Creating Brand, Style & Feel Sheets

I thought I would take you on a Behind the Scenes look at the Branding and Style Sheets that have been in the works for the last 6 months or so for the entire Above Rubies Studio LLC umbrella of websites!

I’m excited to share with you secrets and tips to help you keep your business unified and cohesive – that your people start to recognize YOU for what you post, the look you portray and the feelings you give to them!  Make it your own!  If you try to copy someone else’s style because you “think” it will help you be most successful – you’ll end up driving yourself crazy and never feeling truly authentic.

Authenticity in who you are attracts people like magnets!  Consistency makes it all come together like a super magnet that draws in more and more people because you are giving them feelings that radiant within your ideal client.

There are a few caveats in creating Branding and Style Sheets.  Because keep in mind, you are not your ideal client —- so how do you authentically be yourself and attract the people you are after — it’s simple.  Ask questions, know yourself and most importantly know who you are after!

If you’re trying to attract Million Dollar earners who shop for high end style and brand names – but your brand reflects something you would find at Walmart, you may not be on track.

If you’re looking to attack the everyday Mom next door, you will want to reflect the style of who she is and where she is going.

The most IMPORTANT thing is – there is NO WRONG answer to success and brand building.  There are only ways to grow and improve to truly attract in exactly what you are looking for.   Keep in mind you may not have the strength in graphic design or color scheming brand development.  It is a skill that graphic designers spend hours in – and each designer/artist has a different look and feel that speaks to them.

Some choose to reflect themselves in caricatures, some in shabby chic, some in clean and fresh, some bright colors, some in high end designer business suites and dresses, some in messy buns and yoga pants.

Success can be found inside many different styles ad themes.  The KEY is to stretch outside of yourself, be real with who you are, consistently share and portray that message through images and wording.  Recognize where your brand or style maybe falling “flat” for the type of person you are really trying to attract to you.

If at any point you’re needing feedback on you Brand feel or Style, let us know – we would be happy to give you a free 30 Minute Brand Overview Consult.  Find out where it is you really want to take your look and where you can improve what you currently have or are working on! (Apply for a Free Call Here!)



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