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Happy Crafting Tutorial Day!

So there has been lots and lots going on in my life right now that I would like to share with you all, I will be sharing more soon – but your prayers and support have been very much appreciated during this very emotional time in my life! I love you all dearly!

I had filmed this tutorial on Friday before heading to Scrapbook Expo Milwaukee and I am pretty excited about using this product! I have used it on scrapbook paper, I have used it on leather, on tiles, it’s just fun! Go ahead and watch!

YouTube Preview Image

I am working on finishing up the Inspiration Guide to Printable DIY and Custom Projects – I will have it soon – But I was unable to finish it with the personal things happening right now. I’m sorry – but it will be out soon!

I’m going to list a few things though now just for you!

Let’s get some juices flowing on WHAT to actually print when you have that opportunity with fantastic products like, Square1Masterpiece.com and CraftAttitude.com – Sometimes my greatest “blocks” come from having LIMITLESS possibilities – I don’t want to “waste” or “mess up” my sheets so I don’t print anything and that’s just not cool! Here are a few ideas on getting inspired to actually use printable materials:

  • Use favorite family photos to customize just about anything! 
  • Favorite bands or musicians – do they have logos – print them off and show your support
  • School logos and team names – think about teams of your high school, collage student and more….
  • What trendy patterns are you into? Mustaches? Chevrons? Google it – You’ll be surprised what you can print!
  • When you’re in the store, or shopping online, what things do you think you want to buy? Can you print it instead?
  • Think about your favorite brands and google artwork from them (keep copyrights in mind when doing this)
  • Reflect on your favorite television shows and see what fun clip art you can find under the images tab of google
  • Favorite Bible Verses – Google the verse and click images to see if there is anything pre-made
  • Favorite Book Quotes and covers of books
  • Think about color schemes that inspire you and make you happy
  • I love using websites like iStockPhoto.com, www.behance.net, Pinterest for printable art

It’s just a start – but I am hoping it inspires you to start printing and creating! Please take pics of your projects and tag me on Pinterest or Facebook so I can see them! I would LOVE to see what inspires you and how much it means that you created it for yourself!

Enjoy the Moments!


Oh PS – Here is Jonathan’s Video that I mentioned and I will be posting a special Mother’s Day post on CraftAttitude.com along with lots of other FANTASTIC designers! You will NEED to Check.It.OUT!


YouTube Preview Image

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9 thoughts on “Fauxsigner Custom Shoes in Under 10 Minutes!

  • Sharon v/d Westhuizen

    Stunning project & AWESOME product line. I will DEFINITELY be buying this products, ideas & projects are LIMITLESS!

    U rock, Megan. ( & Jonathan). 🙂

  • Robin

    Megan- I am sorry for the personal struggles that you are experiencing currently. I just went through some very difficult times as well. Just remember that the Lord has plans for you to prosper and for your ruby to shine brightly!!! Stay strong! Your kids need you!

  • Maryann

    This stuff looks amazing, but I have a question. Is the craft attitude transfer paper all the same, or do you have to specifically use the Wood Attitude on wood, Jewelry on jewelry, etc.?

  • Anna Jernigan

    OMGosh, Megan, I laughed so hard at the Jonathan Fong video!! Thanks for sharing that!!! LOL Still laughing… I am looking for this stuff. I know what you mean about “when you can do anything with sometihing you don’t know where to start”. I am going to be on the look-out for your next tutorial about how and what to kick start your own choices. Tha’s my problem in a nutshell. Almost get over-whelmed with choices, that I can’t choose anything! What is up with that? LOL Sorry about the personal problems, also know about those things in my own life. Just take it one day at a time, as they say…! Appears as though you are never alone, with all your fans praying for you. Good Luck, sincerely. So, now I am “OFF” to check out this product!! I will no doubt chew over the decision part…but, it looks super easy, and I will NOT be using a hoola-hoop when I do mine! LOL He is a HOOT!!

  • Kris

    How funny is this! Not only is this a cool product, but the video made me laugh out loud this morning! To start one’s day smiling and laughing is wonderful! Be of good cheer, Megan Elizabeth. This, too, shall pass and all will be right with the world. All the wonderful things you do will come back a thousand fold and always remember that you are well and truly loved! Thanks for making my day much brighter! ♥

  • Tammy Hancock

    I think I might like this stuff, LOL! As I was watching the video I got to thinking…..I could make some really cool shoes for my granddaughters and let them help…well the older ones, I don’t think a 1 and 2 year old would want to help. I hope and pray that all goes well in your life Megan. I went through some really hard times the firs of the year but all is well and I know it will be for you also. You are such a wonderful woman and I know you have to be a wonderful mother as well.

    Tammy Hancock

  • Jane Dubois

    Thank you for the tutorial. Verrrry interesting! Looks exciting. As for personal issues, we all have them at some point. In the thick of it myself, but am putting one foot in front of the other and taking one step at a time. Much more manageable that way. You are an inspiration and your gift of craft will keep you floating.