DIY Grunge Paper Cuff Bracelet Tues Tutorial Video with NEW STAMPS! 7

Happy Release and Tuesday Tutorial Day!


I’ve been so excited to create a cuff bracelet with the new Enjoy The Moments stamp set!!!  I want to make about 300 more!  (Ok not really because its a lot of work, but its so fun!)

This is a longer Tuesday Tutorial because there are a few steps and a lot of drying time to creating a layered and stamped Cuff Bracelet, but so worth it and it looks so cute! Every time I’ve worn it since making it I get great comments of people saying, where can I buy one too!? Then you can say, no I made it! Nothing better!

In this video you’ll see:

  • Megan Elizabeth All Around Nesting Die
  • Viva Decor Glass Effect Gel
  • Megan Elizabeth and Tanner Bell Enjoying the Moments Stamp Set
  • Megan Elizabeth Bachelorette Pink Ink Edgerz
  • Fancy Pants Designs Be You Paper Collection
  • Crop a Dile
  • Ranger Rock Candy Crackle Paint
  • And other great little goodies 🙂


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7 thoughts on “DIY Grunge Paper Cuff Bracelet Tues Tutorial Video with NEW STAMPS!

  • carmen elrod

    I Love the bracelet!!!!!!! I want to get one of the stamp sets and some of that beautiful paper too! You are so awesome, Megan! Thanks for sharing some of those moments with us!

  • Lea

    Great project and wanted to say I appreciate how thoroughly informative you are. Before I found you, I was catching a bit older series that is now on PBS in re-runs periodically. After a short while I just watched it for the incredulous furious reaction I had every time the lead woman would not identify any SINGLE product she was working with. I’d freeze the dvr and try to make them out myself (the brand, etc…) I could not believe she had a show–and she still does of sorts. I am not a mean person, but the show was insulting, I don’t care what level one was at. If you want me to do try these things, help me figure out what to buy! What are it’s characteristics/limitations! I wish the co-host had more imput/screen time, her segments were more effective and enjoyable and I thought her personality was great–but I haven’t heard of her in a long time. Anyhoo–my point is: if it is your goal to get a show or advance in any such way, I believe you have what it takes! I hope “cropped” is a huge success for you!