Cricut Imagine Questions and Concerns 48

Hi Everyone!

My Cricut Imagine is here and I look forward to making some videos with it here shortly, but while I was in Minnesota, hanging out with the wonderful Genevieve Migala, we were playing with her Cricut Imagine.  We had noticed from the message boards and other emails that there have been some concerns with the stickiness of the Cricut Imagine Mats.  So we have done a few tests and tried a few different things, and have found that even though the mats aren’t the SAME as the original Cricut Expression Cutting Mats…The NEW Cricut Imagine Cutting mats are still working IN the Imagine just fine without slipping…here you can take a look at a simple cut in this video.

YouTube Preview Image

I have two more videos I’ll be posting from my visit with Genna and the Mall of America, and then I also have some fun ones to post about me getting MY OWN Cricut Imagine, but for now… Enjoy!

Feel free to leave questions in the comments and I will see what I can do to get answers for you! 😉

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48 thoughts on “Cricut Imagine Questions and Concerns

  • jeanette

    great video ladies, thanks!
    Megan i would LOVE it if you might be able to find out when the imagine will be due to launch here in the UK and if poss, £££??
    thanks so much 🙂

  • Denise

    I love mine, and wow the cuts are super perfect. And yes its true the mat may not be as tacky as you might think but absolutely no problems. I am so in love with this, more then I thought I would like the imagine!

  • Dorothy

    I do not have the imagine yet. Questions regarding the ink- how long do the ink cartridge(s) last, and how much is it to replace them? I am happy with my cricut expression, but some day I may want to buy the imagine.

  • Karen Worrell

    I have the Imagine and I’m loving it! No trouble with anything. Dorothy, from what I’ve heard about the inks you get at between 70 and 100 full sheets printed and way more if you ‘re just doing small cuts. Then the cartridges are both in the mid $30. range. Not too expensive. There’s one for black and one for color. You can also cut with your own color paper and save on ink. You can use 8.5×11 or smaller as well as 12×12 paper. HTH

  • Phyllis Smith

    I ordered my IMAGINE on the day it launched on HSN. I am NOT suppose to receive it until Oct. 11. I have been reading HORROR stories about the broken cartridges and people having to send the IMAGINE back. I have read where people have been on HOLD with PROVO CRAFT for as much as 30-45 minutes before actually getting to speak to a rep concerning whatever their problems are concerning the new IMAGINE. It seems they have MANY kinks they weren’t worked out. I AM VERY CONCERNIED ABOUT RECEIVING MINE. THANKS

  • Dianne Bell

    I left a message on the Utube site, but I also wanted to mention that it will not transfer to the Gypsy as the cartridge does not fit the plug. I called Provo Craft and they said it would transfer (I don’t know how) but the Gypsy would only load four cartridges and it would take up all the space in the Gypsy. They do not mention that in the advertisements or tutorials. There is so much that they do not mention about the Imagine, I guess, because it would lower sales.

    • Misty CLEMONS

      Hi ,I have been wanting a vinyl cutter for some time now to make t-shirts and all the other stuff people are going with there vinyl cutters. I didn’t realize there is several different types of these machine . I found a used cricut imagine online so I perched it. My question is have I purchased the wrong machine?

  • Denise

    Love the machine, but yeah the mats are not sticky enough. I have tried to do what was advised by provocraft but I have ruined a few project already. Not happy about that.

  • Sandy C.

    I am having issues, I think anyway, with the alignment of the cut. It seems to cut more from the top and less from the bottom. It isn’t horrible, but for that kind of expense, I would expect it to be perfect. Thanks for your help. That Gypsy problem mentioned by another post has me worried. I wish they would be up front and not try to hide things. It just makes them look bad. Sandy C.

  • Virginia S. Waddy

    Glad to know that you will be able to used the new mat’s with the expression machine. I going to wait awhile before I going to switch to the new Imagine machine, going wait till all the bugs are worked out and other problem are worked out with this machine. Then I will consider switching to the new one . Happy with my Expression now!

  • Brandy

    I am still up in the air about the Imagine, especially if I can not download the carts to the gypsy…I LOVE my gypsy! 🙂
    I used my imagine to calibrate and make 2 cuts and had my paper move on me…personally don’t think the mats are sticky enough though.

