Pocket Card Scrapbooking & Full 12×12 Pages 12

Hello Crafty Scrappy Friends!

Did you know you can do some awesome scrapbooking things with Pocket Card function on the Artfully Sent Cartridge as well as the really cool CTMH Picture My Life Kits!?! Love them so much!  Check out some traditional twists and easy adhesive free scrapbooking too!


I am dying to know from my traditional scrappers – does pocket albums appeal to you, or will you stick with using them in a traditional sense??? Let me know in the comments or through Instagram/Twitter/Facebook (@byMeganE) by posting a picture and some comments about your thoughts!

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12 thoughts on “Pocket Card Scrapbooking & Full 12×12 Pages

  • Carmen

    Thank You so much for this tutorial! I ordered one of these and haven’t played with it yet, but after watching this, I am going to get started on something! I have so many to do, that the hardest part , as you said, will be deciding what pictures to use! I am so thrilled that I can use my new cartridge to cut even more cards!!! I love all of the pictures of Baby Gradyn and especially love the mustache pacifier! 🙂
    Be Blessed!

  • Liz

    Hey Megan! Love all your tutorials-you have such a sweet spirit!
    I love using a combination of traditional 12x 12 paper and my own layouts and pocket sheets. However, I don’t own any cards–i enjoy filling the pockets with my own stuff! For example, I used a pocket page and the top 2 across the top held the word, EXPLORE, cut out with my cricut and backed on a forest green paper that I had inked the edges with brown. I cut it in half and stretched it across 2 pockets. Then I used photos of our family on a hike at one of our favorite spots in the rest of the pockets and used a couple other pieces of coordinating paper with a quote from the day done in stickers & a cute sticker of evergreen trees& hiking boots. It’s a bit of a combination! But I like it and get lots of compliments on it when I do it. So fun! Blessings on you & yours! Liz in PA

  • Darlene Bertoldi

    Megan, OMG!! I just love this pocket card scrapbooking and would Love to get started on some pages. Is it possible to purchase this Picture Your Life kit?

  • Tammy Mauer

    Pocket albums do intrigue me; however, I have so much paper, tools, and supplies that I dare not veer away from traditional scrapbooking. The nice thing is, I could use much of my traditional scrapbook supplies for pocket album scrapping if I really decide to give it a go. Thanks for sharing all your talent!

  • Anna G.

    I don’t care for the pocket pages at all. It’s just a jumbled-up mix of separate elements and doesn’t look at all artistic. It’s also very restricting.

    I prefer taking the time to design and create a single overall scrapbook page that is visually appealing.

  • Jenny Gilbert

    Hi Jen, I have found why it is difficult to replicate the pocket layouts n 12 x 12 papers is we want to have a small gap between all the bits. (Like tile grout!) On 12 x 12 if you fill it completely with cards and 6×4 photos it only all fits with ‘no gaps’. The overall pocket protectors are slightly bigger than 12 x 12 because of the seams to form the pockets. (which creates a gap) That being said I am having awesome success using and teaching pocket cards for scrapbook layouts as they make fast easy decoration, embellishment and journal boxes. Add a bit of bling, shimmer trim, or twine and you really do have fast easy level one (no stamping) layouts.

  • Karen

    I loved seeing your page. The pictures of your sweetie are so cute. I will continue to use traditional scrapbooking for the same reasons Tammy noted in a previous comment. I love doing two-page layouts with all my lovely supplies. I also love the way a two-page layout flows with a variety of sizes and shapes. The pockets seem to be limiting. I will continue to enjoy watching all of your tutorials!!

  • Debbie Mussack

    I am doing a Memory scrapbook of my Dads life using the Doodlebug album. With that album you can combine regular scrapbook layouts or pocket card pages. I like combining both. Especially when you have a lot of pictures.

  • Tricia

    I like the look of pocket pages. I thought about mixing them with traditional/Hybrid scrapbooking (I do both) as a fun way to break up the flow of a total traditional/hybrid scrapbooking album.

  • Melissa

    I have been using more pocket pages with my 12×12 LO’s. My girls last year(13 is the cut off)at summer camp, I took 35 pics. I wanted them all in my scrapbook. I took my best pics and made a LO, then rest went into pocket pages using the same papers and embellies to create a flow from page to page. I love how it turned out. I was the first to say, I’ll never do pocket pages! I was pretty bummed that this is where scrapbooking companies were taking us and flooding the stores with this product. I just didn’t want traditional scrapbooking to be lost but now I just see it as another tool. Megan you sold me on the Laughing Lola Picture My Life. Some great cards in there. From one consultant to another I hope you guys win the trip.

  • Fran

    I like the pocket scrapbooking. However, I have found out that I use the setup to create grid scrapbooking layouts on regular 12 x 12 paper.