Using Chalk Board Vinyl with Chalk Couture

Hey Friends!

I could NOT wait to open and play with this mystery box of goodies from Mandy Leahy (CraftyGlam) and incredible supplies from Chalk Couture!

I have been loving every ounce of the Chalkology Paste for a few months now and have created multiple projects both from Chalk Couture Transfers and my own custom stencils made with my Cricut and vinyl! (Let me tell you though the Chalk Couture transfers are so so much easier!)

Anyway, I got a brand new incredible chalk board I can’t wait to show you a video with, but I was really overly anxious to use the Bloom Where You Are Planted transfer and the Elephant (gray color) Chalk Paste and the Aquamarine Chalk Paste I decided to experiment!


The secret big news!


As many of you know a very special man came into my life several months ago and has completely changed my world!  I am so very thankful for him and I could literally go on and on about this guy, Nate – but I’ll save those juicy details for another video or post 😉 😉 – What I am really here to tell you about is the journey he and I have decided to take together!

I knew early on he was going to come alongside me and be an intricate part in my business and goals (he’s super supportive and amazing like that) but I absolutely knew we weren’t only going to help each other in everyday life, work, kids and enjoyment – but that we both had a much bigger dream and vision for the future.

We often talked about different ideas and ways to do projects and business together, and then he saw Chalk Couture! >>*glowing lights!*<< We both decided working alongside Mandy Leahy was an opportunity we couldn’t refuse to take the FIRST step to start our very own business!

We believe that each moment is a stepping stone forward in life’s journey! We  want to help you remember and enjoy those moments with meaningful home decor inspiration and DIY Projects.  You can learn more about us and it HERE!

We have decided to utilize the independent Chalk Designer program with Chalk Couture as a stepping stone in our own business venture.  This is totally separate from and all I, (Megan) am doing with and Stampin’ Up – absolutely nothing changes for any of that at all!!! 😉 But, you will see me using Chalk Couture here at from time to time because I love all things crafting and DIY and so it all ties together to share incredible crafts!

To watch Stepping Stone Decor videos, we invite you to check out our website at and come Follow our Facebook Page or join our exclusive Facebook Group which is the only place we share special secret discounts, promotions and VIP Only Videos!

Stepping Stone Decor Links:


Thank you all so much for taking time to check it out and support Nate and I in this together venture!

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