Opening and First Time Use of Bind It All 11

Ok, this video is a whole lotta MADNESS!  If you make it through, you deserve a prize, but this was the challenge, and a challenge it was.  I LOVE this Bind It All v2.0, but I have some learning to do.  This particular video is more comical than educational on how to use the BIA, but I think my design was pretty cute.  Tell me what you think, and we’ll work on learning how to REALLY use it later!

But watch out for that box man, it will eat you alive!  Thankfully I had to edit the video down to only 10 min.  Otherwise you would have watched me open the box for at least 20! 🙂

Have a great day and don’t forget to laugh at yourself and enjoy the moments!

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11 thoughts on “Opening and First Time Use of Bind It All

  • KimJ

    LOL! Loved it. I recently got the BIA 2.0 to replace my original BIA. I still have not opened it yet and really enjoyed watching your video! Now I will make sure I have plenty of time to try and get it out of the box as well as some time to craft with it! Thanx again I really enjoyed this one.

  • Mary Ann

    Wow! I watched several videos today on the Bind it All and you are the only that showed the place you hook the holes you already cut on the side before punching more holes. Thanks.

  • Ann Mc

    LOL! Absolutely LOVED the video. You made my day! Now that I know what I’m up against, I won’t get frustrated when I get mine. There IS a learning curve. 😉

  • karen k

    hi Megan, Just learning about the binding options. What does the “Bind it All” do that the “The Cinch” does not? I like to compare before I purchase any system and I thought you could fill me in…having the Expression, Cuttlebug,Your Story…what’s another ‘toy?” ( Oh, I know..Imagine!!!:)

  • Kim B

    this was great! I have had mine for over a year now, but I had about the same experience getting it out of the box and then I was too excited to read the book or watch the DVD and messed everything up!!! Thanks for showing us that we all need to just relax & have fun!!!

  • Marcia Greene

    I really loved the grand opening of the BIA! Mine should be coming in a few days and I am glad I saw this. Forewarned is forearmed? 🙂

  • Flo

    Megan you are awesome you have made my day. I have t he BIA and yes I had the same trouble getting it out of the box. It is so good when you realise everyone has the same trouble doing things and we all seem to make the same mistakes. I have played with mine once and loved it but watching your video has made me want to take it out and play again.

  • Ruby

    Hi Megan, Love the scoring on BIA vs Megan! Too funny…thanks for the smiles! You said in the video that you would go into more depth on the BIA, but I can’t find any videos relating to that topic. Could you please help me out? Now I have another toy I have to have…. 😉 Thanks so much for all the info that you so freely share!