Final Moments for Craft Summit Tickets + Making You Are My Sunshine Scrapbook Layout 1

You are My Sunshine was immediate inspiration to find a picture of my Mommom, Mom and I. I knew I was their sunshine and with Mommom’s birthday not that long ago, it just felt right for me to tell the story of her singing me that song all the time when I was little.

The things you remember that MAKE you the person you are! It’s really incredible to tell the stories that make us, process the life that we live day to day and set amazing intentions to make a future you love!

That’s what we do inside SheMakes.Club Every month we pick a theme and tell the stories around those themes, we use Scrapbook Kits and the Cricut to make it fun and meaningful. It’s a great way to connect and learn and just MAKE together! All the things! I really hope you’ll join us! You’d be welcomed with so much love!

But for today, let’s make! 

This video gives you ALL the latest news and fun to join and win, BUT, it also goes through the whole process of actually making this layout!

Quick details all below video too!

The Quick Details:

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One thought on “Final Moments for Craft Summit Tickets + Making You Are My Sunshine Scrapbook Layout

  • Elena Johnson

    I have written you before about a problem I’m having getting your Cricut guide. I get a message that the site cannot be accessed. I’m still, months later, still getting the same message. I cannot get the guide from your site. Please send a different link or look into this. Thank you.