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Don’t you just love fall!?!?!  Is it just me? Or do you get SOOOO excited when the weather starts to cool off, you can sleep with the windows open, maybe even need a sweatshirt?!  You can feel the cool fall rains coming and the smells of trees about to change and it just excites the heck out of you?!?  To me it is the MOST Refreshing time of year!

Even homeschooling, it feels like such an incredible start to growth, learning, new schedules and next phase of life!

This is why I have done a 30 Day Challenge almost every September – either for myself personally, or with my clients that I mentor at!

For this 30 Days that started Friday the 1st, we have a heavy focus on Reflection, Refocus, Research, Reaching Out & Results!  I am excited because I quite literally do this challenge in my business and life this month with all of the changes that have taken place and the focus in my heart to continue to empower women to live an above rubies lifestyle or worth, truth, family, faith, kindness, wisdom and business!

So I’ll be sharing even more about this here and in our group!

Every Monday of September I will be going live with a challenge and thoughts for the week, everyday, you will have a small challenge to complete to help you focus in on your goals and take action into building the skills to succeed in the areas you most want to see change!  I love that I have literally hundreds of testimonials from women who have come alongside to take this challenge and have changed so many incredible aspects of their lives!

Part of this weeks challenge is to research!  So I thought lets have a fun little research party!

As you know, or will learn, I am kinda in a committed relationship with coffee! So when Katina has shared some of the INCREDIBLY adorable stamps and dies that are all things COFFEE with Stampin’ Up – I’ve sorta melted!  I decided that we should have some fun testing the waters and host a party for all things She Makes and this challenge!

Part of stepping down from CTMH was a fun way to allow me to share MORE with the Makers at – offering better selection, options, discounts, partnerships and much more….So here is a fun way for you to “place a vote” – if you love Stampin’ Up and what they offer, shop the party I am currently hosting September 4 – September 14th 2017 – we will have a few fun giveaways and prizes along the way too!  All just a fun way to grab some crafty, coffee goodies and enjoy the moments!

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If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to reach out –

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One thought on “Life Changing! Reflect, Research & Party!

  • Dennise (Dee) Robinson

    I’m really liking the Stampin Up products, and I really like the Paper Pumpkin program, but I am glad I was able to get the New Cartridges before you left CTMH!