  • Brandy

    UPDATE! Just got off the phone with Provocraft…we can download 4 carts into the gypsy through the Imagine (not the cord we usually use) but it will take up all the memory as Dianne had said. The tech said that we will be able to update the gypsy around 10/3 to be able to download all of our Imagine carts to the gypsy and have room and compatibility…PHEW! that makes me feel BETTER :)lol

  • Barbara Vogelman

    The mats can be made tacky with the Zag glue stick. It comes in 2 sizes one thin, and one large tip. It is a blue Zig glue stick. It sells at Hobby Lobby for $4.99, and online at JoAnns for $4.99. I have heard the larger JoAnns carries it in the store. It is also available on Ebay. It works great. I use it on my Expression cutting mat. If you apply and leave overnight it is tacky. I you apply and attach the cover immediately it is a PERMANENT hold. I use it to glue pieces together and it works great for that too. Hope this helps. God Bless! Mrs. Tim Vogelman (Barb)

  • Marcie Smith

    Video was timely. I got mine in the mail yesterday. So excited. Could not take it out then thou because I had my twin 8 mo old granddaughters all day yesterday. So today is the day. I see a new DVD in the offings? Since your Cricut & Gypsy DVD where so wonderful, I hope you will be doing one on the Imagine. Thanks for sharing all that you do with us. We truly appreciate it.

  • Linda Carson

    I got mine on Monday. I got it all set up and cut out a few things. I could not figure out how to make them larger. Finally got this figured out on Tuesday. Then I couldn’t figure out how to color my old cartridges… got this figured out last nite. I have been helped by the MB lots as I always am when I have a concern. Like when the Gypsy will link and the stickiness of the mats. Lots of people bailing and sending theirs back but I am going to stick with mine. I am sure even when they get all the wrinkles out they will still be selling this same machine with the updates so why send it back or wait? I for one think it is really cool and can’t wait for them to finish “building” it. Yes, it should have been cooked alittle more before it was served but this seems to be the way new electronics are introduced anymore.

  • jean heming

    my Imagine is up & running great!!!Am helping my son baby sit this week so have only spent a few mnutes with it, enough to cut out 3 small projects!! My ????? can u change the coloring on the words “SPREAD & WINGS on the premade image, I could only get the background color to change not the letters themselves….is that how it has to be or am I not doing something right??? thanks Jean heming

  • Nadine

    The Imagine has arrived and I am learning. I did get a paper jam and wondered about the safest way to remove the torn paper stuck in the machine. Looking forward to your videos and ideas. Thanks

  • Nancy Alexander

    I love your videos. I just purchased a Gypsy from you and I love it. I am wondering if the Gypsy and the Imagine have centerpoint features. I use this feature a lot on my Expression. Keep those videos coming!!

  • Natalie McBroom

    I’m glad that some people are not having issues with the mat. I tried cutting out images from Celebrate with Flourish that I filled with the patterned paper from one of the imagine carts and it slipped all over and looked terrible when I tried to piece it together. I am going to keep trying with the regular imagine carts and I have to get the mat wet a lot to reset the semi stickiness. Thank goodness I have two mats coming from PC to help with this issue.
    I went on PCs site and looked at all the carts they are going to be coming out with soon for the Imagine and they look fabulous. I am going to keep a hold of this machine and ride out the wrinkles! I didn’t have any counter space to put it on in my little tiny craft room so I found an old rolling tv/printer cart and it fits great! I can also store my expression and create underneath. Still going to have to pick up something to store carts. I’m thinking something that hangs behind my door like a shoe holder!

  • Monie

    Ladies, I think it is so exciting, the good thing about having the imagine and gypsy being a digital tool, is it only requires a computer download to make changes, So I am not worried that Provocraft will make it right. Remember this time last year we were worried our gypsies would never work right, and now, most of us would never be without them. So hold on and lets see what this new tool brings us over the next year.

  • Marolyn L

    Mat question: When I’m loading my mat it goes in ok but during the process it goes in a bit then seems to come back towards me just a bit, then forward, etc. but it does eventually go through the whole printing/cutting process all ok. Is the back and forth movement normal? – can’t tell from videos I’ve seen – or is it a sign of a problem with the machine? Any information would be appreciated. I’ve not been able to find any information on the MB.

