Confession: My HONEST Thought About It! 12

I have to be honest with everyone because I really think it’s what I’m going to do!  There is TOO much NEW stuff, Cute Stuff and AMAZING stuff PLUS such a savings – I don’t think I can ignore it!!!

I’m going to have to sign my daughter up, or my mom, or convince a friend to let me buy and have the goods!!! I just HAVE to do it!!!

Get them Free

Get them Free

It’s just too good, with the all new supplies, catalog items and for the month of MARCH a FREE Should Tote in adorable Lagoon and Chevron.  It’s CRAZY for me not to THINK this way!!!  These totes, let me tell you they have sold like Hot-Cakes and it’s – FREE!  It’s a GREAT business promotion piece as well when you use it for day to day life – and lets face it – who doesn’t need totes for our craft supplies, scrapbook paper and all the stuff we cart around for the kids and more!

Not only can you now choose from either the Cardmakers Consultant bundle with over $365 in Retail Value of cardmkaing goodies – OR – you could also select the Scrapbookers Consultant pack with $355 in retail value and again you get the shoulder back with either – FREE! The dilemma there once again for me is – which ONE do I choose because they are such good deals on BOTH and who doesn’t want it ALL at SUCH a steep discount!  I’m a sucker for crafting and savings!

Cardmakers Consultant Start Up Kit

Cardmakers Consultant Start Up Kit

Scrapbookers Consultant Start up Kit

Scrapbookers Consultant Start up Kit

It’s a CRAZY $260+ savings!  LOVE IT!

People joining as a hobbyist, enjoying a discount for a time and restocking craft rooms – or getting a whole new start – fresh and new – going for it and  building something unique and wonderful!  ALSO working towards coming on the Eastern Caribbean Cruise with me and the Precious Gems team and the CTMH Family in 2016!!!

The other Bonuses offered is a opportunity to get the BIG Roller Tote for FREE that matches when you submit $300.00 in sales in your first 40 days of receiving your kit!  

Now here is that EXTRA kicker I HAVE to be COMPLETELY honest with you – I thought about this – signing up for $99.00 JUST to update the stash and get the tote because THAT alone is a huge savings – but THEN

– just buying $300.00 more myself – with the consultant discount it’s spending only like $230.00 and THEN you get the BONUS $150 Roller bag FREE!  Talk about SAVINGS!!!??!!!  That’s Amazing!!! I would be getting a total of:Break Down the Savings!

Consultant Kit:  $99.00  – Retail Value $355 = Savings $256.00

Shoulder Bag:   FREE  –  Retail Value $25 = Savings $25.00

Anything in the new Catalog: $234 (with discount) –  Retail Value $300 = Savings $66.00

Roller Bag for Sales:  FREE  – Retail Value $150.00 = Savings $150.00


OHHH ANDDDD if you reach the Straight to the Top Goals Program we have laid out – You get your Consultant Kit ($99.00) REFUNDED to you in your commission check!  SAY WHAY WAY COOL!

So really this is my confession – I REALLY think I am COMPLETELY willing to spend $333.00 to GET $830+ dollars in Craft supplies and save $497.00!!!  Are you!?!??

So now really is the TIME to DO it!!!

 Join Now? –

And you can EASILY contact ANYONE of the Precious Gems Team Members and join under their teams too!  Some maybe local to you and convenient – either way – I will work with you and communicate from wherever you are and make this work with you! 🙂  I can’t wait!

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12 thoughts on “Confession: My HONEST Thought About It!

  • Sharon Harrison

    I would like to join but I don’t have the ability to sell products. I would like to be able to buy things for myself. If I bought the consultant kit would I have to have parties?

    • Angela Allen

      Good question Sharon! The answer is, no you do not have to hold parties to be a Close To My Heart consultant. You can order product for yourself at the consultant discount. The only thing is to stay an “active” consultant you need to order $300 (retail cost) every quarter. Which works out in my family’s budget to $100 per month. Super easy! They’re products are so awesome that I can’t even begin to express my joy in using them. I am a total and complete fan of all of their Cricut bundles. That is what got my interest in becoming a consultant with Megan a little over a year ago. I have yet to hold a party. I’ve been a Tupperware consultant many years ago and I have no interest in holding parties either. I do love the generous discounts and promotions available with CTMH. I’ve recently decided that I want to build a business with CTMH not just be a hobby consultant any longer. I’m still not planning to hold parties other than online parties. All very doable without major changes to my daily schedule and with a little guidance from Megan and the fantastic support from CTMH. If you are at all thinking of signing up, March is the time to do it. The new consultant kit available this month is a beyond fantastic deal!

    • Megan Elizabeth

      No You wouldn’t have to Sharon. That was part of the breakdown I wanted to share. Which basically is that you can purchase for yourself at a discount of 22% to start out! Which is awesome. The only way to keep that discount though is by submitting $300 in orders every 3 months. I have “hobbyist” consultants (they buy just for themselves) and they create a budget of $74.00 a month that they purchase. (How much it would cost you as a consultant with a discount) It’s a great deal! 🙂 You get amazing goodies! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Roni

    About how long does it take to get the kit and also, how long is the wait to order something and get the discount after you have signed up. I am interest in th cricut bundles and as a hobbyist at this time. I am not really a very good seller but have recently joined a card swap group. An really on the fence out signing up. I have a get together on the 21 first of this month so I am trying to make up my mind quickly

    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      Hi Roni, I would absolutely GO FOR IT with the goals you mentioned and just getting the discount to start. I would act quickly – you should be able to get it by the 21st if you order immediately and you can expedite shipping too. If you would like to email me further questions and chat about this further – we absolutely can! 🙂

      • Roni

        Thank you for responding to my email. Couple other questions. As I am unfamiliar. Do y get a discount on all your orders? After you sign up as a consultant how long before you can make an order and do you get a discount with that? Or is the discount what you get once time only when you sign us as a consultant? Sorry to bombard you but have not ever done something like this before. In case you are beginning to worry – yes I work well with monkey directions ;o). Thanks I advance for your assistance

      • Roni

        Well – I jumped in & signed up! Now I need to figure out how to order something….How does that discount thing work? Know exactly what I need to order. Think I am getting a little excited about this….

  • Vivian Trapp

    I’d love to get into this business. I’ve been following Megan for a few years now (love you doll!) and love when you use the products in your videos. I’m an independent consultant for a health and beauty company, and I see you (Meagan) do stuff with other companies like Doterra and Jamberry. I would like to know if working for multiple network marketing companies isSCrealistic and possible?

    • Roni

      I just clicked in the link and filled out the form – I go a response pretty I just need to figure out how to make an order for myself. lol good luck

  • Alicia Copeland


    i am so tempted and will have to think about it some more. I love all the stuff I have gotten from CTMH and there is more that I want. I just don’t have a network of other people that craft like I do. I see you don’t have anyone here in Utah. Glad that you like the Explorer. I know they are working on some neat stuff. The customer service people are awesome, when I was up there in January they fixed my Gypsy and showed me a little of the Explore. I am like you, I love my expressions machine and don’t know if I want to do it via computer.
    I’ll have to see. Thanks for all you do.

    Alicia Copeland

  • Rebecca Buchmeyer

    I’ve thought about it and thought about it and finally decided to become a CTMH consultant. I chose to sign up under you because I have been following you for several years and have enjoyed watching you and your business grow and change. You seem to have a great network of resources. So here I go!