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Hi Everyone!

Before I head out from Tampa, FL and back to little ol’ Oshkosh, I thought I would share with you a video I filmed before I left and recap all that happened at HSN!

If you’ve been following me on Facebook you’ve gotten all the behind the scenes photos and fun in real time – but for those who missed it I wanted to share here as well!

HSN was such an incredible BLAST!  There is still some time to get your hands on the exclusive bundle deal offered on HSN only through HSN.com but HURRY on that – supplies are very limited to what is left after the airing and you won’t find another deal LIKE that one on so much adhesive anywhere!  (I’ll see what I can do about posting my actual airings)

Used on HSN ManKitI also wanted to mention that the supplies for everything you saw on the HSN display table were from a past Megan Elizabeth kit we put together with Craft-e-Corner.com and they did an AWESOME thing by putting together an additional 50 kits just for the HSN presentation so you guys could get this stuff “AS SEEN ON TV” kinda deal!  You can check that out HERE!

Here is a video I recorded before I left – the awesome thing in this video is I used the Brand New Close To My Heart Artbooking Cricut Cartridge.  Melanie Brown sent me this cartridge so I could share it with you and because she knows I LOVE the CTMH cartridges so very much!  They truly are the top 3 of my top 5 and I’ve only had Artbooking such a short time! It’s just so awesome and universal and I adore the stamps that come along with cartridges! You can get your hands on art booking through Melanie or any other CTMH consultant you know.  (PS though – when you order through Melanie you get entered to win a LOT Of great prizes including the opportunity to win a Pink Cricut Expression!)

There are a few “tricks” and howtos I found to using this cartridge and proper sizing too! Especially when it comes to using Real Dial Size with your Cricut as well as making sure the stamps “fit” into your cut images.  I actually basically had a “blooper” in this video because I didn’t try it out before showing you and it’s a good thing we can all learn from it together!  It’s a long video – but it shows a full creative process of making a great scrapbook layout using the Man Kit, the Glue Glider and the Artbooking Cartridge! ENJOY!


YouTube Preview Image



Have I mentioned I loved HSN so much?  Sorry! But I TRULY did!  If there is anything I could do (work wise) all day everyday – it’s Crafting Television! I don’t care if it’s “selling” in a sense – in my opinion – I can share what I love most about products I ONLY believe in that make crafting easier, more fun and lasting! Glue Arts for sure allows for that and HSN just allows me to share projects and put together little mini projects all while talking about something I love – I feel so blessed and pray for the opportunity to share more!  I love it SO VERY MUCH!

I got the amazing opportunity to meet and spend a little time with Lisa Bearnson who is a scrapbooking LEGEND and sweet and kind as could ever be!!!  We even printed out a few photo stickers using the brand new ZINK HAPPY inkless printer and even though I did not get the chance to order one on HSN yet – I can NOT WAIT to get one of these bad boys in my craft room because I KNOW I will be using that for almost ALL my Smash books and other little picture projects going forward! It’s so cool!

Lisa Bearnson & Megan Elizabeth


Here are a few other “behind the scenes” pictures!



Before I go – I’ll leave you with one more “bonus” video – This is a Tues Tut that shows a layout you’ll see on the right side of the set from HSN!

YouTube Preview Image


Thank you all for watching, supporting and make sure you always ENJOY THE MOMENTS!  There are so many to enjoy!


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16 thoughts on “HSN, Cricut Tutorial, CTMH Artbooking Cartridge & Scrapbook Layout

  • Ashley Voss

    Hi Megan
    I got the circuit expression 2 from Christmas last year and I LOVE it. I have a few questions if you can answer. Will all the circuit imagine cartridge work on the E2? My friend on facebook has the enjoy the seasons cartridge for sale and I don’t know if it will work on my E2. I understand my only cuts it doesn’t print which I am okay with. I just didn’t want to spend the money and find out it wouldn’t work. I have tried Google and to find youtube vidoes, but they only show it with the Imagine machine. If you can please help me I appreciate it.

    Thank you
    Ashley Voss

    • Shirley Giltrap

      Hi Ashley
      I bought a cartridge which had been linked with a gypsy and it wouldn’t work.
      Provocraft told me “The cartridge won’t work directly. The only way to use is with another machine (Any Cricut except E2) or to link it to The Craft Room if the cartridge hasn’t been linked yet.

  • KitnM

    You did a great job! I love that you have a chance to do what you love and love what you are doing! I borrow my daughter’s Glue glider pro when I am wanting a stronger adhesive…but I always get confused between the extreme tac and the perma tac; is there really much difference between the two?

    Thank you for sharing Melanie Brown with us. I have ordered from her before and the package was in the mail quickly and she is helpful when I have questions! I love the cartridges and bundles with stamps!

    It seems like the best of the best work together to help others! I appreciate both of you!


    Your My Hero LO is just precious. OMG this Artbooking cartridge is amazing I can’t wait 4 mine 2 arrive in a couple of days. I love all of the different images you used and how you changed it up as you are just keeping it real because after all I know this is what I always do. I love too that you did your video with not editing as it definitely served as a tutorial and I love this. Your kiddos are just precious. I am so thrilled for you that you are starting to see many of your dreams and aspirations come into being. You’ve been thru a lot and deserve nothing but all of Gods blessings indeed and girl bless you for recognizing this and doing what he has planned for you. You did great on HSN and am looking forward to more of what you do best and that sharing your God given talents.

  • cjeureka

    Watching you on HSN…you would have thought you were my child..lol…Too proud of you~!!`Thanks for this tut…the scrabble tile ring was awesome. Can hardly wait for my glue bundle to arrive~!~!

  • Shashi Christina Smith

    I enjoy the friendly personal nature of your blog. Thanks also for your clear instructions, and for your enthusiasm.

  • Lindsay

    Is the only way to get the Cricut CTMH cartridges is through one of there consultants?
    Thanks for your video’s and tutorials!

  • Jerosha Äretun

    I really want to buy CTMH Artbooking Cartridge Bundle. I live in Sweden so I wonder if consultants can deliver a package outside US. I checked out CTMH site but they don’t deliver here. I also don’t know any consultant for CTMH at all 🙁 Hope you can help me. Thanks =)