  • Sally

    Rec’d Imagine from HSN and I really do like it, was thinking I shouldn’t have ordered it but am glad that I did. I too have problems with the mat but is not an issue. Am still learning new stuff every day re this machine was timid at first but becoming more comfortable with it. It is expensive and there are probably bugs that I may find, PC support is excellent I use the phone and they talk me thro with issues I have had. The one thing I like best is that I don’t have to stand everything is right in front. With my Expression I found that I had to stand at times to see what I was punching. Not a problem will keep both.

  • Natalie McBroom

    @ Marolyn, that’s the issue I’m having too, and having the cut being off from the image outline:( I am going to try putting a little tape on each side, maybe an inch long strip on each side. It won’t make the warranty void.

  • Debra Buchanan

    I realize that you probably don’t have time for baking, but I am anxious to hear about the Cricut Cake from you and your sources. I have the Expression and the Cake and tried to get the Imagine as a prelaunch. I love your site and the fact that you concentrate on the Cricut and Gypsy. The Cake is waiting for your expertises!!

  • Karen Morton

    I recently purchased the cricut imagine from HSN. The paper is sliding and not sticking. I tried to buy a new mat and can’t find them online. Help!

  • Liz

    Hi, I got my Imagine and it worked fine (did have to use Zig glue on the mat but PC is sending me a new mat). BUT after I did the update my machine will not work now. Bummer. I already used it so much I had to change the blade…but now it is on the blink. I think there are many issues that need worked out before this machine is all that it is supposed to be. So, I will probably have to return mine.

  • Terri

    I am having problem with the paper sticking to my mat with the imagine. And I saw in the video you mentioned the true and relative button but you went over them fast. Your numbers were both on 3 but that image is way over 3 inches. What number would you put it on to get a 3 in image.

  • Kimberly

    I just watched your tutorial and it’s great. I have a couple of questions though. Do the Imagine catriges work with the expression machine (I can’t afford the imagine since I just got the expression-sigh) and, I’m assuming that this is a printer/cutter in one which is what I was waiting for but not long enough. Also, how long do the ink cartriges last? Roughly. I know it will depend on how much I use it. But does it seem to blow through ink pretty fast?

  • Ashley

    I got my cricut from HSN my cartridge cases were all busted up. I returned it and received the new one with still a cracked cradridge case but i guess i will live. NOW, i can’t get my ink cartridgs installed there is something that seems to not be installed just right. GRRRRRR!!! PC is closed. I am really, really irritated! Has anyone else had this problem?

  • linda Mularczyk

    I just bought a Cricut Imagine and with it came a cord that looks like it plugs into the cricut and also into a printer.There is no mention about this plug in the instruction book.What is it and is there a book I am missing?

  • Nancy Medeiros

    I was wondering if a lot of people where having the same problem I am having,trouble updating the software that allows the imagine to use your old cartridges. I was told there was going to be an update but I am concerned why some imagines read old cartridges and why some don’t. Does anyone know why this is? Is it the machine or the computer operating system? Am I better to return it and hope to get one that will read it or what and see if there is an update?

  • tiffany

    Help! Made a page on my gypsy. And can not figure out how to connect the gypsy to my imagine. The plug doesn’t fit where the cartridges go. 🙁 please help.

  • Joann

    Can you just print the picture with the imagine and cut it out or does it have to cut each individual piece and then you tape/glue each piece together. For instance if I wanted to print out Woody from Toy Story could I just do it in one piece or several pieces?

  • Liezl Brown

    Hi, I have received my cricut imagine ysterday and have tried it out, but I find that the mat is too sticky and each time I need to take off the rest of the paper that’s not printed on, it actually tear off the top layer of the paper and the bottom part still sticks to the mat, which makes it unpleasurable to use the mat. Any suggestions?

  • Lisa Arnett

    I AM SO IRRITATED. I am using my imagine for the first time and trying to get it all set up. It keeps telling me mat not detected. I have made it flat like other posts have said, I have done all of the things I have read and still won’t work. Any advice?

  • Julie

    I am not happy!! I just got my imagine for christmas and it will not read any of the three cricut imagine cartridges… one of them says possible cartridge problem and the other two just dont load…. PLEASE HELP!

  • Robin M.

    Merry Christmas…or should I say bah-humbug to cricut imagine?! I have spent over two hours on this machine and no matter what I try the mat/paper gets jammed and won’t go through the cut out step unless I manipulate it! Any one having this problem? Or a solution? Please help…

  • sarah

    Hi i really want one of these machines the only place i have found in uk that sells them is hobby craft £499 does any one know if I can get one cheaper any where else. Thanks lol