2019 Update: 2020 VISION! Craft Haul & Creative Hangouts! 4

Hello my Makers and Creative Crafty friends! It’s been a long time since we’ve hung out at this home base and my heart has missed it so very much!!!

I just couldn’t wait to start sharing what has all been happening, I’ll sum everything up I talk about up (and include the Schedule Download) under the videos, but wanted to be sure you caught both of these videos for news, fun, updates and crafting hauls!

2019 has been a year of learning, healing, challenges and some of the greatest joys I’ve been able to experience in this life. Most has not gone “according to plan” but has inspired and encouraged us to go deeper in all areas and things that make our hearts sing!

So, 2020 and the She Makes Club is introducing the perfect THEME for 2020!


Check out the videos and don’t miss what’s below!

You can join us inside SheMakes.Club for the 2020 year, with your Membership you will receive the Creative Workshops as listed below, access to all of the previously recorded Above Rubies Studio DVD Courses and Tutorials, New Exclusive tutorials and encouragement videos for 2020, help with your Cricut, Design Space and exclusive Cut Files for Members only. We also have loads of other fun things just for our Members like new Supply “kits” that are under $20.00 and most have free shipping through our Amazon Shop, random surprises that show up in active member mailboxes….you never know what will show up when or how! šŸ˜‰

Here is the schedule you can download and print!

The Crafty Hauls for She Makes Club Kits!

To wrap up all the updates & crafty plans for you!

  • This year was crazy and completely unexpected included so much!
  • Nate and I flew to an island and got married! (March 2019)
  • I started having some unexplained and some explainable health issues that kept me in bed for over a month straight
  • I had a major surgery from the issues in May & June
  • Got a severe infection from the surgery that kept me in hospital and recovering much longer than expected
  • All my hopes, dreams and plans for how that was going to go – God said no – Be Still!
  • I have been working essentially full time at QVC as an on air presenter in Home Solutions and DIY! AND I LOVE IT! This all brings me so much joy and thankfulness that it gets to be part of my life!
  • I have met some of the COOLEST most inspiring people this year like, Lori Greiner, Erin Condren, Rachel Hollis, Marie Osmond (again) Mr. Fa Park…People that spark every fiber of your being to go after your dreams!
  • Worked with incredible people like Shelly Lefkoe and amazing people in the personal and business development world!
  • Making with Ali Edwards in One Little Word!
  • In the video go over the full schedule and plan for 2020 inside She Makes Club and upcoming Tues Tutorials!
  • I unbox several months worth of scrapbook and paper kits and themes I will be using for Videos and our Creative workshops for SheMakes.Club also!
  • Yes we will be doing a Cricut Cut File each month for She Makes that goes deeper with our theme!
  • You can now shop with me at Amazon for the Scrapbook Kits and even Cricut items I talk about! More WILL be added to our store each month!!! I can not wait! I do have an affiliate position with several companies I love and use everyday listed under the SHOP tab of this site and ByMeganElizabeth.com

Overall, I’m really excited with the VISION and direction of SheMakes.Club and our communities this coming year! I’d love to hear from you about how your 2019 year has been? How are you wrapping up 2019 STRONG and going into 2020 with a Vision of how you want your life to look, who do you really want to be, how do you want to show up and have fun and craft?

You’re Invited!

Finally, I just want you to know, you’re ALL Invited to JOIN US inside SheMakes.Club for our LIVE Creative Workshop on

Friday December 13, 2019 9:30pm Eastern Time! SHEMAKES.CLUB

We are going to Make with our Cricuts, and Scrapbook a 2020 Vision Board or Dreams Page! We have plans to make a card or two for fun and are going to talk about setting up a Small One Word Album for the year as well! I hope you’ll join us – I want to encourage your spirit and hear about your dreams and desires – they don’t have to be this crazy huge vision of world peace – maybe it’s just the desire for more peaceful mornings or restful night’s sleep! Maybe it is the desire to get stronger either physically or emotionally or spiritually. Maybe it’s how you want to just create and have more FUN in life! Maybe it’s something totally different and personal to you, but right now is the time to come alongside this amazing community who will pray for you, encourage you, inspire you to MAKE (not just craft) the Life You’ll Love!!!

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