How to Blend Ink Colors on Color Me Sheets 12

Happy Tuesday (A Little Late I Know – Sorry about that)

Today’s Tutorial focuses on showing some of the NEW Megan Elizabeth Products that are going to be popping up in the store and stores this week – so check back often for them – they WILL be limited first round – so those who are anxious – get them now – otherwise you’ll be waiting a few months for next round! šŸ™‚

I am also showing the really cool Color Me Sheets that are available at right now – they are really fun and simple and I like the effects because you can do a LOT with them and also coordinate them with Paper Layerz! How fun to make a background and then cut out shapes from a sheet of your fav Paper Layerz?!

Here is the Video – and I have to say – I really felt my energy was WAY down – so I’m sorry about that – I really hope its not too boring for you all – I just wasn’t quite myself!Ā  I think the project is still cute though šŸ™‚Ā  And these Sparkle Lightz are going to change your life!Ā  ALSO – Tomorrow there is a video from Cindy that I KNOW you are going to like a lot – its a REALLY cute gift Project so make sure you check back then!

YouTube Preview Image

Here is what the Color Me Sheets Look like šŸ™‚

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