Howto Hand Lettering Lessons & Practice Sheet with Lilah Guest Post

Hey friends!  So the other day I introduced you a little bit to Lilah and her brand new Handlettering course For the Love of Lettering – I wanted you to get to know her a little better and dive a little deeper into her world and who she is!

She offered a FREE Practice Sheet for you guys and a bonus video so you can see her at work!

She also did this awesome Facebook Live the other day we are sharing with you together – it’s very helpful in spacing and understanding some of the “rules” so you can break the rules and still make your words and letters look amazing!!!  I am SO excited to learn from Lilah and start really practicing this form of art and incorporate it into scrapbook pages and cards!!!

Meet Lilah!

Hey, I’m Lilah Higgins, I’ve been hand lettering since I was a little girl. When I was 8, I began learning from an incredibly talented fine artist. She taught me everything she knew for over 10 years – and she had over 50 years of training herself – so you can imagine how much she crammed into my head, my hands, and my heart. She taught me art skills like watercolor techniques, oils, pastels, acrylics and so much more! What really captured my soul was the beautiful art of hand lettering. From her I learned design, composition, letter framing, kerning, spacing … and I began practicing cursive letters and learning about their origins.

I later took this skill and integrated it into my design business, The Higgins Creative. Together, with my man, we run our business from the comfort of our home. What started out as a side hustle and a way to “sell my art” turned into a flourishing business and movement that we call Wake To Make.

Wake To Make is all about designing a life that you love.

And for some of you, you LOVE lettering. You’ve simply never been given the tools to get really good at it. Sound like you? Read on!

I’ve built my lettering business based on everything I learned from my mentor and then added to my education with self-study of programs like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

I work with clients every day who came to me wanting my handlettering skills as well as my design skills. It truly is a lost art form that I’m intent on bringing back!

Handlettering is one of the easiest and most fun art forms to learn! And in my experience, anyone can do it.

The most frequent question I get about digitizing hand-lettering is: what you can use it for? Here’s some of my favorite ideas:

To get started, you simply need to know the basic strokes. You can create any letter from the strokes in this practice sheet. Ready to get started? Download here! (You can attached this to an email list if you’d like)

To learn how to digitize you own hand lettering for your brand and products, visit (sales page) and enroll before February 14th to get $40 off and over $500 worth of bonuses including a tutorial on Creating Your Own Hand Lettered Typeface/Font!

Let me now if I can help with anything else, love!! So so grateful for you.


-Lilah Higgins


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