Biz: How I Plan & Schedule Life Using Trello and PassionPlanners 1

This post is helpful for LIFE and Business really – anyone can get better at organizing priorities, planning, vision and results statements and task management!

Sooooo, Here is How to Use Trello and  (Coupon MEGAN10) for Results Planning and Task Priority Management How I Schedule my business tasks, keep priorities in check for myself and my team! Using RPM (Rapid Planning Method using Result Purpose and Mass Action)

I’m going to really let the video speak for itself – but I spoke a lot about Results, vision planning and action lists during our strategy call at tonight and I really wanted to share how I use Trello on my Mac and my iPhone for more than calendar purposes – there are so many options and I love it a ton especially working with others on projects and really getting down to DOING THE WORK!

If you’d like to watch the Strategy Call on Focus Priority Planning you can do so at and I hope you enjoy!


If you’d like to chat further about your goals and plans and layout your own roadmap and ta-da lists – I’m happy to grab a cup of coffee with you and get you started asap!!  I believe in you and your dreams! Don’t wait to make it happen!


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One thought on “Biz: How I Plan & Schedule Life Using Trello and PassionPlanners

  • Christina Seifert

    I had gotten your “link” several years ago from a lady that sells stampin up? – when I had questions on Cricut machine. Have enjoyed the various emails, encouragements and videos of yours.

    For some stupid reason I keep trying to recreate the wheel….. when it comes to planners, computers, and stuff. (keep in mind i’m a bit older then you and learned computer programming with “punch cards” ….

    I do not use the apple or iphone, I use android phone and gmail account. WILL YOUR SYSTEM WORK WITH IT,
    sorry have not watched video yet…….getting ready to.