She Makes: Make Note Monday Challenge

So VERY EXCITED to introduce the brand NEW 8 Week Crafting Challenge inside for 2018! 

Starting THIS Monday March 19, 2018, we are gearing up for 8 fantastic weeks of simple prompts and challenges that will inspire you to MAKE NOTE!

We all get busy, we all loose track of our days, but in that time, precious moments, memories and life keep passing us by!

That is why I would LOVE to invite you to come MAKE NOTE with us! Come take time to notice, create and encourage through out your busy week! Giving you prompts to jot down a quick note of things happening in your life, create something beautiful or encourage someone else with a note card!

This is a simple challenge anyone at any craft level can participate in.  You can decide if you just want to spend 5 minutes journaling, create a beautiful scrapbook layout, or just be inspired by other crafters telling their story and creating a life they love!

There are prizes for participating in the challenge and we would love to see what you do SIMPLE as it can be each and every Monday starting March 19, 2018


Can’t wait to start with you on Monday!  Nate and I will check in live from Baltimore as we head to our first Chalk Couture Chalk Tours event with Stepping Stone Decor! 

We have so much to share and can’t wait to take each Monday for a quick She Makes Club – Make Note check in!  Project ideas, note care prompts and journal cards all rolling out with 8 keywords over next 8 weeks!


If you’re not already an exclusive member – you can lock in your Membership now right here!


Enjoy the Moments!



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