Club Ruby Designers Member Spotlight 10

Hi Everyone!  Cindy here, from Club Ruby Designers!  I am so excited share with you something new from Club Ruby Designers!

I know many of you are members and you all see the wonderful projects that our members post, and we wanted to show YOU TOO!

Club Ruby Designers members are SOOOO AMAZING!  There is so much talent out there, if you haven’t signed up yet, let me show you a little of what you are missing!  Remember, you can sign up for the Free membership so you will have access to the project gallery where you can post your projects and view of members projects like the one I am showing today.

So…each month I will be selecting a member to SPOTLIGHT on Above Rubies Studio….so this month we are SPOTLIGHTING…


Just look at this spooky village she and her daughter and granddaughter created!


Isn’t this awesome! I just love the detail! I have always wanted to put something together like this and Teresa, you have inspired me!

Make sure you leave Teresa some LOVE today and let her know how much you like her spooky village!

I will be back next month to spotlight another member from Club Ruby Designers! Have a Great Day!

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10 thoughts on “Club Ruby Designers Member Spotlight

  • Teresa Luck

    Thanks for all the kind words I am very honored. Yes it is nice to work with my girls we craft ‘almost every Saturday it is nice to spent time and past on the many crafting hobby we have. They grow up so fast. I wish the other 2 daughters could be there too but they stay busy. :} Hope you all have a nice weekend with lots of crafting…

  • facsmom

    When I first looked at this, I thought-Christmas-before I looked closer to see a graveyard. Looks like this idea could be used for Christmas, for the creative and imaginative.

  • Teresa Luck

    I have a pattern for another cottage that I’m doing for Christmas it is a little bigger. If I can get to it before Christmas it’s just around the corner…

  • Deana Luck

    Congrats, Mom…I am very proud of you. You are an amazing and talented woman and I am honored to call you my mother. Wish I could make it up to craft with you too, but you are in my heart everyday. Keep up the great ideas and I love you.