. Maybe, a Gypsy for Christmas? LOL. Thanks, Megan.

  • Becky

    Thank you for the videos. I would love to see a video on calibrating the Imagine. I own one, and having a hard time getting it calibrated right. I would like to see the Advanced part of calibrating. Thanks again Megan!

  • Debbie N

    Hi Megan Thank you for keeping us informed. The Imagine looks like a really fun toy, but I too think I will wait this one out for awhile. Do you know how much the ink cartidges cost, I had heard that they were a little pricey too. I also heard that the old carts just cut on the new “I” and that you could not use the old carts to make pattern paper. Anyways I think I will wait a little longer but you do a very dood job our tutorials. Thanks for all you do for getting the bugs out for us.

  • Nancy Alexander

    Thanks for all the wonderful infomation you give on Cricut machines. I was wondering if the Imagine can cut using centerpoint. Also, can you use centerpoint using the Gypsy.


  • scrapper69

    Thanks Megan! I appreciate your feedback on this new machine… I was actually going to purchase it the night of the launch… I even paid for it, then canceled my order… I’m really glad that I did… I think I will wait it out and see what comes of this new machine…. it looks like fun and will take your creativity to a whole new level.. but there still seems to be to many kinks to work out… and I know PC will fix them.. but I don’t want to have a $500 tool sitting around waiting for the issues to be fixed… I’ll just keep watching and learning more about the Imagine from all of you wonderful ladies and then pounce on it when the time is right! :o)

  • Shelly

    Megan, Thanks for the info you gave us on the Imagine! I am still learning my Expression. Next month it will be a year “already” Wow how time has flown by. I have your DVD (THANKS)… so much to learn just on this machine alone and trying not to to discouraged with it. I’ve got lots of carts to say the least… Hope you still have plans on giving us a lot of videos/tips/ticks on the Expression still besides the Image!!! See you tomorrow night! God Bless!!

  • Marcie Smith

    Megan, thanks for all the honesty in your videos. I have the “I” but haven’t had the time to really dive in and learn things yet. But I did have a question or two for you. Have you tried changing the color of the pre-exsisting imagine patterns on their carts by actually printing on colored card stock verses the white? I remember one of the Imagine Designers from Provo Craft mentioning this, but I haven’t tried it yet. As far as selling my expression now that I have the “I”, that will never happen. It is my work horse and I plan to keep it and use it to add to my “I”. I sure hope after you and the experts have worked out the bugs, you plan on making a new DVD for the Imagine. Your DVD’s have been so helpful.

  • patricia pent

    Thanks so much for the input, I was kind of sad that I couldn’t get mine since I just got my expression a little over a year ago and the gypsy and design studio well you know how that goes, I have about 15 carts and I haven’t got a chance to use them all yet, so with the help of both your DVD which are great I will continue learning my expression and not go for the big bucks, I also enjoy getting all the wonderful papers outthere, after all scrapbooking and shopping go together!
    thanks again, and have a great weekend!

  • Jessica Hayes

    Thanks Megan – it’s a wait and see for me right now – I love the ‘idea’ of it but am going to watch and listen to those who jumped at it to see if it’s truly worth it. I have so many other things that I would love to get my hands on first šŸ™‚

  • Joene

    This video is interesting. I do have the Cricut Imagine, but so far like my Expression better. I need to learn the Imagine better and hope there will be an A to Z on it. Thanks Megan for all your information.

  • Georgette

    Hi Megan.
    Do you have any updates you can share with us from the time you reviewed the Imagine in October ’10 to May ’11? Have any of the cons in your review been fixed, updated, etc?
    Thanks so much.

  • Lynda

    I watched a video on YouTube awhile after the Imagine was introduced as I had ordered one from my shopping channel here in Canada. I think the video was you and after watching it, I decided to wait til it was improved a bit so I called and cancelled. I am glad I did. I have since acquired one from eBay. Happened on one that had a bid of less then $200. so put in a bid a couple of dollars higher with 19 seconds to go and I got it. I have updated it recently from the computer(Nov/11), have run into no problems and am enjoying it but, will not get rid of my Expression ever. By the way, here in Canada, the Imagine was originally selling for almost $700 in the stores at least in my area so thought $200 was a deal.I also have purchased your DVD on using the machine and strongly recommend these to anyone. I have the one for the Expression, Imagine and Gypsy.

  • anita backensto

    i would love to get an imagine that WORKS! I have been trying to get one since LAST dec. the saga briefly is this-i had gotten 5 of them last yr. 2 from joanne’s, both defective. didn’t get 2 at once:) had gotten one, then took it back, and that one didn’t work either. i live 35 miles one way from the local stores. then i thought maybe joannes got a bad batch, so got one from h.lobby, got it home and it didn’t work. did call p. craft, and each time they told me to take them back! at the time had paid almost $500.00. we then went to another local craft store (50 miles one way) and for some reason didn’t think to check it in the store! got it home and it didn’t work!!! wouldn’t even turn on! at that point i was done!!! so this past oct. i saw one on HSN and deciced to give it one more try. this one was $300.00 and got it here, and it didn’t work!!!! so i called pc and they did send me another one-got it here, it was broken!!! anyway, i have now gotten 3 directly from pc and they don’t work. i have been on the phone for HOURS with pc, and they now have the last one i got from them, and hopefully will get me one sent back before christmas and one that actually WORKS.. I am at the point of hating this machine, and i really did want to love it, as i have a friend who enjoys hers. just to let you know. anita

  • Cindy Faulkner

    Hi Megan!

    I bought a Cricut Imagine, but have not yet taken it out of the box. I have read many reviews on this machine and am undecided as to whether I should keep it or not. Many of the reviews I have read are a year or more old and there were many complaints. I have also read a lot of good things about it. I am wondering if you know if many of the bugs have been worked out yet or if it would be better to wait a while longer. I also read somewhere online that Provo Craft is discontinuing this product. Do you know anything about that?